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Heavenly Star

Chapter 26: Ye Family’s son I

Chapter 26: Ye Family’s son I

Chapter 26: Ye Family’s son (I)

“Master! Mistress! .... Young master, we saw the young master!”

Two persons dressed as the family’s servants came running in breathlessly, just after they came through the courtyard gate, they began to shout at the top of their lungs. Their shouts were heard widely through the Ye mansion, even the guards that were normally as stoic as a rock and only looked in front of them, looked at each other in dismay, disbelief showed in their faces. After disappearing for more than a year, everyone in the family believed in their hearts that he has already been murdered, could it be that they were wrong?

A fierce figure suddenly came from the Ye family’s backyard and quickly walked to the two men in front of him and suddenly lifted them into the air, he stared at them and fiercely said: “what did you say? Say it one more time, if you dare deceive me believe it or not I’ll kill you at once.

This man looked like he was about 40 years old, his eyebrows were as sharp as a swords, his eyes shined like a star, and he had a somewhat white face. People could easily tell that, when he was younger, he must have been a very beautiful man, he easily grabbed the two men’s collars and lifted them using his hands, it did not look like he was carrying two persons but rather two chicks instead. His body were surrounded by Qi and he was releasing a bloodthirsty aura, this scent was not something one could naturally be born with, and could only be obtained by fighting countless of wars and by dyeing his hands with countless of blood, and now he was releasing his Qi unconsciously, this terrifyingly powerful Qi was also unexpectedly releasing the faint smell of blood, the two persons turned ashen faced, and for a moment even the wind itself didn’t dare to make a sound.

“It’s the young master...... we were at the streets just a moment ago and we saw a person that looks exactly the same as the young master......possible...... it’s possible that the young master has returned.” The man in the left stammeringly said. As a servant of the Ye Mansion, he naturally knew the general’s frightening power. And since the time his son went missing, he became bad tempered and violent, the people in front of him kept quiet out of fear, with no one daring to say a word.

Afterwards, two persons from the family hurriedly ran to Ye Wei, the one leading in front was a woman that looked like she was more than 30 years old, she was Ye Wei’s wife, Wang Wen Shu. Behind her was an old man with a dignified look and a heavy stare, his hair was grizzled and his body was emitting Qi that smelled of iron and blood, if he stomped his feet the entire Tian Long City would tremble 3 times, he was the Ye family’s Ye Nu.

“Quick, where is he! “ Wang Wen Shu hurriedly said with a trembling voice. Her hands couldn’t keep still under her excitement.

The man hurried said: “Mistress...... he was nearby the House of Smoke and Dreams”

His voice faded, Wang Wen Shu had already rushed through the gate, and it was already too late to say another word. Ye Wei lowered the two men and looked towards his father. Ye Nu had a solemn expression and he said with a sigh: “Is it really the same person?”

His mouth sighed, but everyone could hear the excitement in his voice, he and even his son were suppressing their excitement, because the greater their hope also meant greater disappointment, if they were wrong and it wasn’t him, their ecstatic feelings would once again turn into despair.

They heard the sound of hurried footsteps, this person looked over 20 years old, he had a calm expression and a fine eye, behind him was a person dressed like an attendant, he was not yet near when he loudly said: “Grandfather, stepfather, I heard that younger brother Wu Chen has returned, is this true?”

Ye Nu shook his head: “it’s probably just someone similar, otherwise why wouldn’t he return home?...... Yun’er, can you go take a look?

Grandpa Ye was walking away from the Ye mansion, in the past he was always calm and serious, even when facing an army of millions, he was still calm and composed, but now he was on the threshold of faltering. A vague hope was still a hope, after all even if they couldn’t find their only son, they also couldn’t find his dead body.

The Ye family’s son, he was named as Ye Wu Chen, because on the day he was born, a full moon was glowing brightly in the sky, but there were no stars. Pleased at getting a grandson, Grandpa Ye was in a cheerful mood and he poetically named him Wu Chen.

Now, if he had the opportunity to name him again, he would rather name him “Wu Bing or Wu Ji or even possibly Wu Que.” (TL Note: Wu Bing = No illness , Wu Ji = No Sickness ,Wu Que = No deficiency / whole / perfect )


At the present time, in front of the house of smoke and dreams, the originally hostile atmosphere has already disappeared by more than half, the young man who originally seized the princess was now holding a white haired girl by the waist and his other hand was hooked around the little princess’ neck while they were chatting. He kept asking questions and the little princess would answer obediently, she now completely looked like a well behaved girl. Because a sword drew a cut on her neck, she cried out in pain, how could she not become scared? But now that she wasn’t panicking her frightened feelings has clearly weakened by a lot.

Ye Wu Chen had touched the princess’ valuable body, even though she was only 13 years old, how could a man touch wherever he likes? even with only this, he could be sentenced to death, but before this, he even went as far as to abduct the princess and even injure her, compared to that, him touching the princess meant nothing.

Long Zheng Yang’s heart was very complicated, he was strenuously thinking about every different kinds of method to resolve this. The other offense was easy to handle, but the problem was he drew a cut on the princess’ neck and everyone present clearly saw that, if his father heard this, even if he wanted to absolve his crimes he would be powerless to do so.

Wu Shang walked behind Long Zheng Yang, his gaze was firmly focused on Ye Wu Chen as he said in a low voice: “Your highness, crown prince.”

Long Zheng Yang waved his hand and walked towards the front of the Luan carriage, he forced a smile and bitterly said: “ Younger Brother Ye, you made me lose face, I thought you were simply pretending to kidnap the princess, but I didn’t expect you to truly injure my younger sister, how could I endure that?”

“Oh really?” Ye Wu Chen smiled slowly: “I was only playing with little sister Huang’er, little sister Huang’er is so cute, how can I hurt her?”

“Damned Thing!” Wu Shang’s eyebrows were rising in anger, if the little princess wasn’t still in his hands, he definitely would’ve took a sword and split him in two. “You disobeyed us previously, and abducted the princess, and afterwards you even impertinently harmed her valuable body, and now you still dare to deny it!”

“Is that really true?” Ye Wu Chen coldly shot a glance at him, his palm was covering the little princess’ tender neck and was gently stroking her, it was pitiful to see that Long Zheng Yang’s little sister’s body had inexplicably became soft: “tell me, on what part of her body is my little princess injured?”

Wu Shang coldly said: “You drew a cut on the neck of the princess and everyone saw it clearly, although it was only a minor injury, but the princess’ body has never been injured before. If you land in my hands, I will surely return it to you with a swing of a thousand swords! Humph...... looking at your appearance and your talent, even if you are a little extraordinary, you are still an insignificant man.

Long Zheng Yang also frowned and his voice sounded gloomy: “What do you mean by that? Even though you hurt my sister in front of me, you still want to lie, you have truly made me disappointed!”

Ye Wu Chen took a glance at him but afterwards his gaze landed on Wu Shang’s face, and while smiling mysteriously he said: “What if this little princess’ neck doesn’t even have a scar?”

“I will dig my eyes out” Wu Shang furiously shouted.

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