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Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 21 - Making amends

Chapter 21 Making amends

After a long-time shock, Xi Nuan had to take the Confidentiality Agreement.

Coade gave her one and kept a copy for Ye Sichen when they proposed it.

Each of those who had close contact with Ye Sichen must sign it.

Taking the Confidentiality Agreement, Xia Nuan was like a passive pupil. She had no idea what he would ask her to do.

The resignation had somehow made her nervous.

“Review it again.” Ye Sichen got Wuyou and Nianci to sleep, then he went to the study room next door, and Xia Nuan had to follow.

The smell in the study combined both the violets and the aroma of books, which made it more fascinating than the last time.

As she read the breach part, his voice sounded in the quiet air, “Once the detailed address of the employer is revealed, it will be regarded as a breach of contract, and the liquidated damages will be compensated according to the employer’s request.”

She was reading the exactly same content as he spoke. Xia Nuan pinched the Confidentiality Agreement. Her hands tightened slightly. She frowned and looked at Ye Sichen, “Mr. Ye, I don’t understand.”

“It seems that Ms. Xia needs my reminding.” Ye Sichen sat opposite to Xia Nuan, overlapping his legs and spreading the copied Confidentiality Agreement elegantly and calmly, “You received a mail in the morning. If you hadn’t revealed the address to the postman, he would not have sent it here. Am I right?”

Xia Nuan lost her heartbeat all of a sudden.

But Ye Sichen’s delicate face showed her a kind of great coldness.

“So, you breach the contract.” Ye Sichen said briefly.

Xia Nuan didn’t know how to respond for a while, and Ken came in.

“Ms. Xia, we can negotiate about the compensation details. Mr. Ye is going to attend an award party. Please come with me.”

Ken was a gentleman like Ye Sichen, and he also handled matters as vigorously as his master.

“Mr. Ye, I don’t intend to disclose your address. I really don’t know...”

Ye Sichen has already gone to the lavatory, pretending that he didn’t hear anything.

Walking out of the study gloomily, Xia Nuan was taken to the office on the first floor by Ken.

“Ms. Xia, you are required to pay both the liquidated damage and Mr. Ye’s mental damage compensation within three days. We are saying, two million yuan. If you exceed the deadline, our lawyer team will have to sue you.” Ken seemed to have been ready for it.

He was brilliant to cope with such things given his previous countless practices.

It’s just...

Mr. Ye was a magnanimous person. He’s naturally ruthless to the greedy ones. However, he always turned a blind eye to those who broke the contract. As for the liquidated damages, it was mainly used to deal with those who sold his information to the tabloids for money.

Except for the leaked address, Xia Nuan didn’t do anything out of line, but Mr. Ye spited her. This was not his usual style.

Xia Nuan shook her head, “Mr. Ken, I don’t have that much money. You know, my mother needs me to make money for her treatment.”

The mental damage compensation? Did she ever cause any mental tension for Ye Sichen?

She didn’t realize that Ye Sichen could be so fussy. She shouldn’t have promised to be the nanny if she knew that.

“This is not an excuse. Once you breach the contract, you compensate the liquidated damages. By the way, this is the payment list. During your working period, Mr. Ye hired someone to take care of your mother, and also employed the best doctors to treat your mother. Since you are leaving, please return the money to Mr. Ye.” Ken withdrew his thoughts, and his face returned to usual seriousness.

Xia Nuan gritted her teeth and took over the payment list, leaving the office resolutely.

There was a call from the hospital.

Xia Nuan answered the phone and found it was a call from her mother, Zeng Guihua.

“If you don’t pay, I’ll be kicked out of the hospital! Would you like me to sleep on the street then? You wicked girl! Why are you so unfilial?

“Don’t be angry, Mom. I’m going to pay.” Xia Nuan comforted her mother, standing outside Ye Sichen’s study.

Dressed in black, Ye Sichen went out, with a cold abstinence.

“Mr. Ye, I...”

“Talk to Ken if you need anything.” Ye Sichen went downstairs, leaving her no chance to talk.

Xia Nuan chased after Ye Sichen, and speeded up to catch up with him.

“I swear the address is not leaked by me, and I will repay my mother’s medical fees back to you, but I’m out of money right now.” Xia Nuan explained while walking.


Ye Sichen turned around, and she bumped into him again. Xia Nuan silenced and had to step backwards until she was against the wall. Ye Sichen got close to her and his tall figure covered her entirely.

Xia Nuan was nervous. Her heart beat irregularly and bumped in disorder like a fawn, “Mr. Ye, what I said is true...”

Ye Sichen felt a little loss when he heard that. His rosy lip twitched slightly, “To be honest, what does it matter to me?”

“I always thought that you were a kind person, but you...” Xia Nuan took an infirm step and her body leaned back. “Ah...”

Her hands kept waving in the air. Suddenly, her waist was dragged by a strong force. She finally found her balance. However, she was then forced to lean forward, and her lips touched a cool thing.

Opening her eyes, she found her lips touching that of Ye Sichen!! 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

Her mind went blank.

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped.

Ye Sichen wrapped her waist tightly. Looking at the red marks on her neck, his eyes became more abstruse.

Xia Nuan was flushed and then broke away from him.

When she looked up again, Ye Sichen was gone.

Ken was surprised to see what happened nearby. He thought it over and understood the intentions of Ye Sichen...

Ken came over and reminded Xia Nuan, “Ms. Xia, you can continue to read the Confidentiality Agreement, perhaps you may find a solution to deal with the liquidated damages.”

He glanced at her with an unknown smile.

Of course, Xia Nuan would not give up any chance to settle the liquidated damages, so she took the Confidentiality Agreement and continued to read it carefully. When she saw the last clause, she couldn’t help frowning.

Ye Sichen received a call from Luo Dai’er on his way to the award party.

“Ye, are the two nannies hired by mom dutiful to take care of the babies?”

“Dai’er, it doesn’t make any sense. I can give you anything you want. But don’t cross my bottom line.” He knew that the two nannies were hired by Luo Dai’er in the name of his mother. They also monitored him by the way of taking care of the child.

Luo Dai’er sneered, “I want your love, but you refuse to give me that. Ye, you know, unless I personally see you like men, otherwise, I will not divorce even if you give me more music copyright!” She sent the two nannies to the villa of Feicheng City for two purposes. One was to find the evidence that Ye Sichen’s sexual orientation was abnormal. The other was to monitor the bitch Xia Nuan.

She knew that Ye Sichen wouldn’t follow her advice, so she persuaded Madam Ye. Because Ye Sichen only obeyed his mother’s arrangements.

Ye Sichen didn’t want to talk with Luo Dai’er. So, he hung up his personal phone directly.

He sneered and looked at the scenery outside the window.

Since he was eight years old, he has been involved in this circle. He saw through conflicts of interests in the world. Everyone wanted to make use of him and viewed him as a money-making machine. The media, friends, relatives and even his marriage were not true. He stood at the top of the world music circle and everyone envied his status, but they didn’t know the loneliness behind his status.

Especially marriage. In order to marry him, Luo Dai’er pretended to save him regardless of her life in the accident. If he knew that the accident was planned by Luo Dai’er, he would not marry her.

He persisted his music career until today only for his original aspiration...

Thinking of this, Ye Sichen suddenly changed his mind, “Uncle Xiang, let’s go to the refugee shelter.”

Uncle Xiang was not surprised. Ye Sichen often did so. He would even postpone his concert to help those homeless children who suffered because of a war, let alone the trivial award ceremony.

Uncle Xiang turned the steering wheel and drove to the shelter.

Ye Sichen didn’t come back until three days later. His whereabouts triggered multiple media assumptions. Some reported that he entered a club with and a nightclub girl at night. Some reported that he was with a man.

When Ye Sichen came back to the villa in Feicheng City, he saw that Xia Nuan was breastfeeding the two babies in the room as usual. The two nannies next to her obviously didn’t help her much, standing there and staring at Xia Nuan.

Ye Sichen sat there and kept looking at Xia Nuan.

After breastfeeding, she saw Ye Sichen when she was about to go out.

“Ms. Xia is here to pay the liquidated damages?” Ye Sichen smiled gently and leaned back on the sofa.

Xia Nuan served a cup of fresh orange juice for him, “The last clause of the Confidentiality Agreement says clearly: If you can’t afford the liquidated damages, you can make amends through labor. Am I right, Mr. Ye?”

He seemed relieved, and smiled lightly.

Seeing this, she continued, “So I decided to stay and make amends for it.”

Her words left the two nannies looking at each other before one left.

The nanny was going to report to Luo Dai’er about the situation of Ye Sichen.

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