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Hollywood Zenith

Chapter 261 [Bonus ]Nightclub-2

"..." Darren was speechless, it felt like they hated him. Did he do something wrong?

The girls were not entirely unfamiliar with him; they had met a couple of times during the gathering.

" Che, still the same. I wonder when will you leave my brother alone!" Darren said after getting the cold shoulder.

" Forget it. I see the atmosphere is great!" Samuel commented as he looked at young people dressed up in flashy clothes. It was too colourful for his taste, but who cared if the person enjoyed it.

But they definitely felt out of place among themselves; Samuel and the girls wore simple clothes, nothing too over the top, which felt out of place.

" Come on, I have arranged the best deck for us. We can take that service elevator." Darren took them inside.

The clubs were commonly divided into several sections depending on customers spending power. The admission ticket was priced at twenty bucks, including no amenities.

The second option was at fifty dollars, an all-you-can-drink beer. It was generally preferred by people wanting to hang out and talk.

The third one was to rent your own deck. The price varied depending on the type of deck one wanted; some snacks and drinks were provided to make it more appealing.

" Here, I rented out the best deck for you. You don't have to worry about prying eyes or dance floor everything is included in this floor." Darren showed them the place.

It was like a balcony, looking over the people below with a clear view of the main dancing floor. It was better than what Samuel expected on such short notice.

" Good, I like it."

" Right? What about you?"

" Hmm, it better than average. I can you have your uses." Paige said.

" Music is loud too! What are we doing then?"

" How about ordering few thing first?"

" That's a good idea."

Soon, the staff brought several drinks, fruit plates, and snacks. They were cordial; Darren had already told the owner about them.

" They really are free-spirited." Samuel looked down to see people swaying to the sound of music. The upbeat songs automatically moved one's body, and the lower dance floor was filled with young people.

Few couples were making out without care; some were full-on handsy, and only god knew what they were squeezing.

Ladies were not far behind, as a couple of girls were kissing in the corner. It instantly reminded him about what Iblis had done with Maia earlier. Was it strange to find it sexy?

That's when Samuel saw a couple of guys looking back at him; they were full-on pointing at him between their conversations. From their appearance, they didn't look like his fans.

" What are you staring at?" Darren asked. He was waiting for him to say a few words before the party.

" Nothing, I like to go down. I think I saw some familiar faces." Samuel said as he got up from his seat.

"Where are you going?" Iblis asked.

" Did some other chick caught your eye again?" Maia said with a probing voice.

"..." Paige waited for his answer.

" That's not-"

" Don't worry, I will go with him. You can trust me right?" Darren helped him out.

" Ok, let's go."

Samuel didn't have time to explain; he had to know if his gut feeling was right.




" What was that about? You look worried." Darren asked as they walked downstairs.

" Do you remember the gang that we fought? I think some of the people connected to them are here. It's just a hunch but I want to make sure." Samuel replied.

" What? Why are we going alone then? I can ask some people here. They will take care of it."

" As I said, I am not sure. But they definitely saw me, I will only say hello."

" Fuck man, I know how you operate! Can we please don't fight today? I finally got you out, I can't wait to meet some girls tonight!"

" Why do you need me then?"

" You know, I need a good wingman if I want to score big. You know what I mean right?"

" I can't the girls would kill me if I do that. You know how they are right?"

" I know. But I am surprised they didn't do it already, you know with Liliana and Rosaline. I thought you would be dead by now."

" Is that so? Who would take care of Audrey then?" Samuel said with a smirk.

" Fuck you man! You promised not to bring my mom into it!" πš’π“·πš—πš›πšŽπ™–π. 𝒄૦𝓂

" I am sorry. I can't help it. Alright, just follow my lead, ok?"

" Ok"




" It really is a small world. I didn't know I would be meeting you guys so soon." Samuel went ahead and signalled the bartender for a drink. The bartender was initially hesitant when he saw a young man, but seeing that he was there meant he got some dough to move around.

Two bald dudes with full-body tattoos looked at Samuel, who had just disturbed their drinking.

" See, I told you. It's him."

" Yeah, you win. But what should we do now?"

They talked among themselves in Spanish, thinking Samuel didn't know the language. Seeing them ignoring him made Samuel smile.

" You can talk to me about anything. There no reason to hide anything." Samuel said in Spanish.

" Fuck, It's a draw. I can't believe he lied to the boss!"

" Hehe, by the way, it's your treat. Kid, you want anything?" One of the bald dudes asked.

" Some answers would be nice. I expected, you to jump me but I see you are not from the silver group but you seem to know me?" Samuel said.

" Man, I will leave; then I see a hot girl calling me over! Besides, you don't really need me here." Darren was a little taller than Samuel but built like a tank. Seeing him leave his friend alone baffled bald men.

" Hey? Are you really fine leaving him here? Do you not look scary enough today?" One of them asked, leaving Darren in English.

" It's fine. He could take on hundreds of people on his own. I am more worried about you guys, just don't do anything to piss him off. See you." He left after saying some outrageous things.

" Is that brat for real?" the other bald dude asked.

" Don't worry. He is not wrong, I am a veteran when it comes to clean floors with bodies." Samuel said with a calm smile on his face.

Two bald men looked at one another and burst into laughter simultaneously, with such confidence they had never seen a youngster like him before.

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