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Chapter 23: ii. Clueless 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

Mary’s eyes widened when they entered a luxurious building in a hidden part of the school grounds.

“What is this place? It looks like a palace built inside the school! Are you sure we are allowed in here? I mean, this doesn’t look like a place for the students,” she asked as she turned her head to look at every gorgeous detail.

The servants greeted them and ushered them in, leading them to an even grander bachelor’s pad the whole football team can probably fit in.

“Stop asking silly questions. Why do you keep on yapping about useless stuff when you can just stay put? It has gone past the level of cute, it has become a bit bothersome and irritating,” he told her, dragging her inside the room.

She felt her heart flutter with his utterance. What does he mean? That she was cute before to him? She tried not to overanalyze but her brain seems to be focused only on that particular detail.

She felt her cheeks burn so she diverted her attention to the lavish mansion interior of the building they just entered.

“Well, at least say something. I am clueless here. Why are we here and where exactly is this? I’m not just a doll you can choose to drag around without any explanation,” she finally raised her voice when he let go of her.


“My family owns this school. I think you were made aware, are you not? This building was built for me and the future generations of our family who might choose to study here. So of course we are allowed in here. My family owns this place, and right now you are my guest. Unless of course, you continue to irritate me to no end. In that case, I might just choose to feed you to the dogs,” he stood by the door as if deliberately blocking the exit as she scoured to sit on the sofa.

“What do you mean you are going to feed me to the dogs? You cannot possibly do that! I have high hopes for my future you know! I want to work, get married, have kids, all those goals!” she protested as her eyes widened in shock.

He chuckled, “I never realized I would hear these words from you, queenie. We are only in high school and you are thinking about starting a family. Tell me, queenie, do you fancy anyone at the school yet?”

“I- I do! So what if I plan my future ahead. You don’t know the entirety of my social life you know. Of course, I have someone! He is perfect and he likes me for me,” she lied.

Of course, no one has caught her attention yet and no one that likes her in that way. Likes her for herself? That’s a big joke.

Every time she looks in the mirror she realizes this, she will never be liked just for herself alone. So how can there be someone who cares that way about her?

“There is that someone, huh? Someone who likes you for you?” his voice was cold as he looked deeply into her eyes.

“What kind is this perfect man you speak of. Tell me,” he insisted, curious and also bothered by this newfound claim of hers.

“He is... someone like me exactly! He is smart and kind, and softhearted,” she tried to make up a non-existent guy as she continued with her illusion.

“Then bring him to my birthday party next week. I would love to get to know this would-be boyfriend of yours. After all, I have never met a perfect man before. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from him with regards to perfection,” his face was dark but his voice was considerate.

She bit on her lower lip, “There is no way I can bring him just like that! He is a busy man!”

He laughed, this time his voice was playful as if he had just caught her in a lie. “You mean to say such a perfect man who likes you for you can’t even escort you to a party? Where is the perfection in that?” he teased as he walked closer to her.

“Bring him, or I shall believe he is a fragment of your wild imagination. You wouldn’t want to be known as that person who makes up things, would you?” he challenged, his eyes lighting up with newfound cheer.

“Baka! Think about what you like! I will try to invite him but I can not promise! I do not guarantee anything at all!” she pouted which made him laugh more.

He laughed again and sat beside her, “Alright then, I shall be expecting you and your little friend at my birthday party. The whole school will be attending anyway.”

“Me, going to your party? What made you think I will! If he is not coming, then I will not be coming as well,” she tried to rationalize.

He frowned this time, hearing her excuses. “This will be good for your nerd club, Ms. President.”

She gulped, of course, she could not possibly escape. She is the president of the journalism club. She could not believe it herself, but it appears people have no interest in her club at all.

They will rather do useless stuff than to write news about the campus. They all want to pretend they are cool like that.

There is no way she can miss the biggest social gathering the school has every year. She badly needs new members or her club will cease to exist in its entirety. There is, after all, a minimum membership required to be allowed to exist.

The club is the only thing she has going for herself. If she loses it, she won’t have anything to look forward to. Plus, she needed it badly as it will look good on her resume.

She wanted to write, no matter how impractical it may sound. And no matter how hard it is for a newbie to enter the spotlight. There is nothing else in the entire world she would rather be doing her whole life than write.

“I shall try,” she tried to appear like she does not care much about his invitation but her eyes gave her away as the blue orbs shined with her new resolve.

He smiled softly at her, “I’ll introduce you around. So you better come.”

“What? You will do that? Or are you just trying to keep my hopes up and you have no real intention to do that at all,” if he really endorses her then-new members can easily be gained. Furthermore, all the bullying can possibly stop in just one night.

“Well, only if you come to my party. It is after all my birthday so I will surely be extra generous to my esteemed visitors,” the corner of his lips twitched as a playful grin appeared on his handsome face.

“But I have nothing to wear,” she said, thinking out loud.

“What kind of dress are you comfortable in?” he asked her, his eyes never leaving her azure-colored orbs that hypnotize him so.

“I only have my school uniform as the presentable option. But no way I can wear them to your party!” she hesitated a bit.

“Wear that,” he whispered, almost out of breath. Why is it that her beauty takes his breath away? He cursed the gods for letting him feel whatever this is he feels for the nerd.

“The school uniform?” she clarified, her eyebrow raised a bit in disbelief.

“Yes, wear your school uniform. I will take care of the rest,” his voice was low now, his attention was centered on her lips.

What were they discussing again? Ah... the dress code. He wanted to smack himself as he get lost in her presence. He knows he looks like a fool right now.

There is no way she would not make fun of him the moment she leaves from here. But he could not make himself care anyway. At this moment, he could not care less about anything else.

“You know I could not do that! Everyone will laugh, I will be so out of place,” she corrected him. Was he really putting her in trouble just now?

“You can because I will make everyone else wear their uniform as well. Even I shall,” he answered her, unable to stop himself from staring at the troubled girl.

“You could not be serious right now!” she tried to assess exactly if he is saying the truth or just making fun of her like always.

“I am serious. It is my party anyway. I decide what everyone else wears,” he could not stop himself from taking pleasure in the way her cheeks turned red.

“Why?! Do you like me then?” her mouth spoke the words even before she can think about propriety.

He chuckled, “You do think so highly of yourself sometimes, queenie.”

Mary pouted and crossed her arms on her chest, “Well I just want to make sure you don’t like me like that, you know. I won’t be forced into anything!”

“Will you just relax, Miss Mary? It’s not like I will force myself on you, you know. You are not even my type. What is there to like about you, anyway? Look at how plain you look, you have no sense of style, and everything about you feels old,” he leaned closer to her as he felt bile on his lips.

He knew those words ought to be true before, her type was far from what he used to like. But lately... her type of girl is somehow becoming hazy as fuck.

Somehow, this girl is not as irritating as she used to be to him. He shook his head when he realized his own jumbled thoughts.

She winced, as if in pain. She is not even sure if it’s from the nearness of him or from the words he uttered.

She knew she was not his type anyway. How can someone like him have an interest in someone like her? And yet it still hurts to hear him say it.

The words he said and knowing that he means them, hurt her for reasons she could not possibly accept.

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