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Heavenly Star

Chapter 23: Abducting the Princess I

Chapter 23: Abducting the Princess I

Chapter 23: Abducting the Princess (I)

It was already noon when they walked out of the restaurant, Ning Xue had already eaten till her small belly was full, and her eyes were filled with excitement as she began to look around again. Long Zheng Yang was reluctant to leave as he looked at the top floor of the House of Smoke and Dreams on the opposite street , after lightly sighing, he and Ye Wu Chen began to walk towards the direction of the imperial palace. After cleansing the alcohol in his body, the dark thoughts that he always had was finally reduced by a lot.

They had just barely started walking when suddenly, there was a clear change in the atmosphere behind them, and they heard the sounds of confused whispers erupt around them.

“Look quickly, it’s the commander of the imperial guards!”

“Who is qualified enough to have Commander Wu escort him...... could it be that the emperor is coming today?”

“I heard that Wu Shang had just turned 40 years old this year, but his strength has already reached the peak of the Spiritual level, he is truly formidable.”

Ye Wu Chen and Long Zheng Yang turned around, the originally chaotic street had already parted to make a wide path, in the middle of the road was a person whose whole body was covered in gold armor, a middle aged man was in the lead, his eyes contained the prestige of a tiger, his hands were always resting on the handle of the sword above his waist, and his gaze was as sharp as a knife as he swept his eyes through the crowd, the people who were swept by his gaze couldn’t help but shiver, and behind him were 4 persons carrying an ornamental Luan Palanquin as they were steadily walking forward, no trace of fatigue could be seen on their faces, so they were obviously carrying a small and delicate person, more than 10 sword-wielding imperial guards surrounded them as they were walking, fully concentrated on protecting them.

“Why did she come out?” after looking at the beautiful palanquin, Long Zheng Yang did not know whether to laugh or cry. He pulled Ye Wu Chen as they went to side of the street and they hid within the crowd. In this situation, he had to hide his identity to avoid adding chaos.

At this time, the curtain on the palanquin was quietly pulled open by a crack, an eye was secretly looking at the crowd on the street, and the eye was flashing with rays of excitement.

The tightly packed crowd was leisurely walking forward, when suddenly, a scream came from inside the palanquin, the sound of the scream made the entire imperial guards change complexion, all of their bodies suddenly became stiff, they thought that the princess in their protection was finally attacked, the commander wearing gold armor turned back as fast as lightning, and at the same time, he unsheathed a gold sword as he ferociously pushed aside the curtains of the palanquin.

After the curtains were torn open, everyone in the opposite direction finally saw a charming girl in the palanquin, she looked like she was only 13 or 14 years old, she was wearing a beautiful white skirt and her skin was as white as snow, she had very beautiful eyes that had ripples like freshly brewed wine, but right now, her face was clearly pale white, as if she was frightened by something.

After seeing that the princess was fine, Commander Wu breathed a sigh of relief, and asked immediately: “Princess, what is going on?”

The little princess responded right away, she pointed a finger towards the side of the street and shouted with a voice filled with horror: “she was so scary, I have never seen such a frightening person before, drive her away quickly...... no, kill her instead, I never want to see her again!!”

Wu Shang looked at the direction where the princess was pointing, after a quick look, he saw Ye Ning Xue immediately because her white hair was very eye-catching. After just 1 glance, even his heart suddenly skipped a beat, no one could endure looking at that face, which was separated by two long roads of scars, it was extremely terrifying.

He was in a difficult position, and he awkwardly said: “Princess, this is not good, after all ......”

“No, No, No! Kill her quickly, she is very terrifying!!” the little princess’ voice clearly sounded like a child, covering her eyes with her hands, she did not dare to take a look again.

“This is......” Wu Shang took a glance at Ning Xue, and his face became awkward. Could it be that he truly had to execute this girl under the eyes of many people just because she was very frightening? Furthermore, it seems like she is only 10 years old, if he really touched her, his reputation would become bad.

He had not seen, that since the beginning, the young girl’s hands were holding on to a youngster, whose expression was now turning colder by the second, furthermore, he also didn’t discover that Long Zheng Yang, whose head was half-bent, was behind the youngster.

“If you don’t listen to my commands, I will tell my father when I return!” The little princess pointed a finger at him, she was pouting angrily, and her face was stubborn and unyielding. After growing up in the palace, she only knows a few people, and furthermore, there is almost no one who dares to disobey her. This chance to come out and have fun is something she has gained with great difficulty, but they did not think they would receive a great shock on the way back. Right now, she does not even completely know of what it means to kill, but she just simply believes that after killing that frightening person, she would never see her again.

Wu Shang turned around, and helplessly said to himself: “there is nothing I can do about this, you can only blame yourself for agitating the princess.”

He walked in front of Ning Xue, with his head held high, he looked down at her and said: “I will give you ten seconds to get out of my sight, then afterwards leave Tian Long City forever, otherwise......”

His fierce eyes were glaring at her, he was intentionally releasing his Qi as a spirit level expert to pressure her. Let alone a weak and delicate girl, even adults, who were only slightly weaker than him, would have difficulty resisting the strength of that Qi. Of course, he did not plan to kill her, he just wanted to scare her.

Ning Xue felt like her stomach was repeatedly being pressed down by a rock, she had difficulty breathing, and her complexion became as pale as a sheet of paper in a split second. She retreated in horror, and hid behind Wu Chen, both of her hands were tightly clutching at his clothes, and her small body was on the verge of collapsing.

Seeing that she still hasn’t started running away, Wu Shang wanted to continue pressuring her strongly, but he heard a mocking voice beside his ear: “A person who possesses a strong spiritual level strength, is relying on that power to bully an unarmed and defenseless little girl, the imperial palace’s commander of the imperial guards, Wu Shang, is truly acting in an elegant manner befitting adults. It seems that, you really cannot judge a person by his reputation.”

Wu Shang frowned, coldly looking at Ye Wu Chen, he calmly said: “Young man, if you are her relative, leave with her at once, I will pretend that I did not hear anything just now.”

“Is that right? Who did my little sister offend? “ Ye Wu Chen lightly picked up Ning Xue, as he carelessly said.

“She scared the princess.” Wu Shang coldly said.

The crowds of onlookers were watching them with their eyes, their expressions looked as if they were watching a play, because Wu Shang wanted to make them leave, but unexpectedly, this young man did not tactfully leave, and instead, were opposing Wu Shang like they were equals, was he not afraid of being killed?

“Oh? Her just standing here scared the princess?” Ye Wu Chen’s face sank, and was replaced by a ferocious and sinister expression: “Tell your princess that , even if it was the emperor himself, anyone who dares to provoke my sister will pay a price.”

Wu Shang stared blankly at him, and in his moment of being stunned, Ye Wu Chen’s body suddenly flashed green for an instant, the body in front of him became an afterimage, and afterwards, he heard a loud shriek behind him, this shriek came from the princess.

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