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Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 13 - Buying-off

Chapter 13 Buying-off

The beautiful woman with glasses seemed capable and refreshing. She was in a white shirt, a pair of casual fashion shoes below her tight black pants, and her hair tied back high.

However, Xia Nuan did not know her.

“Sorry, I have to go back right now.” Xia Nuan refused her request.

The pretty woman held Xia Nuan’s hands and whispered, “Would you like to make a deal and earn a mint?”

Xia Nuan found it funny. She suspected that the woman was a fraud who organized pyramid schemes. So, she took her hands away impolitely, “I am not interested. Please get out of the way.”

Unexpectedly, the woman was so strong that Xia Nuan could not shake her off.

“I know that you are working for Ye Sichen. How about you provide me with a private material about him, and I will give you one million yuan in return?” The woman was so arrogant as if she knew Xia Nuan well.

Xia Nuan stood in amazement, and finally understood that this woman was a media reporter.

The woman wanted to buy off her to know about Ye Sichen’s privacy.

His name was enough to bring countless money for the tabloid journalists, so they tried their best to keep track of him, and racked their minds to find out his privacy.

Tireless as they were, they made a living from this. Unless Ye Sichen disappeared from the world, they would always rely on him to make gimmicks.

A business card was stuffed into the hands of Xia Nuan after a while of silence. The woman whispered in her ear, “Call me if you come round”. Then she let go of Xia Nuan.

After a while, Xia Nuan smashed the card without hesitation, and then threw the pieces into a dustbin.

Since she worked for Ye Sichen, she would never betray him. He was not only a world-famous superstar, but also a philanthropist with great love. He donated a million yuan to her family, even though the large sum was taken away by Xia Yan.

Xia Nuan forgot about this within a minute.

Going back to the villa, she gave the milk powder to Ming Sen and the pads to Lian.

Lian seemed to treat her better than before.

Two peaceful days passed. Xia Nuan went to the hospital to visit Zeng Guihua while Wuyou and Nianci were asleep. She also inquired about the whereabouts of her sister and found nothing about her.

Zeng Guihua seemed good after the medical treatment. She ceaselessly asked about where Xia Yan had gone. In order to comfort her mother, Xia Nuan lied and told her that Xia Yan was at work and would come and visit her later.

Back to the Gothic villa, it was almost dusk. Xia Nuan stepped up her pace.

“Xia, Owen has diarrhea after using the milk powder. He is now hungry and yelling. I can’t leave. Can you help me take half a day off from Coade? Thank you.”

Walking to the garden, Ming Sen said worriedly.

Xia Nuan was very sorry to hear about it, so she agreed readily.

After all, she was the one who bought the milk powder.

Coade didn’t grant his leave. Instead, he severely urged Xia Nuan to take care of Wuyou and Nianci.

She had to go back to the bedroom and found the babies woke up, stretching their arms to reach Xia Nuan. She went over and fed them immediately.

The two babies held Xia Nuan tightly with their small hands waving in front of Xia Nuan.

After the feed, they lay in the arms of Xia Nuan and stared at her, smiling. She couldn’t stand to kiss them several times.

“How lovely you are. You should smile to your dad like this whenever he feels unhappy. Then he must be in a good mood.”



Wuyou and Nianci felt happy for this.

Thought of Owen, Xia Nuan put the babies in the stroller and pushed them out for a walk.

Later, she saw Ming Sen swaying back and forth to comfort Owen. But Owen kept crying.

“Ming Sen, I am sorry. Coade dismissed your leave. This is my fault. I did not check the production date carefully when I bought the milk powder.” Xia Nuan said regretfully.

Ming Sen did not blame her, “Xia, that’s not your fault. The milk powder did not expire. It’s possible that Owen didn’t digest well. But now he is very hungry and Coade does not approve the leave. It is really killing me. Mr. Ye would agree to my request if he’s here.”

Xia Nuan looked at Wuyou and Nianci who were playing in the stroller happily. She thought for a while and then said to Ming Sen, “How about this...”

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