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Heavenly Star

Chapter 333

Chapter 333

“Oh...that’s really too much, you only know how to care sister . ” Yan Gongruo pouted and she looked very jealous . Yan Gongyue slightly blushed, she stepped back and stood further back from the Evil Emperor . Yan Gongruo suddenly looked cunning and rushed forward to Ye Wuchen, taking the position of Yan Gongyue, then wrapped her arms around the Evil Emperor, her two long legs separated and wrapped around his waist . It’s like she’s hanging herself on him .

“Master brother, I really want it again, can you just do it with me please...” Yan Gongruo said sweetly, her voice sounded more like moaning than talking . She was also rubbing her body against Ye Wuchen, awakening his desires . Since a long time ago, she had already been aware of her attractiveness, and she knew for sure that Ye Wuchen wouldn’t be able to resist .

Yan Gongyue had also realized her sister’s boldness, and she knew for sure that she would put her words into action . She blushed immediately, she pulled Yue Siqi and hurriedly rushed to her bedroom, then closed the door .

Just now, they were Yan Gongyue’s boudoir, and this much smaller bedroom was for Yue Siqi to stay . The only door would be the one leading to Yan Gongyue’s, and there was no need to worry that she would escape . Yan Gongyue had long been “hunted down” by Ye Wuchen, and she’s now a young wife, so how could she not know what Yan Gongruo and Ye Wuchen were going to do? However, Yue Siqi still looked puzzled .

“Ah...ah...” after a short while, there was a sound of bold moaning from outside, and the girls inside heard it instantly . Yan Gongyue found it uneasy, she suddenly felt regretful about having escaped to this room, and it wasn’t possible to escape anymore .

The weird sound made Yue Siqi’s heart beat faster, and she felt that her face was getting a bit hot too . She couldn’t help being curious, so she pulled open the door slightly and looked, she was completely stunned and her face turned even redder .

Through the gauze tent, she saw a slim figure, a light tulle was hung on the four sides of the pear-wood big bed . The two figures were intertwined with each other, and they were immersed in the soft cushion of the bedding . Under the man, there was a young girl with her hair all let down, and her curvy long legs were rarely seen in the world . Even women who’ve seen it would find them surprising . Her round chest had been squeezed into a petite ellipse, her full and curvy bottom was also arched high by the man, trembling violently along with the movement .

Along with her moaning that went up and down, the man’s hands were supporting the young girl’s legs and he was moving violently . Every time he did, sweat was dropping along the girl’s tender bottom, then to her tight thighs .

Yue Siqi was staring at the scene blankly, even her heartbeat seemed to have stopped . She knew clearly that the girl who’s moaning continuously was Yan Gongruo, and that man...that’s a man with a perfect face, and she was sure that she hadn’t seen any man more handsome than him . When he was intruding Yan Gongruo from behind, there was a smile on his face . At this moment, there was unbelievably a sense of infatuation with this smile, not just a smile of lust .

And that’s...the Evil Emperor?

There’s another high-pitched moaning, and Yue Siqi seemed to have woken up from her daydream . She hurriedly covered her mouth and turned away, and the door was then closed as well . However, she couldn’t make her heart beat more slowly, and the scene that she had just seen kept repeating in her brain...

Yan Gongruo was too young, and she didn’t know how to restrain herself . She always begged Ye Wuchen to do this thing that she’s crazy with, and with her natural character, she wouldn’t mind it at all, and even though she knew that her sister and Yue Siqi were next to them, she couldn’t care less . She was just deeply drown in her lust...her long legs were wrapping his body tightly, it looked as if she wanted to enter his body completely, and she moaned louder and louder...Yue Siqi covered her eats and she felt like her face was burning . As she has never been touched by a man, the scene and the moaning were just a heavy blow to her senses .

After the door was closed, Ye Wuchen glanced at Yue Siqi’s direction . He looked somewhat helpless, but it was a very slight helplessness . When Yan Gongruo took off his clothes and mask, she got onto him immediately, and he was sure that Yue Siqi would see his face, yet since she’d never seen his real face before, she might not know who he actually was .

He stopped thinking and let himself immerse into the pleasure that Yan Gongruo was bringing him . Although she was still young, aside from her chest, her other parts already made her look like an adult . Also, her boldness, clinginess and gentleness had got him addicted as well, she was just the most alluring woman ever .

When the time passed by, the weather was getting cold, and there were less people on the streets . After the Tianchen Martial Arts conference, a special wave was sweeping through the whole Tianchen Continent with a lightning speed, and had created the biggest shock in the field of magic martial arts . Under this wave, everyone had remembered firmly the name of “Evil Emperor” . On this conference, there were again four God-level masters that had emerged, just like the last edition . All of them belonged to the evil sect .

The arrow that had split the Luochen Cliff had brought a sense of myth, shocking everyone’s heart . Many people had come from far to see this miracle, and to see how the cliff was separated into two parts . Although they were already mentally prepared before going, they still felt a great shock after seeing the real thing . Such a power had long surpassed the level of Tianchen Continent .

The evil sect and the Evil Emperor were notorious of how horrible they were . After one night, their mysteriousness and extent of horror had even increased for countless times . Aside from being frightened, everyone was dying to find out their origin . However, the Evil Emperor was staying at somewhere that no one could reach, if he didn’t show up himself, no one would be able to find him, just like the Southern and the Northern Emperor who were living in a mysterious place .

That shocking arrow had made the Evil Emperor now look like a real God on the Tianchen continent, it’s just that this “God” turned out to be the evilest God of Death .

On the other hand, Tianlong City was still as calm as ever, and those with a good sense of smell would be able to smell a certain depressing atmosphere amidst the calmness . The two prestigious families with the strongest power in Tianlong were the Lin’s and the Ye’s . With the Lin’s, the main door had been closed . Aside from certain servants who would sometimes go out to buy daily necessities, no one had seen anyone going outside . After the news of death of Lin Xiao and Lin Zhan, there was again a rumor about Lin Kuang being critically ill, and that he was lying on bed all the time . Up to this day, he still hasn’t made his presence to the Palace, and Emperor Long Yin had visited him several times .

When the time went by, people’s criticism toward the Lin family had now become sympathy . They sighed over a decline of a big family . What had happened on Lin Xiao turned the Lin’s into the most notorious family ever . After Lin Xiao and Lin Zhan passed away, there was only the useless Lin Yu as the descendant of Lin Kuang . In a few days, after the death of his son and his grandson, Lin Kuang couldn’t take this heavy blow in his life and finally fell sick .

As for the Ye family, it seemed that they have “fallen sick” for too long now . After one month, they still haven’t stepped foot into the Palace . Long Yin hadn’t contacted the Ye family either, let alone visited them . It seems that he has already forgotten the presence of General Weilong . After such a long struggle between the Ye family and the Royal family of Tianlong, people started spreading different rumors . There were different versions of stories and guesses, and they were spread in different ways as well . During this period, the important officials in the Palace had tried to obtain Ye Wei’s opinion by using different excuses, yet they had all been rejected by Ye Wei when they started to sound too direct . When people asked him about the highly respected Ye Nu who was no longer in the Palace, Ye Wei only laughed and waved his hand . He said that he’s too old for this stuff now .

Given how loyal Ye Nu was toward the Tianlong royal family, it was not possible that he’d never asked about Ye Wei . However, Ye Wei merely replied briefly, “these are all arranged by Chen’er . Father, don’t you worry, he will never betray our family, and he will never do anything that you aren’t happy with . ” After that, he longer asked . He then spent his days hanging out with his old mates who fought together in the old days, and he was enjoying it . For the situation in Tianlong, he just chose to ignore . Only he would know whether he felt genuinely carefree .

In Tianlong City, in the Ye family .

In Ye Wuchen’s room, Ning Xue’s body was wrapped in a thin quilt, her eyes were closed, her eyelashes were trembling lightly, her delicate little nose was moving slightly with an even rhythm of breathing . Tong Xin stood by her bed while watching Ning Xue in her sleep quietly, and she had nothing else to do besides watching Ning Xue sleep .

In another room .

It was supposed to be the quietest courtyard of the Ye family, but at this time, there was a sound of moaning in the bedroom of Ye Shuiyao, although it was a light sound, it still caught people’s attention .

A fairy-like woman was lying on the bed, with a white and her round, pale bottom was arched high . She tried to suppress her moaning and breathing sound, and although she was pressed underneath, her chest still showed an attractive curve .

What a flawless, seductive body . The once cold beauty had now become an obedient lamb, laying on the bed . Her beautiful and delicate lips looked red and hot, her clear eyes looked shy and they were slightly closed, her black and long eyelashes were trembling a little . Under her pale, tender neck, there was a delicate jade-like neck . Her pale, perky chest was like snow, so transparent and clear...her thin waist was so beautiful, and below her flat, tight belly, her two long, smooth legs were separated by a man from behind .

No one would be able to stay calm after seeing this scene...could this be really the oldest daughter of the Ye family?

And the man who’s enjoying the most beautiful body ever...happened to be her little brother!

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