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Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 19 - More intimate than last time

Chapter 19 More intimate than last time

𝘪𝗻n𝑟e𝑎𝒅. 𝘤𝒐m

Xia Nuan was shocked to know that someone sent the mail here. She worked here secretly and signed a Confidentiality Agreement proposed by Ye Sichen. How did the sender know that she was here?

Xia Nuan was inexplicably uneasy.

Lian came in and encountered Xia Nuan who was about to go out.

“What’s wrong with your neck? How did you get all these red marks?” Lian asked curiously.

On hearing this, Xia Nuan rapidly responded with her hand clamping to her neck, “I caught a cold, so I pinched here.” In fact, she didn’t know what happened to her. After the dream, she was indisposed. As for these marks, she had no idea.

“How could that be? Why do they look like hickey kisses...Xia Nuan, you must’ve gone to Ming Sen while the babies were asleep last night. Right? My advice. You can have a relationship with Ming Sen. However, don’t be distracted at work time. Mr. Ye bitterly resents those who are undutiful at work.”

“That’s not true, Lian. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve just got a cold.” Xia Nuan blushed.

The moment she thought of the dream last night, her face burned.

Lian still looked at her with curiosity. She bombarded Xia Nuan before she went out, “How come you wrote the mailing address here? You have signed the Confidentiality Agreement. As you know, Mr. Ye takes protecting privacy as his main concern. He hated the media and tabloids for their tracking reports about him, so he came to Feicheng City to live in seclusion. Are you leaking out the address to catch other’s attention?”

“Sorry, Lian. I truly have no idea why it was sent here, let alone have anyone send the mail.”

“Well. Go and check it out. If it is not yours, just dismiss him. If he asks you any questions, just leave him alone.”

Xia Nuan nodded and went out.

The postman was definitely positive about the recipient message. So, she received the mail and opened it.

The words on the paper revealed a strong sense of threat.

Don’t speak out that matter forever. Be careful if you breach the contract.

Xia Nuan’s heart jolted. She felt complicated.

After delivered the babies, she was asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement for forbidding her to reveal it to the outside world. Otherwise, she’ll have to pay the other party a double compensation, i.e. four million yuan.

Xia Nuan would surely keep it a secret. But the mail made it clearer that she traded her own baby for money...

This indelible stain would be with her for the whole life.

Sitting on the stone steps of the parterre sorrowfully, she pinched the mail, with tears slipping silently.

“Xia, what’s wrong with you?” Ming Sen walked over with concern.

Xia Nuan suddenly brought herself back to earth, and wiped away tears hastily, “I am fine.”

She tore the letter into pieces, threw them into a waste bin, and then stood up.

Suddenly she felt dizzy. Ming Sen walked over to hold her in a rush.

“Are you okay?” Ming Sen held her in his arms.

Xia Nuan shook her head trying to get away from Ming Sen, but she could not summon a little bit of strength.

Ming Sen frowned worriedly, “I will help you to have a rest in my place for a while.” If he went into Ye’s guest room holding Xia Nuan, the servants might make up anything about them.

Xia Nuan answered unclearly, “No, I am fine, I have to go inside and take care of Wuyou and Nianci.”

“Xia, listen to me. Mr. Ye would be anxious if you are like this.” Ming Sen lifted her away towards his room.

Outside the car, the fans chased after the Limousine car that Ye Sichen was in, and madly called his name.

Ye Sichen shook his head helplessly, and then told Uncle Xiang, “Uncle Xiang, drive slowly. Do not bump against my fans.”

“Ok, sir. But how can we go back if they keep following us like this?”

“Let’s take the highway.”

Uncle Xiang nodded.

Ye Sichen looked out of the car, deep in thought.

“Sir, when will you go back to Modu City? Madam Ye wants to see you. And Miss Ranni misses you very much. She wants to cooperate with you in a MV.” Uncle Xiang was the bodyguard caption of Ye Sichen. When he was nine years old, Uncle Xiang was entrusted by Ye Qiao, Ye Sichen’s father, to take care of him.

And Uncle Xiang has been with him since he entered the musical circles.

“Well. Next week.”

“Together with Wuyou and Nianci?” Uncle Xiang asked.

Ye Sichen kept silent.

Uncle Xiang did not ask anymore.

They still couldn’t get rid of those fanatical fans even on the highway. Ye Sichen had no choice but to stop at a gas station with roomily space, then rolled down the window and wave to the fans.

Some fans even fainted for exultance.

In order to satisfy the fans’ wishes, he got off the car and leaped onto the roof of the car nimbly. The fans around the car kept calling his name.

“I love all of you guys, but it is really dangerous for you to chase us on the highway. So, after I take photos with you, will you leave?” Ye Sichen smiled warmly.

He always treasured his fans with a gentle manner.

He never put on airs.

“Ye Sichen, I love you! Anything you say!”

“Oh, of course, I will leave no matter how much I don’t want to leave you!”

The personal cameraman filmed the scene that Ye Sichen and his fans were together.

The fans left reluctantly until Ye Sichen got on the car, driving far away.

“Gu Bei, flush the photos out according to the number of fans, and then send to them respectively.” Ye Sichen said to the photographer Gu Bei, who sat at the back of the car.

He cherished his fans beyond imagination.

Gu Bei opened his mouth and spread his hands, “The fans are particularly annoying. If you treat them well, they will be eager for more. Why do we waste time on them? I think we should plan the concert in Country M.”

Ye Sichen frowned, “They make me who I am. They drive the sales of my albums. Do you think my concert will be performed smoothly without them?”

“All right.” Gu Bei was stunned to say anything, and lowered down his head in shame.

Ye Sichen got off the car and stepped up to get into the villa.

Xia Nuan sat in Ming Sen’s room for a while. Then she got up and was ready to leave when she felt better. Ming Sen held her in case she fainted again.

They ran into Ye Sichen as they went out.

His face became grim as he felt that they were more intimate than last time.

Xia Nuan realized that Ye Sichen would definitely blame her for negligence of duty, so she threw off Ming Sen’s hands quickly.

Ye Sichen walked into Wuyou and Nianci’s room in silence.

Ming Sen explained behind him, “Mr. Ye, she was a little uncomfortable, so I told her to rest in my place...”

“Ming Sen, do not explain.” Xia Nuan stopped him in a low voice, then followed Ye Sichen into the room.

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