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Chapter 22: ii. Clinic

The clinic was open but the nurse was not in yet. Dominus opened the door wide for the frail girl to come in.

He wondered how a pocket-sized girl can be of any interest to him. He has always despised the weaklings and this girl seems to be heading their club.

“Sit down,” he motioned for the girl to sit on the examination table.

She meekly complied, “You don’t have to do this,” she mumbled.

He clenched his jaw. Why does she have to oppose him every time? Why does spending a bit amount of time with him so impossible for her?

Was it really that much of a hardship to remain beside him? He clenched his jaw at the thought of him being so reprehensible to her.

Why does he even care anyway? It is not like he cares about how she views him. She was just a schoolmate, they were not even friends.


She probably is just the only one in the entirety of the school populace to hate his guts. So why should it affect him so?

He couldn’t understand that about himself, nor does he want to dwell on the whys. For some reason she despises him, and that is none of his business.

“Shut the hell up, and stop talking. Your voice irritates me to no end,” he commanded her and took antiseptics and bandages for her wound.

She raised her skirt a bit, exposing her pale skin and bony kneecaps. He wondered how on earth a bloody knee can affect him so much.

He kneeled in front of her dangling legs and fought his desire to grab and run his fingers on them. Fuck horny hormones, he cursed. Why can’t he get a break from all this? It is driving him insane.

He cleansed the wound with antiseptics as gently as may be possible, stopping every time she makes even a wince, and then continued when she urges him to do so.

He placed a bandage on top of her wound and disposed of the cotton balls he used. He was returning the betadine solution when he heard her voice.

“Thank you. You didn’t have to help me as it was all my fault, and yet you chose to. I know this is all so troublesome for you, I have taken so much of your time,” she looked at him and forced a smile as she uttered the words.

Dominus felt his world stop the instant their eyes met and he heard her say the words. As if he was mesmerized by a vision, he looked intently into her eyes.

For a moment, he was blinded by a vision of the girl wearing a crown and draped in red royal robes. She looked exactly like the girl in his dream, there is no denying it. She looked like his queen.

The moment was thankfully interrupted as the nurse came in to greet them.

They explained the reason why they were there and she handed the girl some medicines to help with the pain and to avoid infection.

As soon as they were out of the nurse’s clinic, the girl tried to escape. If not for Dominus’s fast reflexes she would have run to the other side of the hall.

His strong hand held her by her shoulder. “Where are you going? Running away from someone you owe favor from?”

She tried to calm her fast-beating heart as she explained to him, “I was about to go to class. I’m not running away. I just don’t want to be late.”

He frowned, “We arrived an hour early, so stop your excuses. Instead, why don’t you ask me what you should do in exchange for my help?”

“But I didn’t ask for your help, I didn’t even want it! I would have managed to clean up my wound. I did not wish to cause you any trouble,” she rationalized.

“Are you stupid? It doesn’t matter if you intended for it to happen or not. What matters is you did cause me an inconvenience. Won’t it be rude to just try to run from someone who just moments ago became your knight in shining armor?” he asked in a serious tone which caused her to laugh.

“Are you being serious right now? A knight in shining armor?” she looked at him as she tried to reign in herself.

“Do I look like I’m joking? I may not be as smart as you Ms. Nerdy but I do know about some good manners. Now it is up to you to revisit some,” Dominus walked closer to her which made her giggles come to a halt.

Suddenly all she can think of is how close he is to her, how his towering figure just caused her heart to do some somersaults.

“Then what do I need to do, to repay you for the kindness you have shown,” her voice came out as a whisper as she for a moment seemed to have lost her ability to think.

“Repay me? A kindness given can never be fully repaid. But for one, let’s go have breakfast. I’m sure you won’t deny me even that,” he leaned closer, making her heart come to a stop only to do a marathon.

No matter what she says, or how she denies it, this man affects her so. And she knows it is crazy and all, but she couldn’t seem to stop that part of her that melts every time their eyes meet.

She gulped as their eyes met once again. Why does he affect her so? This big domineering man the school worships.

She hates him and despises how spoiled and how irresponsible he is. So why does she feel like this whenever he is near? Like her heart will suddenly burst and her body will suddenly be consumed by flame.

Her mind blanks out from his scent alone, her voice breaks from hearing the deep baritone that belongs to him. She couldn’t understand it all, how she can feel all these things for the man who bullies her to no end. The man she truly hated.

Tall, muscled men always turned her off. For her, they are nothing but walking air-heads. She despises the privileged kids who have it all and yet chooses to bully others. And he, for her, was the epitome of both shits.

Then why is it that, when their eyes meet, she feel like she is going to melt from the way he looks at her? And why is it that her heart beats so fast against her chest even when she is supposed to feel irked by his touch?

“You owe me, do you wish to deny it?” his face darkened as he looked at her hesitating and trying to find an excuse yet again.

“I know, and I will not run away. I will join you for breakfast. So please let go,” she nodded and looked at his hand on her arm, reminding him that he was still holding her.

“You want me to let go? No dearie, I’m not taking any chances,” he grunted and took her bag from her, swinging both their bags on one shoulder while his other hand grips her arm tightly.

“You can let go now. I will follow, I promise,” she said as she nervously looked around. Hoping not one of his fans has seen, or she will for sure be held for penance by them once again.

“Stay put and shut the hell up, unless you want me to throw you over my shoulder as well. If you continue with your futile struggles I would have to assume it is what you wanted from the start,” she felt her nerves tingle from the image he painted in her mind as she mindlessly followed him, his hand still lodged in her arm.

“What did you say? I never desired that! I never wanted anything close to that to happen. All I wanted to say is, this is crazy as hell, and I can walk by myself without you behaving like a prison guard. I already said I won’t run away,” she hissed, trying to remove his hand.

“Is that right? Are you not going to shut the hell up, or do you really like pissing me off to get my attention? I’m already thinking that, to be honest. One moment you are as meek as a lamb and the other moment you act like a cobra ready to strike. Is this a tactic to win my affections?” he stopped and walked towards her as she backed away.

“I do not have that kind of thinking! Why should I want to get your attention? You of all people! I do not desire to be close to someone like you,” she bit on her lower lip as his face darkened from what she said.

“Was that an insult just now? Is this how you thank me for what I just did for you,” he slammed his hand against the wall which made her lips tremble.

“No, I- I did not mean to insult you in any way. I just don’t want you to get the wrong idea and start to hate me for liking someone like you,” she clarified even when she felt her knees weakening from how close their faces are.

“Someone like me you say. And what am I? Tell me what do you think I am,” he should get mad at her for wherever her newfound courage came from to say those words, but his voice was gentle as his thumb traced her chin.

“The boy I am not permitted to like,” she lowered her gaze but was forced to look into his eyes as he lifted her chin to look up to him.

“Why is that?” he asked, his voice a mere whisper as he tried to make sense of it all. Her words and his reaction to every word.

“Because you are perfect,” she muttered before she can realize what she just said.

A satisfied smile crept on his face as he clasped her hand on his and began to drag her again to the school corridors.

“Where are we going?” she asked as they passed by the cafeteria.

“Tell me, are you nervous, Ms. Nerd,” he hushed her in a serious tone but kept on walking.

“No, why should I be nervous. I just want to know where we are going,” she denied what is obvious to the naked eye.

He chuckled, his baritone voice causing shivers to run down her spine. She felt her cheeks turn hot as he leaned even closer to her.

“You’ll see,” he whispered against her ear and dragged her away.

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