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Heavenly Star

Chapter 22: Ye Shui Yao, Hua Shi Rou

Chapter 22: Ye Shui Yao, Hua Shi Rou

“The only daughter of the Ye family, Ye Shui Yao, possesses otherworldly beauty, but her personality is cold and haughty, once, she almost broke the Ye family’s door when she went to visit her parents, but they just disregarded her out of contempt, and she ordinarily spends all of her time in her room and rarely goes out. Looking back, I already haven’t seen her for several years, she should have turned 19 years old this year. The last time I saw her was 5 years ago, at that time, she did not even look at me twice even though I am the crown prince.” Long Zheng Yang smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Ye family?”

“Oh right... ... Brother Ye is also surnamed Ye. The Ye family is one of the top 3 families in Tian Long City, they possess an extremely high prestige in Tian Long country and General Ye Lao is publicly known as the god of armies, nowadays General Ye is still matchlessly fierce and prudent and is one of my Tian Long **’s backbone. It is not exaggerated to say that half of the country was conquered by the Ye family. (TL Note: Raws say ** but I think “City” should go there.)

But unfortunately...... the heavens were jealous of the Ye family, The Ye family’s future generations got cut off, the Ye family’s only son showed talent, but he was disabled due to numerous illnesses since he was young, and has been bed-ridden for a long period of time. The last time I saw him was also 5 years ago, at that time he was lying in his bed but he did not have the strength to get up and meet me in person. He was pitiful to see among the valiant generation of the Ye family, however, 1 year ago I heard my father mention something, after suffering many hardships, General Ye had finally found something that could improve his physique, the thousand year snow ginseng, but during this time the Ye family’s only son suddenly disappeared and they have not received any news from him since then. Many people had speculated that he had already been killed. If I remember his name was called......”

Long Zheng Yang’s eyes suddenly jerked open, his gaze was fixed on Ye Wu Chen’s face as if he saw something unimaginable as his body stood up unconsciously.

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes started to narrow and his thoughts shifted to the disease.

Afterwards, Long Zheng Yang shook his head and returned to his seat, he sighed: “I suddenly remembered, the Ye family’s only son was also called Ye Wu Chen, what a coincidence, not only are your names the same, Brother Ye also looks similar to his appearance during the year that I saw him, and your age also seems to be completely identical to his. So that’s why I felt that I’ve seen brother Ye before.”

“It’s only a coincidence, it is impossible for me to be someone from the Ye family.” Ye Wu Chen apparently did not want to continue talking about this subject, changing the topic, he said: “I would rather listen to the romantic matters that Brother Long was previously talking about. “

Long Zheng Yang still had a lot of doubts, but he did not ask and said: “The second is the Hua family’s only daughter, this woman lives up to her name, she is as lovable as a flower and as soft as water, during the year that I had to leave, she was still the size of Younger sister Ning Xue, after 5 years of not seeing her, she should now be a 16 year old graceful young lady, she now probably possesses beauty that can captivate even the birds and beasts, or else she would not be in Tian Long City’s 3 most beautiful women. But 7 years ago, she was already betrothed to the son of the Patriarch of the Lin family, maybe she is now already married.”

Ye Wu Chen did not say a word, he was quietly listening without any intention of interrupting, as he allowed him to talk. The only movement that he occasionally did was to wipe the corner of Ning Xue’s mouth so as to not let her clothes become dirty. He knew that Long Zheng Yang was only using the talk about the 3 most beautiful women as a cover, his true purpose was to teach him about a few of the influential families in Tian Long City, and he further explained about the Hua family and the Lin family.

But unfortunately, Ye Wu Chen was not destined to play a role in his intentions of becoming the emperor, he was merely providing him information.

“The Ye family and the Lin family are both one of the most powerful and prestigious families in Tian Long City, but the Hua family was a family that they could not provoke, the Lin family’s General Lin is a person of virtue and prestige, but because one mountain cannot house two tigers, General Lin and General Ye were always on bad terms with each other and the Ye family and the Lin family had already been competing with each other for many years, this is a well-known matter in Tian Long City, and my father also lets them act freely and doesn’t interfere.”

“The Hua family actually has less military power than the Ye family and the Lin family, but the Hua family had produced a few Childs called Lei Zhen Childs and Huo Du Childs, even if there are only a few of them, if they went out, they can produce large scale casualties, the Hua family can also produce a great amount of these terrible childs, furthermore, everyone wants to employ these kinds of experts, I even heard that a retainer took a hundred of these world shaking childs to a capital and not a single person was found again. It is precisely because of the Hua family’s existence that the Da Feng country does not dare to provoke my Tian Long country. My Tian Long imperial family is also extremely courteous to the Hua family, and although the Hua family produces a lot of those terrible things they give most of them to our imperial family to employ in war or to be used for protection. But people with discerning eyes know that the Hua family cannot continue preserving their cards – such as the Lei Zhen Childs and the Huo Du Childs.

“Originally, the Hua family, the Ye family, and the Lin family were all quite friendly with each other. But the Hua family’s next generation mostly consisted of males and they only had 1 daughter that could be married off into the Ye family or the Lin family, at that time General Ye once requested to tie the knot with the Hua family, but he was firmly refused because the Ye family’s only son had frail and weak physique, in the Hua family’s eyes he was considered as trash, General Hua was already 30 years old and he only had 1 daughter, how was it possible to let her marry a piece of trash. 1 month later, the entire Tian Long City knew that the Hua family’s daughter had been betrothed to the Lin family’s son.”

Long Zheng Yang glanced at Ye Wu Chen and continued talking: “In this generation of the Lin family there are two sons, the eldest son, Lin Xiao, is a fine scholar and a good soldier, he possesses the title of the number 1 scholar in Tian Long City, and furthermore he is quite strong, he has achieved a strength of rank 10 at only 20 years old, even in the palace, several Heaven ranked experts praised him in admiration and said that his talent could only be seen once in a century, even my father had also praised him a lot. And the Hua family also became more and more satisfied with the marriage. The second son, Lin Yu, had been spoiled since he was a child and was infamous for his misdeeds, he became publicly known as someone who would never succeed in life, and even the Lin family had also completely given up on him, they pinned all of their hopes on the eldest son.”

“The Lin family and the Ye family has been at war with each other for many years now, and although victor still hasn’t been decided, everyone knows that the Ye family has already been defeated, because there is no one to inherit the family property of the Ye family and it could only be passed to a person from outside the family. The Ye family does not have a future and cannot be compared with the Lin family.”

After saying this much, Long Zheng Yang finally stopped talking, and afterwards, showed an embarrassed smile: “I’m feeling anxious, but truthfully saying, I also do not know which place I should take you, Brother Ye please don’t take offense.”

Ye Wu Chen smiled and said: “it seems that, even though Brother Long hasn’t been living in Tian Long City for the past few years, you are always concerned about the trends here.”

Long Zheng Yang shook his head and said: “These things can be known by anyone just by asking on the streets, but I just got somewhat emotional. Even though I’m the heir to the throne, I always think that someone wants to seize my position. During these past 5 years, i already began to be forgotten, if I want to obtain the support of large families, I will have to work harder. Brother Ye, what are your plans from now on?”

“Me? I simply want to recover myself from the past.” Said Ye Wu Chen, his eyes reflected a trace of loneliness, he does not have a past, and including himself, there was no one who knew what kind of person he was.”

“Searching for your past self?” Long Zheng Yang carefully thought about these words, he frowned and said: “You lost your memories?”

Ye Wu Chen nodded.

“Memory loss...... when did you start to have consciousness?”

“1 month ago.”

Long Zheng Yang was breathing raggedly as he stood up, his eyes were unable to contain his excitement: “Brother Ye, I think you should go visit the Ye family, maybe your past self is there!”

“Oh?” Ye Wu Chen was astonishedly looking at him, but the depths of his eyes were as dull as water.

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