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Heavenly Star

Chapter 27: Ye family’s son II

Chapter 27: Ye family’s son II

Chapter 27: Ye family’s son (II)

“Good, you better remember what you have said.” Ye Wu Chen had a calm expression as he started to open his right hand that was covering the little princess’ neck, exposed was a neck that was white as snow, never mind a scar, there weren’t even any traces of blemish or stains of blood.

Wu Shang’s eyes widened, his face became completely frozen and he was unable to say a word, the angry guards behind him also looked like as if they’ve seen a ghost and were even constantly rubbing their eyes as they all thought it was only an illusion.

Long Zheng Yang was expressionless for a long time, then afterwards, he walked towards them and he stared for a long time, then he said while stuttering: “this...... how is this possible? Brother Ye, don’t tell me just now you......”

He said that because the sword had truly cut a wound on her neck and it was even bleeding, the little princess had also cried out in pain, but now the wound had completely disappeared, this was definitely not just a distraction.

The little princess carefully touched the place on her neck where she was injured before, her mouth slightly opened and her face revealed a look of lovely surprise, she quietly whispered: “how strange, it was so painful a while ago, how could it have disappeared? And there isn’t even any pain like before.”

She suddenly looked up, her shiny eyes were looking straight at Ye Wu Chen and her crisp voice said: “Big bad guy, how did you do that? Can you teach me? I can have fun while scaring other people.”

“Big bad guy? Call me big brother and I’ll teach you.” Ye Wu Chen said with a low head. His bored eyes completely disregarded the surroundings.

The little princess slightly hesitated, but she gave in to temptation in the end and whispered: “Big brother......”

“Very good” Ye Wu Chen was smiling happily as he said: “I’ll teach you, but not right now.”

“ You... ...” the little princess’ mouth was flat, she felt wronged and almost broke out in tears.

Ye Wu Chen patted her little head, then he used both of his hands to pick her by the waist and place her behind him, afterwards, he carried Ning Xue down the palanquin. As his foot stepped on the ground, more than 10 imperial guards were immediately startled and surrounded him in a flash, but they weren’t fools and they knew that he had obtained the crown prince’s friendship, otherwise they would’ve already greeted him with their swords. (TL Note: Raws say ** on (head) idk wtf is that @, but I think head goes here.)

“Lay down your swords.”

Long Zheng Yang lightly shouted but his voice was somewhat weak. Wu Shang advanced by a step and coldly said: “Your highness, this man unexpectedly dared to kidnap the princess in the middle of the street, this is the same as saying that he does not care about the honor of the crown prince and the emperor, if I let this kind of man get away, where would the emperor’s honor be?

Ye Wu Chen was smiling as he looked at him and said: “Commander Wu, you seem to be forgetting something, before talking about anything else, didn’t you previously say that you would dig your own eyes out?”

Wu Shang’s face turned stiff, but he coldly snorted: “You outrageous man, why should we trust you!”

“Oh! What a noble excuse, so the grand commander of the imperial guards is actually just a man who talks fart, I see, I see.” Ye Wu Chen had a sarcastic sneer on his face, but he gently held Ning Xue’s small hands to ease her nerves.


Long Zheng Yang wanted to stop them, but in the end he could only sigh helplessly. Wu Shang was a person that lived his life valuing power and dignity, if Ye Wu Chen displays his strength to defeat him, he could obtain his respect, but it would be repeatedly trampling all over his dignity —— even if Wu Shang had great self-restraint, he would still likely harbor a grudge in his heart. The time Long Zheng Yang spent living in Tian Long City wasn’t enough and he needed some time before he could re-establish his position, but now he couldn’t since Ye Wu Chen had indirectly offended Wu Shang. Because the Commander of the imperial guards in Tian Long City had a very high prestige, even his father valued him greatly.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of small bells tinkling.

Wu Shang pulled out a gold sword and pointed it at Ye Wu Chen, his heavy voice thundered: “I will give you a chance. If you are a man, pick up that sword and prove your strength to me.”

Ye Wu Chen looked at him as if he were looking at an idiot and disdainfully said: “Is it for you to decide whether I am a man? If I tell you “if you are a man, chop off both of your hands”, would you chop off your hands immediately?”

Wu Shang’s expression was becoming darker by the second, and the sword in his right hand was slightly trembling.

“I admit, I am not fit to be your opponent... ... but your strength is inferior to the man in front of you, that man kidnapped the person you were supposed to be protecting, how can this kind of strength be considered strong? It is nothing more than a waste. I would like to know how a person like you got mixed up as the commander of the imperial guards. My words feel ear-piercing right? Well think about before, why did you kneel on the ground and slap yourself 3 times? It is not my fault, but rather, your own fault for courting disaster, because you’re useless! If I were evil, I could have completely seized the princess and forced you to break your hands and feet, even the princess that was supposed to be under your protection would have died!” Ye Wu Chen glanced at him and silently asked: “Am I wrong?”

Wu Shang broke out in cold sweat, but he was unable to say a word.

If Wu Shang had only provoked Ye Wu Chen, perhaps he would have turned around and left peacefully, but unexpectedly he also provoked Ning Xue and even used his Qi to oppress her, this is undoubtedly touching his most sensitive spot, not to mention that Wu Shang could not act without the princess’ order, even if he was the most generous man in the world, he would not have let them off easily. Because without Ning Xue there would also be no Ye Wu Chen. Every drop of her tears, every scar on her body, and every crazy act that she did, he would always remember them in his heart. Although ordinarily Ning Xue was cute and pleasant, when it came to him, she had a deadly obsession.

This is why, anyone who wanted to hurt Ning Xue, would have to bear Wu Chen’s rage!

Kneeling on the street, the crowd could only stare helplessly at Wu Shang, he was an adult, but from the words that this young man had said, his face had turned from green to white. No one from the crowd wanted to get involved in this fight, they could only complain within their minds, because they had been kneeling for more than half a day already, and even though their knees were sore, they did not dare to get up. Although they lived in Tian Long City, ordinarily, it would be extremely hard to meet the crown prince and the princess, and now, even though they have finally met them, they still had to stay and they still couldn’t leave, therefore, they could only continue kneeling.

A group of people had suddenly arrived in the street, people secretly thought: “Abducting the princess in the middle of the street, this large matter should have already spread to the internal palace long ago, and now, someone has finally come to help us.” But immediately after that, the crowd had suddenly started whispering among themselves again, because these people were clearly from the Ye family, furthermore, behind the people from the Ye family, there were more than 10 sword wielding guards that had cold expressions.

Ye Wu Chen didn’t look surprised, but rather, he slightly raised his head higher, as if their arrival was within his expectations.

So, my prediction came true...... how does it come true? And how does it not?

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