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Chapter 27: ii. Confusion

“What do you think you are doing?” the vibrato of Dominus’s voice was heard as dozens of guests turned their heads to speculate.

“Dominus, I was just looking for you. I was about to bring Mary since she has been looking for you all evening. She is having a hard time trying to find you in this sea of guests, apparently,” he suddenly put on a facade of a rather good friend and a gentleman.

Dominus only had to take one look at Mary to realize his teammate has been lying. Her cheeks were streaked with tears and she was trembling like a twig being hurled by the storm.

“Remove your hands off her this instant,” Dominus’s voice sounded like a growl to everyone who was able to witness the rather petrifying event.

“But I’m not doing anything wrong, you can ask her yourself if you want,” the jerk made the mistake of placing his hand on her shoulder, as if to influence her to side with him.

Before anyone can react, the man felt Dominus’s hand on his arm, squeezing it so painfully so.

The man let out a cry as he felt his tendons being forcefully ripped off of him. He immediately let go of Mary who ran a safe distance away from the two.


“Fuck! What was that for, man!” his eyes widened when Dominus’s fist greeted him. Soon he was on the ground, with people shouting for Dominus to stop as he continued to punch him black and blue.

His nose was completely broken and some of his teeth has been knocked off. He tried to push Dominus away from him, but Dominus was far larger, stronger than him.

Dominus’s rage was nothing the school has ever seen before. Sure he was known to be short-tempered and physically brutal when it comes to people who get on his bad side. But he was never this- there was a certain madness in his eyes, his actions were deliberate. He wanted to kill this man in front of him.

No one dared to intervene except the timid girl who touched his arm. “Enough,” she whispered. It was almost inaudible when she said the word. But it was enough for Dominus to hear, like an automatic key, he was brought back to the present. A few more seconds and he would have killed his fellow student.

He stood up and carried Mary in his arms as the rest of the students started to hover above the student who is barely conscious now.

She did not even complain, did not say a word until they were inside his car. His shoulders were stiff as he closed his eyes and took deep breaths as if to calm himself.

“I am fine, Dom. Do not worry, please. You came on time. I am fine now,” she tried to assure him.

“Fine? That jerk had his dirty hands on you and would have done more if I did not arrive! What were you doing with him, anyway? Trying to find me? Just stay put and let me find you instead!” his voice was angry, harsh as he scolded her, but his eyes were worried and his touch was gentle as he caressed her face.

“Dominus,” she gulped, his fingers were gentle as they touch her cheeks which have been squeezed hard moments ago.

“Do you want him to die? I can do it, just tell me you want it too,” his voice was pleading, as if he has been wronged more than her.

“Goodness! Dom, no! I don’t want you to kill anyone, okay? I am fine,” she panicked and started to feel afraid he will do such a thing for real.

“Why not? He deserves to die after what he did. I want to kill him with my own hands, Mary. I feel this rage in me, I don’t know what I would have done if you did not stop me,” his voice was serious when he told her exactly how he felt.

She nervously handed her gift to him, hoping it will help him calm down a bit.

“What is this?” he asked as he inspected the wrapped package.

“A gift, for your birthday,” she replied. She smiled as his large hands fidget to open the wrapper, careful not to destroy it.

He stared at it dumbfounded, “You made them?” he asked, trying to control his excitement as he looked at those precious little things.

“Yes, since you loved the scent I thought you might like one as a birthday present. I have nothing else to give but one I made myself,” she said sheepishly, a bit proud of her handiwork.

“Do you like it?” she asked, though it was already obvious by the way his golden orbs shine so instantaneously.

“I do. They are the next best thing anyone can give me,” he said sincerely.

“Next best thing? Then, what’s the first?” she was unable to stop her curiosity and asked.

“A kiss,” he whispered almost inaudibly, his eyes focusing so suddenly on her lips.

“Baka! what is so special about a kiss! It is not like you have never kissed anyone before,” she teased him for his choice.

“It would have been a special kiss because it would have been my first with her,” he continued to explain, hoping she somehow understood.

“A kiss with whom?” she asked as an uneasy feeling started to creep on her heart.

“With the one I really like,” he muttered, still unable to take his eyes off her.

“With Cinderella?” a pang of jealousy surged in her as she thought of the most likely candidate. Cinderella was the hottest girl on campus after all, and it is no secret that she is his ex.

Dominus couldn’t stop himself from laughing, “No. Not her in fact.”

“Then who?” she wondered why she couldn’t drop the topic. She has no right to continue to question him like this, but she felt like her heart will burst from the rush of emotions she feel if she did not even try to get some answers.

“The most naive girl that ever existed. She does not know of her own beauty, or is aware of her kindness,” he answered, wanting nothing more but to pull her close to him so she can see in his eyes who it is he wanted.

Mary couldn’t help but blush because of the way he looked at her- intensely and deeply so. She fear she will melt at any moment from the intensity of his stare.

“Baka! how does that answer my question? Tell me exactly who!” she tried to coerce him further. She knew she is acting out of character but she felt an imperative to know who the mystery girl is.

“It is too soon to tell you, Mary,” he smiled, oh sweet Lords he loves how totally clueless she is and at the same is frustrated in equal measures for the same reason.

“Are you together yet? Have you told her how you feel?” she lowered her gaze to her lap. She fear she would not be able to hide her pain once he answered her question.

“No, I haven’t,” he whispered, wishing she will raise her head once more just so he can get lost in her eyes.

“But why so? You obviously like this girl a lot,” she played with the fabric of her skirt, trying to distract herself from her own emotions.

“If it was just another girl I would have, but she is different. She is clueless about how I feel,” the baritone of his voice made her more nervous, more so sensually aware of their distance.

“Is she stupid?” she verbalized her dissatisfaction. How can anyone not know when someone like Dominus likes them?

He chuckled hearing her response, “Yes, a bit she is.”

“I don’t like her then,” she insisted, showing her disapproval. So what if they have just been friends for a few days, they are friends and she needs to let him show her discontent about his choice for a woman.

He smiled fondly at her, “I am quite sure you will like her when you get to know her.”

“How can you be so sure?” she bit on her lower lip which made him feel the urge to kiss her. Damned heavens for giving her that tendency. She is so cute this way.

“There is no way you won’t like her once you get to know her,” he assured her. Gods he has dropped enough clues about his intentions toward her, he believes.

“Then why don’t you just tell her already,” she pouted, doubting she will like any girl Dominus will introduce to her as his.

“Because she is not ready, that is why,” he cupped her chin and forced her to meet his eyes again.

“I never knew you are a coward. I am pretty sure your reputation is wrong. They say you are a playboy, but you are even afraid to confess to a girl,” she mocked.

“That might be true. I am petrified when it comes to her, because she is different from any other girl I have ever met,” he leaned closer, sniffing the heavenly scent he missed so much.

“She is not ready. That is why I am taking my time with her,” he whispered, mesmerized by her ocean blue orbs once again.

“A time for what?” she felt her cheeks turn hot when he leaned a bit closer. She scolded herself for feeling excitement when in fact he is talking about his one-sided love for someone else.

“Time for her to catch up with the feelings I have for her. Time for her to like me back, to fall for me as much as I have fallen in love with her. Time for her to see me the way I see her,” at that instant how he wished he could tell her. It was her all along. The girl he liked from the start.

At that very same time, the girl of his affections silently wished it was her he liked. For she has liked him from the start.

Alas, no one spoke just yet, afraid of how the other will react when they find out how each of the other feels.

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