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Heavenly Star

Chapter 334

Chapter 334

Stirred-Up Feelings

Ever since she was very little, Ye Shuiyao had been known far and wide in Tianlong city known for both her cool demeanor and her striking beauty . Following that series of events three years ago, Ye Shuiyao’s fame spread throughout Tianlong country . All that has glimpsed her were stricken dumb with awe . As if they had seen an ice lotus blooming in a field of freshly fallen snow, all were enthralled by her regality and her coldness, no matter their age or sex, no one dare to have any unclean thoughts about her . Whether it be the aura emanating from her person, or simply her entire countenance, she was head and shoulders above all the ladies in the city .

But now it’s as if she was another person entirely, the rouge of her soft lips was bright as a streak of fire, a pair of pure yet charming eyes lowered bashfully, soft and breathy moans escaped incessantly from her lips, her flushed skin was glazed was a fine layer of sweat as her small and flexible waist undulated under a man’s gentle touch, his rough administrations . Beneath her pale, smooth, and soft belly, a pair of slender legs shifted restlessly, entangling the sheets, as if tormented by desire .


Ye Wuchen held Ye Shuiyao close as he moved to his heart’s content . Gradually, Ye Shuiyao’s soft gasps of pleasure became almost inaudible as her soft body melted in fatigue . She no longer has the strength to match Ye Wuchen’s movements, she has been intertwined with Ye Wuchen in too many positions for far too long, and her stamina has run out .

Yet another peak of pleasure drew close and erupted, Ye Wuchen let out a drawn-out sigh as he draped himself over Ye Shuiyao’s back, spooning her comfortably as his hand stroked the smooth curve of her small but shapely waist . It’s as if her skin was made of a fine layer of powdered pearls . As he caressed her nude form, her skin slipped under his hands, softer than the finest satin . A gentle smile curled in the edges of his eyes and lips as he leaned down conspiratorially to her ear . “Jiejie*, did we make a child today?”

(*T/N: 姐姐, Jiejie, elder sister in a non-incestuous way, used as a form of endearment by Ye Wuchen to his older lover for those that were wondering)

When the word “child” slipped from his mouth, Ye Wuchen suddenly felt a stab of pain in his mind . His breath stuck in his throat as he suddenly tensed . His heart squeezed before picking up rhythm .

“En...” Ye Shuiyao’s reply was a soft and relaxed sigh . She’s already lost count of the number of times Ye Wuchen has taken her to the heights of rapture . She draped over the bed, content, her body and mind still floating in the aftermath of pleasure . The strength to move has left her, and she feels weightless, as if she was resting on clouds . Having been pleasured thoroughly, her lazy beauty was heart-wrenching as she rested .

She was twenty two this year, way past the suitable age for marriage . As long as she is unwilling, the Ye family would not force her to wed . For the past year Ye Wuchen had taken her countlessly, day and night, until her body dripped with the mature sex appeal of a married woman . Of course, this seductiveness was only shown in front of Ye Wuchen . In front of others, she was still that never-changing, icy beauty .

Ye Wuchen gazed at her relaxed expression, the loving emotion glowing in his eyes was almost obsessive . He extended his hands, hooking them under the curve of her knees as he picked her up, her smooth back pressed against his chest as he walked the short distance to the mirror . He sighed in amazement even as he admired the beautiful vision reflected in the mirror . “Jiejie, you’re absolutely gorgeous . ”

Ye Shuiyao tipped her small face upwards to look at the mirror in front of her . Her eyes widened immediately at the lewd sight . Her legs were spread wide open over Ye Wuchen’s arms as he held her up, the embarrassing position revealed everything to the lovers’ gazes . The beauty in the mirror was flushed, that coquettish body was still covered by a layer of sweet sweat . As she watched, a few drops of the liquid dripped slowly down her skin, following the wicked contours of her alluring body . The lazy and content expression between her brows, and the sparkling tears of desire still clinging to her lashes . The shy flush of her cheeks was both bashful and suggestive . Her gaze moved from the trembling mounds of her chest, upwards, to the pair of soft pink lips, the same color that flower buds flush at the first taste of spring . Those kiss-swollen lips quivered with each breath she took . Finally, she dared to look directly downward, to that secret place between her legs, now splayed open for the two of them to see . The sight was bewitching, enticing to the extreme, tantalizing to the extent that no human words can describe .

(T/N: that’s a pun right there :D ‘first taste of spring’ - in Chinese 春 can be used for both spring and sexual stuffs)

Ye Shuiyao was stricken by the sight, shocked beyond words as she stared at the provocative creature in the mirror . She couldn’t believe that was her . Meanwhile, Ye Wuchen was also helplessly captivated . Pressing kisses to her earlobe, he murmured into her ear: “Jiejie is most beautiful like this, never forget that . ”

That gentle voice called Ye Shuiyao back to her senses . She twisted in Ye Wuchen’s arms, her face flushed scarlet from bashfulness . However her struggle was short lived, her fatigue made her drape bonelessly over Ye Wuchen’s arms, allowing him to arrange her body in such a shameful position, allowing him to admire all of her in the mirror with his heated, greedy gaze .

Finally, Ye Wuchen bit softly at her earlobe and freed her from the embarrassment . He carried her to bed and helped her lay down slowly before pulling the blanket over her perfect, jade-like form .

T/N: . . . now I kind of understand why the last translator kinda gave up at this point lol, I’ve had quite enough of this today . Hope you enjoy the first part of the chapter though :D, I’ll try to finish the rest of it soon

“Jiejie, rest well . ” Ye Wuchen lowered his head and pressed a light kiss on her pink lips . Their lips slowly rubbed together, the softness of her mouth was exquisite . The shy part of those lips, thin yet shapely and smooth as flower petals, is enough to drive any man wild . After absorbing the wind element from the Duanhun Cliff, and after entering the fourth layer of Wu Chen Jue (无辰诀踏入第四层后),Ye Wuchen noticed a sudden increase in his lust . Sometimes when the desire flares up, spilling forth like lava, impossible to suppress . Because of this, he had a hard time resisting Yan Gongruo’s flirting . As well, he found himself becoming more and more obsessed with Ye Shuiyao’s body .

Ye Wuchen doesn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing . But Ye Shuiyao is very different from Yan Gongruo, in that even if he went at it with Yan Gongruo from dusk to dawn, she would still be able to match his movements into the wee hours of the morning, moaning ceaselessly . On the other hand Ye ShuiYao didn’t have any cultivation, and so each time they made love, she would be completely tired out by the end of it .

“Where are you going?” Ye ShuiYao grabbed his hand .

“To the Lin Family . It’s about time . No doubt his deep seated loyalty will be worn down by now from all the resentment . All I need to do is to give him an opportunity, an idea, and he’ll choose to do exactly as I’ve planned . ” Ye Wuchen flipped his hand and interlocked their fingers as he spoke .

Ye Suiyao struggled to sit up, and threw herself into Ye Wuchen’s arms . The blanket over her body slipped down from her body, revealing an expanse of silky skin . She rested her head on Ye Wuchen’s shoulder, and murmured gently to her lover: “ Little Chen, it’s been so hard on you . . . With all you have right now, no matter if it’s the Lin Family, or the Long Family, you could destroy them all easily . But for the Ye family, for Grandfather, you’ve chosen to do so much . You’ve done so much already, spending so much effort on Zhou Zhang . . . ”

Ye Wuchen smiled with a shake of his head . “To me, the most precious thing in the world will always be the loved ones that I hold dear . All I needed to do was expend a little more effort for Grandfather to be at peace, for the Ye Family name to shake the continents - what is there to regret about it? As well, I’m a member of the Ye Family, how can I bear to tarnish the Ye Family’s reputation just for my own problems?”

The Ye Family has always given him a feeling of home . Since three years ago, he had already started considering himself as a part of this family .

“En . ” Ye Shuiyao replied, with a smile that bloomed more beautifully than a thousand flowers . Because Grandfather must be protected, because the Ye Family’s reputation must be upheld, and because the Ye Family must avoid becoming targeted by Southern Emperor与Northern Emperor, the Ye Wuchen of the Ye Family had to become a useless cripple . Yet at the same time on the Tian Chen continent, there appeared a grim reaper-like figure, the Evil Emperor .

It was these two different guises that saved them all . Two different identities, so simple yet so effective - effective enough to create a lie that tricked the entire world .

“After the issues in the city have calmed, do you really intend to challenge the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor?” Ye Shuiyao raised her head to look at him, her eyes were filled with worry .

Ye Wuchen nodded with a nonchalant smile . “Although there is no grudge between me and the Southern Emperor, after experiencing life and death, I just can’t tolerate the existence of another power stronger than me . And even if I choose to leave then alone, they will most likely come find me . It doesn’t matter if there is a feud between the two of us or not, some battles just have to be fought . ”

Ye Wuche helped Ye Shuiyao lay back down . Even while lying down, the two soft mounds on her chest still swelled upwards in a seductive arch . Ye Wuchen cupped on of her breasts in his hand, kneading it softly and teasingly as he spoke . “Don’t worry, JieJie . They might be powerful, but that’s also their weakness . Those countless years of being at the top of the world have increased their confidence to the point of turning it into a fatal flaw . They no longer feel the need to engage in battle with careful planning and preparation . I will be exploiting their tendency to underestimate and look down on their opponents . Plus, I won’t be challenging them with a head-on battle . All those who have followed me back from the Duanhun Cliffs are my friends, and the last thing I want to see is any of them maimed or killed . ”

He lowered his gaze and smiled . “they will fall for my trap like moths to flame, and be destroyed until there is not even dust left behind”

This simple sentence, has already sealed the fates of the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor

Ye Wuchen’s gaze grew distant . Deep in thought, he murmured, almost to himself: “What I’m truly afraid of isn’t the Southern Emperor or the Northern Emperor at all......”

He controlled the realm as if it was a plaything on his palm, but his heart was elsewhere . Shadows flitted in his heart, deeply intertwined to his being, impossible to remove .

After walking out of Ye Shuiyao’s boudoir . Ye Wuchen raised his hands . After a faint, almost inaudible cracking sound, the invisible barrier broke . This is a barrier created from Wu Chen power (无辰之力) . It’s capable of completely obscuring all sound from within the barrier . Following the increase in his cultivation, the barriers he could set up also became more sophisticated . For example, the barrier could hide his cultivation perfectly, so that when anyone tried to check, all they would be able to detect would be the illusion of emptiness set up by the barrier . As of now, Ye Wuchen could use the Wuchen to surround and obscure the Yan Hun Power(炎魂之力), so that ll signs of the ... can be masked within a few days - to the point that even those who are familiar with the Yan Hun Jue (炎魂诀) can be fooled . As his cultivation grew, the types of barriers he could set up became more sophisticated as well .

Ye Wuchen raised his head and looked at the cloudless sky . He recalled that sudden pain that he felt just a few moments ago . His soul power Soul Power (灵魂之力) has never lied to him .

Did JieJie really get pregnant? . . . . . . No . That feeling, it was a feeling of sorrow . . . and heartache .

“What did I miss?” Ye Wuchen wondered out loud .

While the thoughts ran rampant in his mind . Ye Wuchen sat down on the wooden wheelchair . He turned the wheels, deep in thought, and slowly left Ye Shuiya’s residence .

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