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Heavenly Star

Chapter 30: The Sword deity’s ring

Chapter 30: The Sword deity’s ring

Ye Wu Chen was coldly silent, and Ye Wei was only staring at him, but suddenly, the knife in his right hand suddenly swung, the knife emitted a silver light and became nailed to the floor, and at the same time, the forefinger on Ye Wu Chen’s left hand was cut, Ye Wei extended his hand as fast as lightning and grabbed Wu Chen’s left hand with an iron grip, and a drop of blood fell from his hand into the bowl.

“Ah!” Wang Wen Shu cried out in pain, the cut on Wu Chen’s hand had also put a cut on her heart, she ferociously slapped Ye Wei’s hand open and pitifully looked at the small cut on Ye Wu Chen’s hand, she didn’t even have any intention of looking at the bowl. But immediately afterwards, Wu Chen’s hand was grabbed by Ning Xue, she put his finger into her mouth and sucked gently, while sucking, she lovingly said: “Brother, does it hurt?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt at all.” Wu Chen gently stroked her hair and said softly. Wang Wen Shu looked at him confusedly, because her recently regained son even had his personality change, he became extremely cold and detached, so cold that even she herself had never seen him laugh or smile, and only when he was with this young girl, Ning Xue, did he reveal his gentle side. Even the white haired girl had “reluctant to part with him” written on her face, because her eyes were always only looking at him, and she always clings to him whenever she can.

“Little sister, can you tell auntie your name?” Wang Wen Shu bent over and asked.

“Her name is Ning Xue, I made her my little sister.” Ye Wu Chen replied, but his eyes didn’t move, he was captivatedly looking at Ning Xue that was sucking his finger. He was only acting before, in his heart, he had already decided to stay at the Ye family because he needs an identity, and furthermore, Ning Xue also needs a home. But in the end, this family that fate sent him was fake, in his heart, the only person that he could treat sincerely was Ning Xue, she was his most important person in the world.

“Chen’er, does it still hurt?” Wang Wen Shu got up and asked.

Ye Wu Chen shook his head.

“Chen’er you can rest assured, I will definitely give your father a harsh scolding.” Wang Wen Shu turned around, looked at Ye Wei, and fiercely said.

But at this moment, Ye Wei was attentively watching the small bowl in his hand, the two drops of blood were moving slowly, and unexpectedly, they looked like they were being drawn to each other, and afterwards, they slowly began to combine until they were completely fused. Ye Nu were watching this scene, and beside his neck, Ye Wu Yun had also seen it clearly.

When the last traces of doubts had finally been removed, Ye Wei breathed a long sigh of relief at last. Although he had always been enduring it, he was still afraid, because if he had not gotten the result that he wanted, he might have been struck by another heavy blow again. The small bowl in his hand had already been thrown out the hall, and when he saw the face of his fierce wife, he was in a very good mood and he could only laugh stupidly, because he could no longer talk.

“This is great... ... we finally got Chen’er back, but the first thing his father did was to cut him with a knife, what kind of father acts like this! I see that you still want to explain yourself, so you will get no food today and tomorrow.”

Ye Wei’s shoulder shrank and he began to beg for forgiveness: “Shu’er, I only did this for the sake of the Ye family .... .... Just for today, just for today ok?”

“Want to beg for mercy? Then go to Chen’er and ask for forgiveness.”

Ye Wei turned to Wu Chen and said: “Chen’er, I was a little excessive just a while ago... ...”

“I understand.” Ye Wu Chen expressionlessly said: “You can think of me as part of the family, but, I can’t treat you as my family, or at least... ... before I recover my memories, I can’t. Can you understand that?”

He did not belong to this world, within his memories of earth contained his true parents. Before he found them, how could he call others as his parents?

He only needs an identity, and he just happened to receive this identity at the same time, his arrival had also erased the grief and sorrow of the Ye family due to losing their son. While he was using this identity, he would act as the Ye family’s son to repay them.

That tone and that kind of expression had never appeared on their son’s face before. Ye Wei didn’t reply, Ye Nu came to Wu Chen and patted his shoulders: “My child, Your father and I was wrong, we should not have doubted you. You may rest assured, we will not force you, because I believe that after a bit of time, and even if you still haven’t remembered us yet, you would still willingly call me grandpa, hehehehe!”

Suddenly, Ye Nu’s eyes became a fierce stare and the smile on his face froze. He fiercely grabbed Ye Wu Chen’s left hand, and his eyes were firmly fixed at the black ring on Wu Chen’s finger, he exclaimed: “Sword deity’s ring.”

“What!?” Ye Wei was also surprised, he had never seen before what a sword deity’s ring looked like, but how could he not have heard of it? According to rumors, this represented the sword deity’s disciple and someone that was extremely likely to become the next sword deity of the Tian Chen Continent.

“Yes, I am definitely not mistaken, this is truly a sword deity’s ring!” whispered Ye Nu, afterwards, he let go of Ye Wu Chen’s hand and laughed: “So that was it, HA HA HA HA! Chen’er must have been abducted by a villain, and he was rescued by the Sword deity Chu Cang Ming afterwards. A sword deity has immensely powerful abilities, improving Wu Chen’s physique would only be a simple matter for him. And this ring shows that Chen’er has already been recognized by the sword deity as his only disciple... ... This is a blessing in disguise! HA HA HA HA!”

Ye Nu kept laughing, he was from the same generation of the Sword deity Chu Cang Ming, so he was quite sure what the “Sword deity” and the “Sword deity’s ring” meant. In Tian Long City, a sword deity was a “God” , even the royal family would never have the courage to provoke a sword deity, with a sword deity’s ring, they could even go on a rampage on Tian Long county, and anyone that wants to go against them, would first have to consider the sword deity that was backing them.

Ye Wu Chen smiled, but he did not have any reason to explain.

“Chen’er is... ... a sword deity’s disciple?” Wang Wen Shu couldn’t believe it and she repeated it again, but inside, she was feeling delightedly excited. Sword deity’s disciple —— these 3 words held heavier weight than those of a prince or a princess, and if he truly becomes a sword deity in the future, his status in Tian Long Country would even surpass the emperor’s. Because an emperor was only a man and a sword deity was a “God” in the eyes of ordinary people.

Ye Wei was also smiling, being reunited with his son was already a huge surprise, he didn’t expect that he would have another pleasant surprise once again. The son that he had lost 1 year ago became a sword deity’s disciple and returned, he suddenly felt that the pain that they suffered for a year was definitely worth it. His only regret was that Wu Chen’s memories were only from a month before, because he couldn’t track down who took him. He asked: “Chen’er, did your Senior Sword Deity give you this ring? Where is he now?”

Ye Wu Chen nodded: “Senior Sword Deity really gave it to me, but unfortunately, I just met him half a month after I woke up, as for where he is... ... he didn’t want outsiders to know.”

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