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Heavenly Star

Chapter 332

Chapter 332

For Yan Gongyue, Ye Wuchen would be the God . She’d listen to whatever he told her . And whatever he was going to do, she would never object . However, this time, she clearly misunderstood . When Ye Wuchen was bringing Yue Siqi to this place and asked Yan Gongyue to take care of her, also not to let her escape, Yan Gongyue thought that Ye Wuchen was attracted to her and wanted to make her his concubine . Therefore, every day, she would spend a lot of effort in making Yue Siqi look as attractive as possible, as she wanted to make Ye Wuchen happier when he saw her again . She even set Yue Siqi’s hair and painted her nails herself . For Yan Gongyue, it really didn’t matter whether this girl had been taken, stolen or kidnapped away .

After helping Yue Siqi with her nails, Yan Gongyue closed the paint box carefully . Yue Siqi had no mood to look at her bright nails, she just pulled Yan Gongyue’s clothes and begged, “sister Yue, even if I can’t leave, can I at least tell my family that I’m fine? Please...sister Yue, my father will be worried sick . ”

Yan Gongyue was very nice to her . Not only hadn’t she bullied Yue Siqi a bit, but she also took good care of her and accompanied her like an elder sister . No matter what she wanted to eat, she would satisfy her . But regarding this matter about letting her leave, she always rejected firmly .

Yan Gongyue didn’t answer her, she took back the box and asked gently, “Qiqi, are you hungry? What do you want to eat?” When she finished, she looked slightly to one side, to the direction of the door .

Someone pushed open the door, revealing the silver clothes and silver face of the Evil Emperor . Yan Gongruo smiled brightly next to him, her eyebrows tilted and she smiled at Yan Gongyue .

“Master . ” Yan Gongyue felt deeply joyful . She took light steps, got in front of Ye Wuchen and called him gently . At this time, Yue Siqi acted more quickly, she summoned her courage and asked the Evil Emperor nervously, “when are you letting me leave?”

Here, as the Evil Emperor had said, she hadn’t been injured a bit, and she’s now much less scared of the Evil Emperor .

“Oh?” the Evil Emperor looked at her and said, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, and you look much more beautiful than the first time I saw you . Since you’re having a nice time here, why bother going back?”

His gaze made her shiver all over, but that’s not because of fear, it’s more like a feeling of being stripped and standing in front of a man . She covered her chest subconsciously and took a step back . She looked timid and her eyes started getting watery .

In the end, she was still a young lady from a large family, and she couldn’t take any insults...the Evil Emperor smiled helplessly and said, “don’t worry, when your father raises his troops and point at Tianlong, I’ll make sure to send you back harmless . ”

“ do you intend to do to my father?” Yue Siqi was a clever girl . What the Evil Emperor had said didn’t put her at ease . Instead, it made her panic even more . She almost got it now – the reason why she’d been caught was because of her father . He’s the target of the Evil Emperor .

“’re really lovely . If I want to kill your father, he’d have died a hundred times . I know that everyone has something that he minds, so I’m only using what he minds the most, and he’s only a part of my plan . ” The Evil Emperor sounded quite casual .

“What do you want to do to my father...if you dare to hurt him...I...”

“Then what are you going to do?” The Evil Emperor wanted to tease her some more after seeing her blushed and beautiful face .

“I ... I will never forgive you . ” Yue Siqi bit her lower lip and shouted, which was not threatening at all .

“Hahahaha . ” The Evil Emperor laughed for a while, and he was staring at her body . He walked in front of Yan Gongyue, “we belong to different worlds . On the day you return home, you and I won’t see each other anymore . And it really doesn’t matter to me whether you forgive me or not . ”

He reached out his hand and touched Yan Gongyue’s face . When he was just halfway, he stopped suddenly . He took off the silver gloves on his right hand with his left hand, then rubbed Yan Gongyue’s beautiful face gently with his woman-like palm, and said softly like warm breeze, “don’t exhaust yourself, or I’ll be sad . Okay?”

“Well, I’m not tired . ” Yan Gongyue took a small step forward, leaning her body gently against his chest .

Yue Siqi was surprised . The reputation of the Evil Emperor was even more terrifying than the demon . At this time, his gentle voice and his inadvertently affectionate action had created such a huge contrast to her, and she found it a bit unbearable . She also found the Evil Emperor an even more complicated person . She kept asking herself...who the hell is he? And what kind of personalities does he have?

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