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Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 24 - The blessings of generations

Chapter 24 The blessings of generations

Covering the babies up, she then rolled up a quilt to make a bed on the floor.

Ye Sichen dried his hair and threw the towel aside. He walked over and took the quilt from Xia Nuan’s hands, “I sleep on the floor and you sleep in bed.”

“I sleep on the floor...”

“I have the final say.”

Ye Sichen interrupted her as seriously as he ordered an imperial edict.

“But sir, you will catch a cold and your throat will get inflamed if you do so. These discomforts will certainly do harm to your recording.” Xia Nuan responded logically and reasonably.

“One more word, I’ll deduct your salary.” He threatened.

“...” Xia Nuan compromised at the end, and went to bed accompanying the babies.

“Don’t sleep first.” Ye Sichen said again, “You need to be hygienic for breastfeeding. I recommend you to take a shower.”

Xia Nuan answered, “Alright”. Then she went to the bathroom while Wuyou and Nianci were asleep.

Xia Nuan took off her clothes slowly and stood by the mirror. Then she took a deep breath and forced herself to relax.

There was still the scent of Ye Sichen lingering in the bathroom.

Xia Nuan pressed her feelings, forced herself to retract thoughts and bathed herself quickly.

Ye Sichen was answering the phone from Lacy. They discussed the attendance of MTV Music Festival and the style of songs to perform.

“Ye, where did you go? We are invited to the music festival. Got any idea what you are going to perform?”

“When will it begin?” Ye Sichen put on a white T-shirt and asked Lacy over the phone.


“Well, I’m occupied with something important tomorrow.”

Ye Sichen said concisely.

Lacy was not satisfied with his answer, “Are you available tomorrow evening? They promised that as long as we are present, the appearance fees would be calculated by minute. That means, we will earn at least tens of millions...”

“Well. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Hearing a knock on the door, Ye Sichen hung up the phone and put on the fake beard, pretending to be the one in the daytime.

When he opened the door, he found that the old lady was outside, looking at him with concern.

“Wei Shi, this is the night-dress that I bought for Nuannuan. The formfitting clothes are harmful to both the pregnant ones and the fetuses. This night-dress is loose. She will be comfortable when she put it on. Remember to remind her to change this after bath.”

Ye Sichen smiled and took the night-dress over, “Okay, mom, I will ask her to change.”

“Where is Nuannuan? Has she gone to bed already?” The old lady looked into the room with her head sideway.

Ye Sichen pushed her into the bedroom, and poured a glass of water for her, “She is taking a shower.”

“Just right. Get in the bathroom and give it to her. Wei Shi, you are too careless. How can she be assured to take a shower alone? What if she accidentally slips on the floor? Get in and help her. It is a little difficult for a pregnant woman to bend down.” The old lady got worried about Xia Nuan and urged him to get in.

Ye Sichen was embarrassed, “It’s okay. She is used to bathing alone.”

“She delivered babies for you. You can’t be so careless about her. You should care more about her. Get in and help her. Come on!” The old lady said, pushing Ye Sichen to the bathroom.

Given that he couldn’t either tell the truth or let the old lady down, he had to open the bathroom door.

“Ah!” Xia Nuan called out subconsciously. Without her permission, Ye Sichen broke into the room with a night-dress in his hand when she was drying her hair. Immediately, she covered her body with a towel, “Sir, please go out!”

Ye Sichen looked at Xia Nuan across the mist. At this moment, she scattered over her long hair, and wrapped herself in the towel. She was so shy that Ye suddenly felt attracted to her all of a sudden.

He soon suppressed his impulse against her. His eyes were as deep as the sea.

“Sir, didn’t you hear me? Please go out.” Xia Nuan felt burned with shyness. She had expected to summon up her courage through her loud voice. However, she was so weak that her voice was as low as a mosquito.

Ye Sichen turned around unconcernedly, backed to her, and then said in a low voice, “Sorry, the old lady asked me to come in and give you this night-dress. She is outside now. I have to ask you to cooperate.”

“All right then. But sir, you should knock on the door at first.”

“Ms. Xia, the old lady deemed us as a couple. We should feel free to each other.”

“...” Xia Nuan once again stunned. She had nothing to say but whispered, “If so, leave it here and go out first.”

“Actually, she asked me to take a shower for you. You are pregnant in her eyes. She is worried about you. I have to go out with you to eliminate her suspicion.” Ye Sichen said unhurriedly and seriously.

“Alright.” Xia Nuan said helplessly, then she carefully walked over and reached for the dress which was hooked on his index finger.

Ye Sichen still didn’t turn back to her.

“Hurry up and put on, or you will catch a cold.” Ye Sichen reminded Xia Nuan softly with his arms folded.

Xia Nuan put on the dress and whispered, “Let’s go out.”

“OK.” Ye Sichen opened the door, with his hand holding Xia Nuan behind him.

She felt that her heart beat quickly and she suddenly drew back her hand shily.

“Don’t get me wrong. We are just making a show.” Ye Sichen explained in her ear.

Xia Nuan’s head buzzed. The moment she touched his fingertips, her body seemed to be electrified all over. Her pulse and heart bumped hard little by little.

Seeing Ye Sichen holding Xia Nuan’s hand, the old lady smiled with gratification, and pushed the wheelchair by herself, “It is getting late. Take an early rest. And you have to get up earlier to prepare for the wedding tomorrow.”

“Okay, let me take you to rest.” Ye Sichen pushed the wheelchair and sent her away.

Hardly had Ye Sichen left, Xia Nuan quickly uncovered the quilt and went to bed to rest. When Ye Sichen came back, she had turned over and closed her eyes, lying on the side of Wuyou and Nianci.

However, it was impossible for her to sleep. Each step Ye Sichen paced tugged at her heartstrings...

She tossed and turned and hardly went to sleep all night. Wuyou and Nianci were awake for several times. She breastfed the babies twice and were not asleep until the early morning.

The two babies were not by her side when she woke up. She rubbed her eyes and saw Ye Sichen was amusing them next to the stroller.

Seeing this, Xia Nuan felt so warm that she couldn’t help but smile at them pleasantly.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Ye Sichen asked Xia Nuan. Shaking the rattle in his hand, he looked at the babies.

Xia Nuan answered with a guilty conscience, “Yes.”

Ye Sichen’s looked at her and frowned, “You don’t look well.”

Xia Nuan covered her face and felt hot with a touch. She answered “No. I am fine, sir.”

She tried to get up.

Ye Sichen pushed the two babies over, staring at her curiously.

Xia Nuan was more embarrassed and her face got burned.

“Do you have a fever? How is your face burning like mad?” Ye Sichen asked.


Xia Nuan walked over him in a panic and went toward the bathroom.

Ye Sichen looked at her back and tittered.

Xia Nuan was brushing her teeth. At the same time, Ye Sichen was leaning against the wall outside the bathroom with his arms folded. He asked, “Are you thinking of someone?”


Xia Nuan sprayed the water out of her mouth, and accidentally splashed to Ye Sichen.

“Sorry, sir, I didn’t mean it.” Before she could answer him, she wiped the water stains over his body with a towel hastily.

“It seems that I have to change one.” His voice suddenly became soft.

Xia Nuan stopped. She looked upward, gazing at Ye Sichen.

Everything seemed to be still, except for her heartbeat.

For the very first time, she looked at his exquisite facial features so closely. His eyes seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts.

“Shall I repeat it for the second time, Ms. Xia?” Ye Sichen smiled as if he reminded her of something.

Xia Nuan brought herself back to earth. She held a towel and wiped his shirt clumsily.

“I said, I have to get changed.” He held her arm and then gently removed it.

Xia Nuan fell back awkwardly.

Ye Sichen took off his white shirt quickly. As he was topless, he pulled out a black shirt from his black suitcase. He wore it and looked at Xia Nuan in bashfulness at the same time.

“Are you afraid of me?”

“Oh, no.” Xia Nuan was flustered and turned around towards the bathroom. Accidentally, she bumped into the glass door and bounced back. Then she covered her head and gave a gasp of astonishment.

Tough luck! It was just one of those days. Nothing went right.

As she felt that, her waist was tightened, she flat against a hard “wall”, and then fell into the arms of Ye Sichen within a turnabout.

Her panic was all reflected in his deep eyes.

Ye Sichen couldn’t help but gently lift her hair up on her forehead, and slowly hold her blushing face with his hand.

As her heart pumped, Xia Nuan opened her mouth slightly. However, she found herself couldn’t make a sound.

For a moment, she felt as if she had known him for a long time.

Ye Sichen slowly raised her chin, the mint fragrance lingering in the air and rippling in her heart.

He lowered his head and moved his lips close to her. Seeing her kept dodging, he stopped and unclasped her frustratedly, “Watch your step next time.”

“Are you ready?” At this time, Xiu Lin came in.

“Yeah, we are ready.” Ye Sichen was putting on a black jacket, facing away from Xiu Lin.

He would not meet the outsiders until he masked himself completely.

“Well. My aunt and I will be outside waiting for you.” Xiu Lin went downstairs with no suspicion.

Everything was ready. Putting on her wedding dress and holding Ye Sichen’s arm, Xia Nuan headed for the sacred marriage hall together with Ye Sichen when the wedding march was performed.

At this moment, she felt like being in a dreamland.

She had a dream. When she grew up, she would wear a white wedding dress and marry the boy who saved her. However, she did not get the chance, but unexpectedly married Ye Sichen.

Although it was just a fake show, she still felt incredible about this dramatic scene.

If those fans knew that she was holding Ye Sichen’s arm for a wedding at this moment, they would envy her luck as the blessings of generations.

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