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His Dark Desire: Tales of a Yandere

Chapter 203 - 203 vi. Her Request (Dominus’s POV)

203 vi. Her Request (Dominus’s POV)

She looks stunning. That was all that came to my mind as she approached me.

From the moment she stepped into the hall and our eyes met, all of my thoughts disappeared except for her.

Or has it been that she was the only one who truly occupied my mind? Completely and obsessively so, I was hooked on her like a drug.

Has she been the only one who truly mattered? Such that she was the only thought that remained for me.

Now and always. She was the only one that remained, that one thought I cannot ever seem to let go.

I blinked as she approached me, making sure she wasn’t just an apparition. My heart pounded inside my chest so perversely that I felt like I couldn’t even breathe.

She always has had this effect on me. It was crazy that she never even had a clue. She didn’t know exactly how I feel.

She made a curtsy before I can even stop her. Then our eyes met again, and I was lost in her beautiful blue orbs that stare right back at me.

They have always reminded me of the calm blue sky, or the vast ocean that seems to envelop everything beautiful in this world and in the next.


Have I told you yet how much her beauty excited me? Even now, I feel the evidence of my desire coming to life, pulsing hard and making my trousers feel ever so tight.

You couldn’t blame me, why I react to her this way. It wasn’t that I chose to be like this. There are a million reasons why I would choose not to feel the way I do.

It is just that ever since I met her I couldn’t help the way I feel around her. She is the one I have built my dreams upon.

Whether it be conquering new territories or simply building a peaceful empire. I have wanted all these things for her. Because of her.

I wanted to build the greatest empire on earth so that I can protect her. Finally to protect her the way that she deserves.

I didn’t even clearly understand what that phrase clearly meant. The need to keep her safe is just too overwhelming that these thoughts would come to mind even me without fully understanding the meaning.

She cleared her throat and looked away. It must be the way I was staring so intently at her that suddenly made her feel conscious. But what can I do? I have missed her all the years we have been apart.

“You finally came,” I tried to make my voice sound friendly. I knew I have to take things slow with her, or she would run further away from me than she already is.

Her idea of me and the image that has been left on her mind of the person that I am was from her interpretation of my conduct from so long ago, not that I regret my actions even a bit.

“I am sorry, your highness. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting. I didn’t know the ball won’t start without me. I am, after all, just a participant,” I winced over her icy-cold tone.

I should be used to it by now. She has always been avoidant of me and every time our paths crossed, she always made it a point to let me know how she feels.

I am quite convinced she is repulsed by my very presence about her. But even that doesn’t matter to me at all. 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

I like her and even this persona that seems to hate me from the very core, this excites me as well.

It wasn’t just the pretty face that I like about her after all, or that slim waist and small stature that makes me want to quash her body into mine.

I offered my hand which she obligingly accepted. I am quite aware that even dancing with me is only out of outward appearances.

But even that is something I don’t care about. What matters to me is having her so close to me, pressed tightly against my chest as we danced.

“Have you decided yet?” I inquired.

She looked at me with interesting bewilderment in her eyes. It was as if she has never given it much thought.

Has she thought I was just saying things lightly? I tried to smile despite the realization that she thinks so little of my feelings.

She should trust me as she gets to know me. She has to like me at some point. I smiled at that.

“On what, your highness?” she asked. There was understanding in her eyes and yet she chose to dismiss even the possibility that I was serious in everything I just said.

I hated playing cat and mouse, but this also excites me because it is something I do with her. I smiled as I looked at her, a bit terrified if I may say so.

I have always thought she is my lovely little kitten, but for now, she can of course behave like a mouse. She will be mine a few more weeks from now.

When the time comes, then I can make her purr. I can train her to want me, need me, as much as I do want and need her.

Even the mightiest of lions are trainable by my hands, how much more for my cute little kitten.

“The proposition I told you about, regarding the selection of the maidens,” I said in what I hoped to be a normal tone, I didn’t want her to know how disappointed I am just now.

“I haven’t given it much thought, your highness. I didn’t want to assume you were serious about it in the first place,” she whispered, her hot breath fanning my ears a bit.

Ahhhh, I should have instructed the musicians to continue playing this sweet song until our knees give up. I quite liked her being this near.

“Well, I wasn’t kidding about it,” I assured her.

She blushed at my affirmation. Look at her cheeks turning bright red, I can’t wait to suck on her white pale skin and make it red from my marks as well.

Her skin has always been the softest and most sensitive. I couldn’t help imagining how nice it will be to bite into her skin.

My curiosity kills me as to the kind of noises that will escape her lips as I bit into her. I contented myself with just caressing her cheek for now.

She looked at me and smiled, “I don’t care how you choose your women, your highness. But I do have a request.”

I cocked an eyebrow at her words, curiosity making me want to know what is that simple request of hers.

I know about the bullying, of course. But I have tried to take restraints in intervening on the issue so much, mostly because I do like the effect of it on her.

So far, I can say she is warming up a bit to me, as if she can see me now as someone of an ally as all these women bully her to no end.

So how am I supposed to interfere with that? After all, as most romance stories would teach us, the hero can only save the princess if she was actually in need of saving.

The chaos caused by the periodicals and the bullying by the high society, these are things that made her vulnerable and dependent on me. In time, these things will help me to make her mine.

She smiled sweetly as she tilted her head and whispered her request.

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