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Chapter 16: Library

Dominus finally felt at peace as the day for their departure arrived. To say he wasn’t at ease in this place is an understatement.

But what irritated him is the queen trying to keep her distance from him. He wondered what it is he did wrong.

She has just suddenly been avoiding him, and when they are together she wouldn’t even say a word unless he asks her something.

“What is it?” he asked, irritated as the queen bumped into him and tried to walk in the opposite direction.

“You should just go ahead, I need to go somewhere first,” she bit her lower lip as she turned red.

“Your cheeks change color when you lie,” he whispered, his deep baritone filling up her mind with crowded thoughts.

She closed her eyes, trying to compose herself as she tried to distance from him. Just the nearness of him made her feel so warm.


It’s not helping that his deep voice filled up the hall, making her feel dizzy... no, steamy. She shook her head in shock from what just crossed her mind.

“You don’t agree with me, my queen?” he teased her, enjoying the fine reddening of her cheek as she tried to avoid him.

“I am not trying to avoid you,” she muttered, unable to think as he leaned closer to her.

“I didn’t even say anything about avoiding me, your highness,” he chuckled, loving how he has affected her so.

“All I’m trying to say is,” she stopped and got lost in his eyes as they turned murky gold. She felt hypnotized to look at them until she forgot her words.

“All you are trying to say... is?” he asked, loving the panic in her eyes as she tried to come up with coherent thoughts.

“That you should go ahead, I- I,” she pushed him away and didn’t look back.

“I left something in the library,” she lied and went back to where she came from.

He followed her like a walking mountain behind her small form. Her hurried footsteps lead her to stand behind a bookshelf, as she picked up a random book.

He frowned as he read out loud the title of the book, “I didn’t know you read such things, my queen. Nirvana through physical contact?”

“Ahhh...” she closed the book and looked at the cover. Not wanting to look like a liar, she hurriedly embraced it.

“Well yes, of course. I am a naturally curious individual. I have an interest in a lot of subjects, as you know I don’t get shy from learning. There are some things about my body I would like to know too. Who told you I’m not interested to know about these things? It’s not like I’m not of age to learn about this. I- I have a right to read whatever book on whatever topic I desire,” she blushed hearing herself say those words.

He came nearer, her back almost touching his front as he leaned close into her, his hot breath fanning her ears, “Those things need a demonstration, not reading.”


She took a step back as she panicked, hence the distance from their bodies disappearing conveniently for him.

He held her by her waist as she got out of balance, steadying her and at the same time pulling her closer.

“I was informed we are leaving today,” he whispered, his hot breath fanning her ear as his hips pressed on her buttcheeks.

She blushed, castigating herself. How can she feel so hot when they are even fully clothed.

“Yes, I was just about to tell you that myself. Our luggage is already on the carriage, I have also said my goodbye to the queen and her congregation,” she explained.

“I- I just wanted something to read on our way back,” she blushed, running out of words to defend her seemingly choice of book.

“You are not afraid someone else might see you holding that?” he chuckled, amused that she even tried to lie. He can see through her excuses.

She dropped the book on a nearby table and started walking towards the door. “Fine, I won’t take it then,” she was all red as she conceded.

“I’m not saying you can’t learn,” he followed her. “You just need the right companion for it,” he said seriously.

She blushed, not able to tell if he is just teasing her or if he is serious about it. She made the mistake of looking back.

She was shocked at how close they are, she took a step back and find herself trapped behind the door and this giant of a knight.

“Then, I should ask around for someone to teach me in that department,” she said, trying to keep a straight face.

His eyes darkened, his bright gold eyes turning into dangerous murky gold. He placed his palm against the door, completely trapping her as he grinned.

“Do you wish to try that then, with someone, my queen?” if only she wasn’t clueless, she should have seen he wasn’t kidding.

“Of course, I told you I am naturally curious. As a matter of fact, I’ll try that with someone as soon as we returned,” she continued with her lies and was interrupted only when he lunged forward and claimed her lips.

His hands were on her cheeks as he kissed her most passionately. Opening her lips to his tongue as he slides his tongue inside her mouth, tasting her and making her moan.

She felt scandalized by the sound she made so she tried to push him away. But he didn’t let her go, he grind his hips against hers rubbing his clothed cock with her still clothed but wet entrance.

Her skirt was lifted high as he made a thrusting motion, his hips gyrating with hers as their lower bodies rubbed together. The friction of the clothes they were still wearing brought her back as she said, “Don’t.”

He stopped when he heard her, then fixed her skirt and her hair, sniffing on her neck as he whispered, “If you really want to learn, I’ll be your partner, my queen. You need to learn from the best.”

She blushed and hurriedly opened the door running out of the castle and into the carriage. A smile formed on his lips as he looked at her panicked form climbing aboard her seat.

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