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Heavenly Star

Chapter 29: Testing his blood

Chapter 29: Testing his blood

In an unknown area.

“How did this happen? Explain it to me clearly!” in the dark, a cold voice sounded.

“This is impossible, I definitely severed his Qi, furthermore, I secretly threw him in a marsh pond 30 miles away, even if he did not die, it is simply impossible for him to survive.” Another voice promised.

“In other words, this person is fake?”

“That’s right, it is definitely impossible that he is the real one. His voice could have been imitated, furthermore... ... it’s easy for some experts to change their appearances. Those marks should also have been copied using a special method. Maybe some powers want to conspire against the Ye family, he was brought back by the crown prince, so maybe... ...”

“Humph, you better hope that what you say is true, I had been planning for countless of years, you better not tell me that my plans were ruined in your hands!”

“Please rest assured, the real one is undoubtedly dead, this one is definitely fake.”


At the Ye Mansion.

The Entirety of the Ye Mansion covered an unusually large area, and courtyards of all shape and sizes covered that area, even though it was not that prominent and luxurious, it still exuded a majestic atmosphere.

Above the hall, Ye Nu’s face was flushed red, as if he suddenly became dozens of years younger, and earlier, he was almost laughing the whole time while they were walking back. If he had a lot of descendants, then maybe losing 1 grandson wouldn’t have been such a heavy blow to him, but Ye Wu Chen was the only scion of the Ye family, and when he lost him, even the incense that they burned completely split, it was absolutely unbearable. But today, not only did he regain his only grandson, even his complexion and spirit were incomparably better than before, and even his face didn’t have a sickly color anymore.

At this moment, the internal hall was quiet, a person dressed like a physician was skillfully holding Wu Chen’s wrist, his eyes were slightly closed, and his face were filled with concentration, after a long time, he laid down his hand and opened his eyes, and afterwards, he faced towards Ye Nu and respectfully said: “Congratulations my lord, young master, and young madam, the young master’s pulse is completely normal and there isn’t any trace of an ailment.

“Really? This is good, this is very good.” Wang Wen Shu stood up excitedly, Ye Wei smiled and nodded, Ye Nu laughed and said “good” 3 times.

They had just brought back Ye Wu Chen, and afterwards, they immediately called their personal physician to examine his health, because nothing was more important than his health.

At this moment, the originally silent Ye Wu Yun suddenly stood up: “Grandfather, I have something to say.”

“Oh? It’s alright to say what’s on your mind Yun’er.” Ye Nu’s face slightly turned serious, because Ye Wu Yun was showing a serious expression, as if it was a very important matter. This was the grandson that he originally adopted and he trusted him quite a lot, he even frequently bemoaned that, why was his abilities so outstanding but he weren’t his own grandson.

He looked at Ye Wu Chen and hesitated, but he clenched his teeth and said: “Yun’er thinks that we should be more cautious about Wu Chen’s identity.”

“Why would you say this?” Ye Nu frowned.

Ye Wu Yun raised his head and said: “Little Brother Wu Chen always had a frail body, we even used countless of rare medicine on him and there weren’t even any improvements, but this person doesn’t look sickly at all, this is very strange, and furthermore, even his amnesia is weird. I believe that we should not accept his identity for the time being, I am worried that someone might be impersonating Wu Chen, and afterwards, pretended to lose his memories to avoid showing flaws in his act. Because, no matter how easy it is to change appearances or to counterfeit the marks... ...”

“Absolutely Disgraceful!”

Ye Nu’s shout had interrupted Ye Wu Yun, Wang Wen Shu looked outraged and she was glaring at him: “You are in doubt of my son?”

Ye Wu Yun had always been clever since he was a child, and besides being clever, his abilities were also outstanding, during the year that he shielded his husband from a sword, she accepted him into the Ye family and loved him as if he was her son, but after listening to him talk like **, and openly doubt her son, she immediately became furious and harshly scolded him for the first time in many years. (TL Note: Raws say ** again, and idk wtf to put there again)

“No! Yun’er would never dare to, in fact, no one would be happier than me if Brother Wu Chen could return, I have already taken care of Brother Wu Chen for several years and my feelings for him are deep... ... However, this event is related to the future of the Ye family, I just think that we shouldn’t be too careless.” Ye Wu Yun hung his head low and said.

Ye Wei kept quiet, and he questioningly looked at Ye Nu. In truth, this cautious general also had his suspicions, because Ye Wu Chen always gave him a strange feeling and he also felt that his personality was a little strange. Ye Nu’s face sank, and he said: “What you said is not unreasonable, in your opinion, what should we do?”

Ye Wu Yun looked at him respectfully and slowly said: “Test his blood.”

Ye Wei and Ye Nu glanced at each other and nodded at the same time.

“The child is already ready.”

Ye Wu Yun turned around and clapped his hands, and very quickly, 5 servants of Ye Wu Yun came with porcelain bowls filled with water, they put the bowls on the small table beside Ye Nu and took out a clean knife afterwards, they respectfully withdrew after they were finished.

“It’s not that we don’t trust him, but we are just being cautious. Shu’er, have you ever thought about, what would you do if Yun’er was really correct?” Ye Wei lightly sighed and said.

“That is impossible!” Wang Wen Shu firmly shook her head: “Chen’er had just returned and you already want to test his blood, this is very unfair.”

Ye Wu Chen stood up expressionlessly and began to pull Ning Xue’s small hand: “Xue’er, we are going to leave ok? Since they do not trust us, there is no reason to stay here, in the future, your brother and Xue’er are going to travel around the world, and we’ll have the sky and the earth as our home.”

“En!” Ning Xue answered clearly and started to leave with Wu Chen, regardless of whether they had a home or not, as long as she could follow her brother, she was okay no matter where they went. (TL Note: not sure if I explained this in earlier chapters, but “En” is like “Okay” in Chinese, but I’ll leave it as En cuz its cuter :3 )

“Chen’er!” Wang Wen Shu called out to him and hastily ran and hugged him from behind, she was afraid that he would truly leave. And at the same time, she yelled: “We have just reunited with Chen’er, how could you doubt him. He’s your own grandson, and my own son! What kind of disguise could imitate him so perfectly? And furthermore, these marks, besides from our Ye family, no one else knows these marks, even Yun’er doesn’t know, so how could other people possibly know? Much less forge them. But, even with this you still doubt him?”

Ye Wu Chen were forced to stop his steps, but he did not look back.

Ye Wei still kept quiet, he picked up the knife and lightly cut the end of his finger, and he watched as a drop of blood fell inside the small bowl, and afterwards, he took the bowl and walked in front of Ye Wu Chen, holding the knife in his palm, his eyes were serious as he looked at him: “it is important that you know this, we do not suspect you, I only have 1 son, and the Ye family only has 1 scion, we see you as our life, I hope that you can understand this father’s actions.”

A man’s viewpoint and emotions cannot be freely expressed like a woman’s, and oftentimes, they have to suppress them to become more rational, because the consequences of acting on emotions are often severe and irreversible.

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