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Heavenly Star

Chapter 24: Abducting the Princess II

Chapter 24: Abducting the Princess II

Chapter 24: Abducting the Princess (II)

“Let go of the Princess!!

“What are you doing, do you know who you’re holding!”

“Release the princess immediately, do you want to rebel?”

The crowd stood up in confusion, and most of the people were starting to retreat subconsciously in order to avoid trouble. From the start, they did not expect to see the legendary princess, and afterwards, they could only watch helplessly as the princess was being kidnapped. The crowd looked towards Ye Wu Chen, their eyes were filled with pity —— to dare hold a sword to the princess’ neck, this person’s life was completely finished.

Above the Luan palanquin, one of Ye Wu Chen’s hands was embracing Ning Xue, and the other arm was hooked around the frightened little princess, holding a sword to her neck. The pitiful little princess did not dare to move, her watery eyes were glistening with tears, like contaminated dew on a tender lotus, making her look pitiful, her small mouth was biting her lips, and the tip of her nose were slightly trembling. This was the first time in her life that a man held a sword to her neck.

Under their protection, the princess was unexpectedly abducted by a man holding a sword, cold sweat was constantly running down on Wu Shang’s forehead, regardless of whether the princess were rescued safely or not, his dereliction of duty was a crime he could not escape, and if the princess were to have an accident, even if the emperor could forgive him, he would rather commit suicide to apologize for his mistakes.

He had scanned the surroundings with his Qi beforehand, and there were no possible dangers or anyone with a powerful Qi, he also felt that Ye Wu Chen was nothing more than an ordinary man, that was why he dared to move 5 steps away from the princess, his mind was not also on guard when he dealt with that situation, during the instance that he was stunned, Ye Wu Chen effortlessly broke his way into their gap, using his quick speed to rush inside the Luan Palanquin, while he was moving, he easily stole a sword from one of the imperial guard’s belt and held it to the princess’ neck.

Wu Shang had a dismal expression as he whispered: “Wind evasion technique, you are unexpectedly, a rare wind sorcerer.

Ye Wu Chen had indeed used a low level wind magic, the wind evasion technique, which could improve a person’s speed for a short time.

“Wind sorcerer?”

The crowd was excitedly talking again, a few people even showed clear expressions of envy and jealousy. A sorcerer was a rare and respected profession, only those who were talented and had magic in their bodies could study in it, which were very few. If a sorcerer and a warrior of the same rank were to fight, it would be difficult to determine which was stronger, but if they were to fight in a war, a sorcerer’s formidable power would be enough to face tens or even several hundreds of warriors of the same rank, because powerful sorcerers possesses frightening attack range and devastating magic, and magic which are special in nature, it allows them to become experts in many different fields of expertise, therefore people who could cultivate magic were always highly valued by the nations, they would be sent to the sorcerer guild of the nation and they would not have to worry about food or clothing for the rest of their lives.

Silently hiding in the crowd, Long Zheng Yang had difficulty resisting not showing himself, because if he showed himself now, it might make the situation worse, and the onlookers would see the imperial family as a joke. He believed that Ye Wu Chen did not truly intend to harm her younger sister, and he could only do his best to signal him with his eyes. Seeing that Wu Shang was stunned just a while ago...... didn’t grandpa said that he was the Sword Deity’s descendant? Could it be that he had what the internal palace had always worshipped —— double cultivation of martial arts and magic!?

When Ye Wu Chen said the following words, they almost jumped out of shock.

“Kneel down, and slap yourselves 3 times.” Ye Wu Chen did not reply to Wu Shang, and instead, he had ordered them, his voice was cold and severe, and had no traces that he was just joking around.

Long Zheng Yang desperately tried to communicate with his eyes...... Brother Ye, you are my brother! Even if you are the sword deity’s descendant, how can you play around like this? You abducted my younger sister, and I can barely contain myself, if you are truly just playing around......

They did not see that, when Ye Wu Chen appeared on the Luan Palanquin, two people within the crowd were looking at each other, one servant had an expression like he had seen a ghost, and had hurriedly rushed away towards the direction of the Tian Long City’s Ye family.

After those short words, Wu Shang’s face turned even more gloomy, each of the imperial guards had a dark expression and were glaring at Ye Wu Chen, they had surrounded and encircled him, but they did not dare to take a step forward.

Wu Shang took a step forward and pointed his golden sword at him, he coldly shouted: “Release the princess, I can still allow you and your brothers and sisters to safely leave, but if you dare touch a hair on her head, 9 clans will punish you.”

Ye Ning Xue was still in Wu Chen’s arms, her small face were still as scared as before, but she still did not say a word, because she was scared that she might disturb her brother.

“Oh? It seems that you did not hear what I have just said. So I will say it again —— Kneel down, and slap yourselves 3 times! You should be thankful, if you really killed my younger sister just a moment ago, I would have ordered you to chop off your hands and feet! Now..... I will give you 3 seconds!”


“Seizing the princess, threatening the commander of the imperial guards, each one of these is a capital offense, but if you leave now I can still give you a chance!”


Wu Shang took another step forward, he did not truly believe that this person would really do it.



“Wuwu!!” (TL Note: sound of someone whimpering)

They heard a small sound that was followed by the cries of a little girl, the imperial guard’s long sword was on the princess’ tender neck and had cut a long wound, blood was slowly spilling out. The pitiful little princess was used to being spoiled, she was not even beaten and scolded as a child, let alone having a real sword to her neck. Under the pain, her cries were heartbreaking as she miserably said: “Uncle Wu...... please save me...... wuwu...... it really hurts......”

Ye Wu Chen’s expression did not change at all, as if what he was doing was just an ordinary thing. His right hand gently moved, holding the sword with his other hand, he covered the wound he just made with his palm, it seemed that, unexpectedly, he was afraid of seeing her hurt.

“Thud!” Wu Shang heavily knelt on the ground, and afterwards he ferociously slapped himself on the face 3 times, each time using all of his strength, 3 loud slapping sounds made the silent crowd become noisy all of a sudden, each person had an astonished look.

“Release the princess!” said Wu Shang with his head low, his whole body was trembling, and his fists were tightly closed, his fingernails almost sinking into his flesh.

The imperial guards shouted and rushed to support him, each and every one of them almost had their eyes pop out, wishing that their general could hack Ye Wu Chen into pieces. Wu Shang was their commander, furthermore he was their goal and pride, but now, his dignity had been trampled, how could they endure it?

“That’s enough” Long Zheng Yang finally stood up, and his face had an expression of disbelief. Was this the gentle and silent Ye Wu Chen? Why was he so reckless? Doesn’t he know what he’s doing? Doesn’t he know that a warrior could accept failure, but never humiliation!

“His Highness...... the Crown Prince!” the imperial guards shouted at the same time, and afterwards, hurriedly kneeled. Their kneeling down immediately started a series of chain reactions, the entire street was terrified, and they all began to kneel down one after another. They could disrespect the princess, but they would not dare to disrespect the crown prince, because he was the future emperor!

Long Zheng Yang suddenly waved his hand to stop their shouts, and heavily sighed: “Let go of my younger sister.”

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