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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro……

DramaCD, Chapter 6 - Under the Gentle sunset

DramaCD, Chapter 6: Under the Gentle sunset.

Koremitsu: Seriously. Why did I have to be mistaken for a pervert?

Hikaru: It is great that you could resolve the misunderstanding however.

Koremitsu: What misunderstanding? That was just condescending, okay? Ah, seriously, I’m so unlucky today. I’m never going to woo girls again.

Hikaru: Eh? Do not say that. Try challenging it again next time.

Koremitsu: No, absolutely not. If you say that, I’m migrating to a place without women.

Hikaru: Please do not say that now. Huh?

Koremitsu: What?

Hikaru: I say, are those walking in front Miss Aoi and Miss Shikibu?

Koremitsu: Huh?

Honoka: Akagi doesn’t view me as a woman after all.

Aoi: Why am I so useless here? If this keeps up, Mr Akagi’s view of me will…

Girls: (Sigh)

Koremitsu: Yo, Shikibu, Aoi.

Girls: Eh?

Koremitsu: What’s the matter? Both of you are together.

Honoka: A-A-A-A-Akagi!

Aoi: You too. Mr Akagi, why are you here?

Koremitsu: Ah, erm…

Hikaru: Did something happen between Miss Aoi and Miss Shikibu? They look very depressed.

Koremitsu: Are you two alright? You look depressed.

Honoka: Eh? Erm…What do I do now? We actually met here. Is it better for me to apologize for what happened yesterday? But I’m with Her Highness Aoi here. Never mind then.

Aoi: I made Mr Akagi worry again. Why am I always like this?

Honoka: It’s nothing, nothing at all.

Aoi: Y-yes, just as she said.

Koremitsu: Really?

Hikaru: It is better not to force matters here. Gloomy faces do not suit girls. Look, the Hibiscus facing the sun in the flower bed there are so pretty. Are the large, soft petals not like a radiant smile. If such pretty flowers are to decorate the hair, any girl will be able to show a great smile.

Koremitsu: What…!? How do you expect me to say that?

Hikaru: Koremitsu, do not look at me like that. Do you not wish to learn how to deal with girls? You cannot woo them, but it is better for you to learn how to cheer up depressed girls.

Koremitsu: Seriously…you two, listen up, look at the Hibiscus over there.

Aoi: Eh? Hibiscus?

Honoka: Such a brilliant red! I never thought they would grow at such a place.

Koremitsu: You’ll be laughed at by them if you continue to be depressed. Anyway, how about you put one on your heads and smile?

Honoka: What’s Akagi saying out of a sudden? Is he trying to encourage us

Aoi: Mr Akagi is really kind after all!

Koremitsu: I don’t know what exactly happened, but this isn’t as bad as mine.

Honoka: Did you get into something today, Akagi?

Koremitsu: B-before I begin, I’ll say that it’s all a misunderstanding.

Aoi: A misunderstanding?

Koremitsu: I was mistaken for a pervert and brought to the police station.

Honoka: Wha…!

Aoi: A pervert?

Koremitsu: I didn’t do anything, but they wouldn’t listen to my explanation. I say that they judge me on my appearance…

Honoka: Akagi!

Aoi: Mr Akagi!

Honoka: I’m your ally!

Aoi: I know that!

Honoka: I’m your ally even if all the people in the world don’t trust you! Don’t forget that!

Aoi: I know that you are a kind, passionate person who’ll work very hard for others, Mr Akagi. You are really a wonderful person!

Koremitsu: Wow…what’s with you two?

Honoka: I-it’s nothing. Just giving you a special service after seeing you a little dejected. As for the reason…there’s none at all.

Aoi: E-erm, Mr Akagi. Can we go back home together? At least halfway back.

Koremitsu: Oh, sure.

Honoka: Ah, I’m going there too. Right. I’m on my way there too. I’ll accompany you two.

Koremitsu: Okay…then, let’s go back together.

Honoka: Okay!

Aoi: Yes!

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