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Heavenly Star

Chapter 25: Tian Long City’s Ye Family

Chapter 25: Tian Long City’s Ye Family

The little princess wanted to cry heavily as she was saved when her life was hanging by a straw, but she had already lost the strength to cry, her tender lips opened and closed a few times. She had wanted to cry for help but her voice was already too weak.

Ye Wu Chen did not immediately release her, and coldly said in her ear: “Little girl, do you still want to kill my sister?”

No... ... No... ... I don’t , and would never dare to. “She quickly shook her head, and looked carefully, her miserable and watery eyes were looking at him.

“It’s useless to beg for mercy, if you want me to release you, apologize to my sister.”

“I... ... I’m sorry.”

“Look at my sister and make your voice louder” said Ye Wu Chen dissatisfiedly.

“The little princess turned, her eyes finally looked at Ningxue’s face, but immediately afterwards, she started to run away as if she were electrocuted, while sobbing, she said: “I’m sorry... ... but she’s really scary... ...”

“Is she? ” Ye Wu Chen looked at her small, tearful face and gently glanced at Ningxue and said: “In my eyes, my sister is a hundred times more beautiful than you

The little princess reacted extraordinarily violently, if a sword wasn’t crossed around her neck, she would’ve jumped up like a cat that had its tail stepped on: “I, I, I, ... ... what part of her is better looking than me! How is it possible that I am not as good looking as her! “

The little princess pouted, she wasn’t even afraid to argue with an evil man. Love of beauty is in a woman’s nature, the words of this 13 year old princess had truly shown that. Ye Wu Chen let go of the sword on his hand, and using both of his hands, he turned her small head to look at Ningxue, and told her that what she believes as the truth is not useful, the most direct method is to use one’s own eyes to discover the truth. “You think that my sister doesn’t look good is because you only look at her bad parts, look carefully at her eyes, and her eyebrows, compared to you who is more better looking? “

The little princess stared fixedly at Ningxue’s starry eyes and Ningxue also looked at her, their eyes occasionally blinking, the two girls looked at each other for a long time, she muttered: “her eyes are very beautiful.”

Unconsciously, those two originally frightening scars unexpectedly no longer scared her, and she even became curious and had an urge to touch them.

“Are you really better looking than her? “ A voice asked beside her ear.

She pouted and said: “Not at all. “

With her mind distracted, she even forgot that this person, just a moment ago was holding a sword to her neck and even put a cut on her neck ——because unknowingly, the pain had already entirely disappeared long ago.

“All right... .... Little girl, what’s your name? “ Ye Wu Chen’s voice sounded softer.

“My name is Huang’er. “ The princess timidly answered, tear stains were still visible on her face, but she were not scared like before.

Huang’er? or Huang’er? Ye Wu Chen smiled secretly. The emperor had enough children right? But even his daughters were named like this. (TL Note: Huang can mean Emperor or Phoenix)

“How old are you?”

“13 years old.”

Long Zheng Yang’s head nearly hit the ground, and he couldn’t even keep standing anymore, when the two persons had unexpectedly started chatting in front of him.


At the same time, at the Tian Long Ye family.

As one of the country’s most powerful family, whether be it in political power, military power, influence or financial resources, they were extremely strong, and no one really knew their true strength, apart from anyone that had the strength that could contend with the Lin family, no one dared to provoke them, even the current emperor had to show the Ye family some degree of courtesy. Currently, the person with the highest position in the family was the Old General Ye Nu. Ye Nu was already 67, he had spent all of his life campaigning on the battlefield, he had performed countless of outstanding military service for the country and even has an extremely high position in the country, he also had the Ye family in his hands and was strengthening it rapidly as an upstart general, and after only a few decades time, they would be at the peak of Tian Long City.

But unfortunately, perhaps the heavens were jealous of the Ye family, the Ye family’s successive generations didn’t prosper. General Ye was an only child, and throughout his life, he also only had 1 son, his son, who was now powerful enough to shake the 4 seas, was already middle aged and was the general of Wei Long, his name was Ye Wei. Ye Wei also had only 1 son and 1 daughter, and unfortunately, during the Ye family’s dominating and powerful era, Ye Wei’s son was disabled due to numerous illnesses, which became increasingly more severe throughout the years, during the day, he secretly went out of the city to find an answer to his problem, and because they didn’t know, Ye Nu and Ye Wei did not even worry about him, this matter was also well known and had turned the Ye family into the laughing stock of the Tian Long country.

1 year ago, Ye Wei was searching at Cang Lan country and finally found something which could change the physique of the his son, the thousand year snow ginseng, but Ye Wei returned that day because his son had unexpectedly went missing, the Ye family tried to keep it a secret, but not a single person knew why he disappeared, it was as if he faded into the air in broad daylight. And as a result, Ye Nu became furious and started a large scale and thorough investigation within the range of Tian Long City, but in the end, they didn’t find anything.

Regardless of whether he himself ran away from home or whether he had been abducted, it was impossible to escape from the Ye family’s formidable power, the only possibility left was the existence of a traitor within the Ye family. And as a result, while they were searching Tian Long city, they were at the same time, investigating the internal part of the Ye family, but they still found nothing again and they were forced to do a large reorganization on the internal and external part of the family. Eventually, The Ye family’s son completely disappeared, and not even a single strand of his hair was found, even if the Ye family didn’t want to admit it, in their hearts they knew that he might have already been murdered and even his body might have been completely destroyed.

When the Ye family was burning an incense, it broke ominously, because of this Ye Nu was sighing all the time, he was growing old, even if on the surface he was as still as aggressive and domineering as before, people with discerning eyes could tell that the space between his eyebrows contained deep suffering. Ye Wei’s heroic pride didn’t diminish, but his personality became clearly irritable, the soldiers under his control were all well aware, but they could only keep their thoughts in their heart as their General Wei sighed, they never dared to mention this matter in front of him. Ye Wei’s wife was a lady of the imperial court and was crying all day due to the loss of their son.

The Ye family’s only hope was Ye Wei’s adopted son seven years ago. The name of that adopted son was Ye Wu Yun, which should be 22 years old now, during the years when the child was an orphan, the helpless child survived by picking up trash for a living, dangerously living in a world of ice and snow, when he was about to starve to death, Ye Nu offered to him to serve Ye Wei. Afterwards when Ye Wei was attacked by an assassin, he didn’t care about his life and blocked the sword targeting Ye Wei, he was seriously hurt and almost died but he managed to survive, The Ye family was extremely grateful and soon afterwards recognized him as the Ye family’s son. During the 7 years afterwards, he adjusted to the Ye family and gave all he has into meticulously caring for the Ye family, and he gradually revealed astonishing talents, because of that the Ye family gave him rewards for his great contributions, and facing an illness, the dispirited Ye family’s only son could only take care of himself.

But an adopted son, even if he had an excellent talent, was still an adopted son, the blood flowing in his body was not the pure blood of the Ye family. Even though the Ye family completely trusted this adopted son and treated him as if he were their own, how would they be willing hand the entire family property to a stranger?


At the present time.

A sudden news left the Ye Mansion in an uproar.

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