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Volume 1, Footnote

i𝘯𝚗𝗿𝗲α𝙙. c𝒐𝐦

What kind of person is Hikaru Mikado exactly?

Is there really anyone who can truly understand the heart of the garden’s owner?

On the day of the funeral, when the chilling rain descended, there were a lot of flowers scattered around Hikaru’s coffin.

The blooming flowers basked under the radiance of Hikaru’s were dyed a black color of gloom.

It was like a wilted and desolate garden, having lost its owner.

While everyone was washing their faces with tears, I was the only one smiling.

How laughable.

The women who mourned for his death are really laughable. They don’t know anything. How pathetic.

I was the only one who knew of your final moments.

I was the one who ended your life.

Confusing others, yet incomprehensible.

The one beloved by all the flowers—Hikaru Mikado.

You sin will never be forgiven even once you die!

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