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Heavenly Star

Chapter 28: The Ye family’s son III

Chapter 28: The Ye family’s son III

Chapter 28: The Ye family’s son (III)

“General Ye, why have you come?” Long Zheng Yang was completely frightened, and had greeted him at once. Even if he was the crown prince, he would never dare to behave rudely in front of Ye Nu.

Ye Nu was startled, and he greeted the prince by clasping his hands and bowing towards him: “This old servant greets Your Highness, I was unaware that the crown prince had already returned, this servant is at fault.”

Long Zheng Yang quickly helped Ye Nu up and said: “No need to be courteous General Ye, I have just recently returned, it is perfectly reasonable that you did not know.”

He did not have enough time to greet Ye Wei’s wife, because Wang Wen Shu had already thrown herself against Ye Wu Chen, her two arms were tightly hugging his body, as if she was afraid that he would suddenly disappear again. She was looking at him in a daze, and she eventually said with her voice trembling with emotions: “Chen’er...... you are Chen’er!”

Ye Wei was also focused on Ye Wu Chen’s face, but the excitement in his heart rapidly turned into disappointment. He and his son looked exactly the same...... no, his build was somewhat taller, and it seems he was a little more mature, but they still looked exactly the same —— his son was lost 1 year ago, and after not seeing him for more than a year, he really should have grown up.

If only Wu Chen didn’t have that emotionless expression, Ye Wei might have been as excited as his wife. But there weren’t even any happiness in his expression, only unfamiliarity, this kind of unfamiliarity should not be coming out of him, the only possible explanation was that he simply did not see them, otherwise, how would it be possible that they would not be recognized by their 16 year old son.

Afterwards, he could only sigh with disappointment, unexpectedly, there actually exists two people in the world that looked so much alike, it’s not surprising that his wife and the 42 servants became so excited.

He walked towards him and asked: “Young man, what is your name?”

Ye Wu Chen had not even opened his mouth yet when Long Zheng Yang already answered for him: “His name is Ye Wu Chen. I became friends with him just recently and he also came back with me. But...... Brother Ye had been in a coma for a long time, he awoke just 1 month ago, and he cannot remember anything from his past, I was going to take him to General Ye’s home because I thought that he came from the Ye family.

Wang Wen Shu’s reaction made his heart beat rapidly, originally, he possessed a lot of uncertainties in his mind and he only thought that they resembled each other, and he only wanted to go to the Ye family to test his suspicions. But now, after seeing Wang Wen Shu react like this, he knew at once that they were definitely not “just similar” to each other. He couldn’t help regretting that he had not recognized the Ye family’s son earlier, and that he did not protect Ye Wu Chen, if he was truly the Ye family’s son, he could use their relationship to pull Wu Chen closer to him, whether it be his identity as the sword deity’s descendant or his identity as the Ye family’s only son, both would provide him with enormous benefits and it would make his position as the Crown Prince difficult to shake.

Ye Nu and Ye Wei were both feeling emotional, Ye Nu walked excitedly to Ye Wu Chen’s side, and afterwards, he looked at his eyes and asked: “Who gave you your name?”

“I gave it to myself” Ye Wu Chen replied.

“Chen’er, you are definitely Chen’er.” Wang Wen Shu’s eyes had already turned watery, she could not help stretching her hands and wanting to touch his face. Ye Wu Chen slightly raised his head upwards to avoid it, and laughingly said: “Auntie, you must have confused me for someone else, although my name is also Ye Wu Chen, I am not the Chen’er that you know.”

“No, you are undoubtedly Chen’er!” Wang Wen Shu looked at him, her eyes weren’t willing to part with him: “Your appearance and voice can be a coincidence, your name might also be a coincidence, but the mark on your right hand...... this is something only my son had, this is definitely not just a coincidence! Chen’er, I’m your mother!”

Ye Nu and Ye Wei’s sight fell on Ye Wu Chen’s right hand that were holding Ning Xue, after looking closely, they saw 3 light yellow, five star marks that were evenly arranged on the back of his hand, because the color of these 3 marks were so shallow, it would be hard to see if one did not look carefully.

Ye Wu Chen glanced at the back of his hand, his eyebrows slightly narrowed, and a trace of puzzlement flashed through his mind. Because he had not seen these 3 marks during this past month, furthermore, he also could not remember these 3 marks within the few memories that he could remember from his past.”

The first two could only be a coincidence, but 3 coincidences one after another, he could only say that this was arranged by fate.

Since fate gave him this identity, there was no reason to refuse.

Since the beginning, Ye Wei and Ye Nu had fought to stay calm, but they finally began to be excited, because these 3 marks had removed all of their doubts. Behind them, Ye Wu Yun followed and came, the muscles on his face **, and at his side, the entourage that wore gray clothes all had amazed expressions. The small changes in their expression were all seen by Ye Wu Chen, and he became absorbed in thought. (TL Note: Raws say **, idk what to put there so... ....)

Ye Nu’s eyes were slightly moist, he took a step forward and his trembling hand patted Ye Wu Chen’s shoulders, and afterwards, he burst into laughter: “HA HA HA HA! You came back well, and you came back safely! The heavens have not let down my Ye family...... HA HA HA HA!”

He suddenly turned around and glared towards the imperial guards that were stunned: “Why are you pointing a sword at my grandson, furthermore, why have you still not lain down your swords!”

How could Ye Nu’s power be considered small? After his shout, the imperial guards trembled and panickedly sheathed their swords, and afterwards, they stood behind Wu Shang, each and every one of them kept quiet out of fear, General Ye’s iron blood skill and his thunder like speed were famous, if they offend him, even if the emperor himself appeared, they still might not survive.

Ye Wu Chen was clearly confused, and he absent-mindedly said: “ Are you truly my family?”

Wang Wen Shu nodded, her hands were still tightly clutching his clothes, and after enduring for a long time, her tears finally came out: “Yes, we are your family, I am your mother, he is your grandfather, and he is your father, and this is your older that I know that you can’t remember us...... it doesn’t matter, mother will get the best imperial physician from the internal palace to cure you, you will definitely get better and remember us.”

She gently touched Wu Chen’s face and muttered: “fortunately... ... you did not become thin, you became even more good looking, and even your spirit has improved, you must have suffered a lot of hardships during this past year, but mother will definitely not you suffer anymore.”

Her blurry eyes made Wu Chen’s heart feel painful, and the same time, feel a type of indescribable warmness. This was a gentle and tender mother, mothers love their children more than anything in the world, one could only imagine, the blow she received when she lost her only son, and during this past year after losing her son, how much she was constantly suffering... ... whether she was his mother or not, she made him feel warmth in his heart.

I’m sorry, I don’t intend to deceive you... ... I need an identity, and I also wish that my appearance can erase your sadness.

Ye Wei had a calm and smiling face, but he secretly wiped the tears on his eyes. This was an extremely pleasant surprise, and he felt that he was dreaming. Thinking about this past year’s dark cloud, his father’s lamenting, his wife’s sorrowful weeps, and his own suffering, his heart turned sour again... ... but all of these completely disappeared when he returned, Ye Wei glanced at Ning Xue that was in his arms, and smiled and said: “I know you have a lot of questions, and we also have a lot to ask, but let’s talk after we return home.”

After a confused expression, Ye Wu Chen followed the Ye family to return home, and the streets were filled with the sounds of confused discussions. Long Zheng Yang watched them disappear with a smile on his lips, when suddenly, he heard a piercing cry beside his ear which woke him up.

“Ignoring me! Ignoring me!! Wuwu... ... I won’t forgive you for making me cry! I’m going back to the palace, and I will tell father that you bullied me!”

The news that the lost son of the Ye family came back rapidly spread throughout the entire Tian Long City.

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