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Chapter 2: Arrows

“Can’t you just leave me alone for a minute, please? I can not think straight with you hovering over me all the time. No, my brain can not function that way. I demand some alone time, I demand a bit of peace and self-reflection. I don’t want to feel so caged,” the queen asked her newfound bodyguard who answered back with a scowl.

“You know I can not do what you ask of me, my queen. To leave you alone for a minute is to make you vulnerable to attacks from enemies on all sides. It comes with my job description to protect you at all costs. No matter what, no matter the consequence. You are my top most priority, the reason why the likes of me exist. If you love me to leave you alone, you are basically saying my life is of no use to anyone else. Have you forgotten my life’s purpose, my queen?” his voice made her flinch, it had that vibrato that made her nerves jump.

“Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t leave me for a minute, does it? And must you have to stand so close to me?” she complained as she felt suffocated from his towering form standing just right behind her.

He chuckled, he loved the way his presence affected her. It doesn’t matter if it scares her or if it made her jump. What mattered is, that she was bothered. He has an obvious effect on her, that is victory enough.

“Was this because of your visitor from earlier? Would you have wanted me to have given you privacy by yourselves?” he asked only to irk her, he knew it couldn’t be a reason.

That man was a weakling through and through, surely he couldn’t manage to take the queen’s interest away. He knew what the queen needed, the kind of man that deserves her is someone strong enough to protect the already frail queen.


“And if I say yes, will you give us privacy next time, instead of looming over us like some giant orc?!” she voiced her irritation as she turned to meet his eyes.

She was shocked to find him standing close to her, their distance was now more obvious as she stood in front of him, dumbfounded that he managed to stand so close without their skin having touched. It’s as if a wrong move from either, and... she shook her head, what was she thinking.

“I told you, my job requires us to be together at all times. Any suitor of yours has to deal with me being right behind you, watching over you with keen eyes,” with their distance, he merely whispered.

It took him a great amount of self-constraint to stop himself from pulling her near and just to finally kiss those lips that seem to tease him when they move.

The queen took a step back, she looked disoriented as she cursed herself. Right- they were discussing that before she got distracted by how close he was standing, the body heat radiating from him, and the massive muscles that just assaulted her senses.

“R- right,” she answered when she finally composed herself. Her heart was still beating fastly on her ribcage. She needs to get a hold of herself fast.

Suddenly, arrows started swooshing through the air. Using his body as a shield he went in front of her. He shouted his command for the castle knights to come over, informing them of the sudden threat.

The knights came over from all directions. They were able to apprehend the assassin whom he recognized right away as one of his men.

He collared the fellow and raised the trembling man from the ground with one hand. But he let go again when he remembered the queen was still there. She was not used to violence, not of this close extent anyway. 𝒾𝗻𝓃𝐫eα𝚍. 𝒄𝐨m

“Are you okay, my queen?” it didn’t escape his eyes that she suddenly paled. A feeling of protectiveness rushed over him as he frowned and looked at her closely.

The knights dragged the assassin who was obviously scared out of his wits. He had spent his life beside Dominus but he had never seen him so angry.

He felt like Dominus just wanted to squash him with his bare hands. He has no doubt Dominus is capable of that, but for some reason, he stopped.

Dominus removed the arrows manually out of his body, pulling them out without regard for physical pain. He didn’t even flinch while doing so.

He knew it didn’t hit any of his vital organs, plus he does recover fast, either from his body being used to it, or can maybe attributed to his lineage that has never been established.

Right now, it doesn’t matter to him. He just knew how seeing the arrows stuck to him has affected his queen.

His fingers landed on her shoulders as he placed his hand to steady her. The queen was prone to anxiety attacks and she was often very sick, this fact was known to the entire kingdom, even to those the society have labeled as barbarians.

She shook her head, then stood there, just facing him, the top of his head parallel to his chest. He pulled her head closer, letting her forehead touch his torso as he caressed her long flowy hair.

“Breathe in, then out. Focus on my arms around you. I got you, my queen, you are safe. Follow the sound of my voice, I am here right beside you,” he instructed her, his voice calmer and softer now. He felt like he will have a panic attack seeing her so out of her mind like this.

He continued to whisper in her ear, “It will be fine. No one can harm you, I promise. I won’t let any harm come to you.”

Tears flowed down her cheeks and she managed to whisper, “Thank you.”

He smiled despite the stinging pain he felt. Yes, it was all worth it.

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