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His Dark Desire: Tales of a Yandere

Chapter 200 - 200 vi. His Mona Lisa

200 vi. His Mona Lisa

Ever since the kiss happened, she has tried to avoid his majesty. She felt like she couldn’t even breathe normally when he is around.

The feeling of his kiss lingered on her lips even after such a long time. And that dizzying, satisfying feeling of her heart fluttering like butterfly wings when they sip the sweet nectar of a flower... that was addicting.

Of course it is utterly confusing as well, but nonetheless, it does make her feel like she can actually reach for the stars.

Today, they are to feed the birds and play in the snow while artists all over the kingdom try to paint a picture of them. The paintings will then be displayed for the crown prince to choose from.

That being said, the artists didn’t know who is who amongst the ladies of the noble houses. This way, they will avoid bias and choose according to their artistic preference.

As usual, most artists flocked around Cinderella. They really cannot be blamed.

Her cousin is a blonde beauty that is necessarily imbued with all the classic grace a woman of nobility radiates with.

And she has always been the clumsy half-blood oaf who couldn’t even pose or look pretty when displayed next to the other beauties.

In other words, she is a plain-faced wallflower whom no one wanted to associate with. So she contented herself to being satisfied at the prospect of having no artist choose her.


If it was back in the days, when she was still young and naive, she would sulk and be envious of her cousin. But there just comes a point in time when continuous rejection makes one feel like there is even no reason to try anymore. She has effectively reached that point.

She sighed and sat in front of a tea table, poured tea on her cup, and contented herself on the silence that greeted her away from the crowd.

She did rather enjoy these moments. She could hardly wait for the time when she can enjoy this peace and quiet again every day of her life.

She was nearly startled when saw a young boy at a discreet distance away from her who seemed to be sketching her portrait.

She looked behind her just to be sure there was no other person who could have been the subject of the young man’s portrait.

“Excuse me,” she found her voice. “Are you painting me?” she asked calmly.

The young boy looked up with fear in his eyes but nodded respectfully. “I am sorry ma’am. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Why are you painting me instead of the others?” she decided to ask out of curiosity.

“There was a quiet quality in your pose and you are very beautiful, ma’am,” the young boy answered, now casting his eyes down.

“You must be mistaken. You see the other artists are not here. You must be fairly young to the trade that’s why you find me beautiful,” she added.

The young boy shook his head, “Please let me paint you, ma’am. Even if I lose the contest later on and the prince doesn’t pick your portrait, I will still be the luckiest to have been able to paint you,” the young boy said in a quaky voice.

Seeing his determination, she relaxed her shoulders and went back to her pose. She couldn’t bring herself to not give this young boy a chance to compete.

She thought about it clearly, since there is only one artist interested in painting her, then it is also a possibility that the crown prince would choose her portrait as it might actually stand out from the rest.

Plus, if she were to believe his deranged words, then it won’t be so far off to think that he will only be interested in her portrait.

Not that she enjoyed being the center of his attention, but she smiled a bit at the thought.

It won’t really be so bad to give a young artist a chance to be well-known after all. He wished him luck and a good start in his career.

On the other hand, she could be this kingdom’s face for a Mona Lisa. She blinked, her mind raging over what that word can be. What on earth is a Mona Lisa?

Shaken by her own thoughts she would close her eyes. Back only to the present when the young boy cleared his throat as if to remind her that she shouldn’t change her posture.

She went back to her pose, opening her eyes again. “What is a Mona Lisa?” she asked the young boy.

“What is it miss?” the boy answered, tilting his head.

The young boy is probably just past his teenage years last spring, and the confused look in his eyes told her he has never heard of such a thing.

“Are you a painter’s apprentice?” she asked in a kind voice.

“Yes, ma’am. I have been until last year when I was given my own license to paint,” he said proudly.

“Then have you encountered a Mona Lisa?” she asked.

“What is it, miss?” the young man asked back, utterly confused it seems.

“It has something to do with a painting,” she replied, holding her head as she felt a bit dizzy.

“Sorry miss, I have never heard of a Mona Lisa before,” the man replied. “Are you okay miss? You look so pale. Do you need to see a doctor?”

“No, no. I am perfectly fine. I just. I couldn’t remember clearly... what a Mona Lisa was,” she answered.

She stood and felt the ground sway about her. It was too late when she actually realized it was not the ground at all but herself that was swaying.

The world turned black as darkness overtook her. A deep baritone voice soothes her as strong arms catch her before she could fall to the ground.

Dominus. Was it wishful thinking after all, a product of her fanciful thoughts?

For there is no way for the crown prince to appear whenever she needed saving, unless his highness has been keeping a close watch on her.

She tried to open her eyes, but her consciousness is already fading. All she could be aware of is the fast beating of her heart as the strong arms held her close.

As she pondered on the feelings she have while being trapped in his arms, she wondered if Mona Lisa ever had a chance to feel the way she does.

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