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Heidi and the Lord

Heidi and the Lord

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Romance, Drama





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English Novel




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The year 1847

The four Empires have stayed unchanged for centuries, vampires having the upper hand and being the master puppeteer of all. But conflicts have begun to rise-an internal war between the two empires, Bonelake and Woville.

Heidi was an adopted child, where one of the Duke had been generous enough to take her in. A girl, who when grew up had no idea that she would be the political bridge between the two empires. A marriage with the East Lord’s relative.

Lord Nicholas with his gentle appearance and behaviour made him the White King of the Empire. A man who was the kindest to the souls around him, with only a few who knew what laid beneath that beautiful mask. What happens when a girl is responsible for bringing out the worst and the best out of him? Especially when it’s his cousin’s fiancee.

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