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Heavenly Star

Chapter 21: Three Forbidden Weapons

Chapter 21: Three Forbidden Weapons

Chapter 21 Three Forbidden Weapons

“Southern Emperor Sect” Ye Wu Chen’s heart was beating frantically as he heard the words “Southern Emperor Sect” again and again.

Long Zheng Yang became surprised when he took a glance at him, and he asked: “Brother Ye don’t tell me that you don’t know the Southern Emperor Sect?

Ye Wu Chen nodded.

Long Zheng Yang smiled and said: “It looks like Brother Ye hasn’t seen the world for a long time... .... The Southern Emperor Sect is known by everybody on the continent, because it has enough power to completely destroy a royal family and replace it.

Ye Wu Chen: “.....”

“In Ancient Legends, our world was created by the birth of the Southern Emperor and Northern Emperor. Later the Northern Emperor and The Southern Emperor fought each other and they both died, but each of them left descendants, and the Tian Chen Continent was inherited by their descendants, the Southern Emperor’s descendants established the Southern Emperor Sect and the Northern Emperor’s descendants established the Northern Emperor Sect, they have extremely large power that no one in the Tian Chen continent can compare with, but luckily, they have never fought a war with each other in the mortal world. The Southern Emperor sect and the Northern Emperor sect see each other as natural rivals and have fought with each other for countless of years, but neither one of them has won or lost yet.”

“But one day, 20 years ago, the Southern Emperor Sect’s Patriarch was attacked, he was poisoned by a flame poison and he was on the brink of death, as a result the Southern Emperor Sect was defeated by the Northern Emperor Sect and they began to retreat little by little. It was during that time that my father obtained the title of emperor. The Southern Emperor Sect fled towards the direction of our imperial palace and was discovered by the family. My father, despite of many people’s opposition, risked the imperial family getting wiped out to interfere in this matter. In the entire palace there was only one water pellet, and he gave it to the Southern Emperor Sect’s Patriarch to remove the flame poison in his body, furthermore he also took 3 heaven level experts and more than a dozen sprit level experts from the inner palace to assist the Southern Emperor Sect. The recovery of the Patriarch of the Southern Emperor Sect and the increase in their strength broke the deadlock between the war of the Northern and Southern Sect. The addition of 3 heaven level experts and more than a dozen spirit level experts and countless imperial guards was enough to easily break the balance. And thus the Southern Emperor Sect turned the tide of battle, since the war started, this was the biggest advantage they had ever held and they used it to completely defeat the Northern Emperor Sect, the Northern Emperor Sect escaped to the north and has vanished for the last twenty years. The Southern Emperor Sect has been searching for the entire 20 years but they have not found anything yet.”

“The Southern Emperor Sect have never let themselves owe others a favor. The Clan head repaid our favor by granting my father a single request . After 15 years, father asked for the Southern Emperor Sect’s Clan Head, Shui Yun Tian’s only daughter, Shui Meng Chan’s hand in marriage.”

Long Zheng Yang bitterly smiled: “The Southern Emperor Sect and the Northern Emperor Sect both have enough power to rule the world, even the most stubborn gale in the Tian Chen continent endlessly fears and does not dare to provoke them. But unexpectedly, Father was willing to endure the risk of the Northern Emperor Sect retaliating just for the sake of a woman... .... Because her charm was extremely powerful, no man could resist it. Brother Ye, Its truly impossible for me to fight my father, even if I could fight him I can’t fight the Southern Emperor Sect.”

“The emperor truly only requested for this woman? At most only a part, with the Southern Emperor Clan head’s daughter, of the Southern Emperor Sect wants to distance themselves from the Tian Long Imperial family. And the Southern Emperor Sect would lose their dignity if they did not promise to agree to his request. The emperor had the patience to wait 15 years to ask for this request and had also used those 15 years to wait for that little girl to grow up. That was truly well calculated”

While he was thinking this, Ye Wu Chen asked: “Brother Long, this should be your imperial family’s secret, aren’t you afraid I’ll leak this out?”

Long Zheng Yang shook his head, and said: “this is not a secret, but rather it has already spread widely through the Tian Chen continent. Now, who doesn’t know the news that the Southern Emperor Sect’s daughter is marrying into our Tian Long imperial family.

Ye Wu Chen secretly sneered: “as expected”

“Why did the Southern Emperor Sect made a time limit before letting Shui Meng Chan into the palace, but they let her live in Tian Long City, is there any reason for it?” Asked Ye Wu Chen

Long Zheng Yang nodded and said: “During that time the southern emperor sect was persistently searching for the Nan Huang sword that was passed on from their ancestor’s teachings. The owner of the Nan Huang sword is the true master of the southern emperor sect. if the owner of the Nan Huang sword appeared, the southern emperor sect’s Shui family daughter will be the wife of the true owner of the Nan Huang sword. If the owner of the Nan Huang sword still hasn’t appeared by the time she turns 25 years old, only then can she get married.

The emotion in Ye Wu Chen’s eyes were fierce, he held his wine cup and drank it in one gulp, feeling the acrid taste spread from his mouth to his stomach. When he put his glass down, his face was as calm as ever.

Fate was a funny thing.

Long Zheng Yang did not see Ye Wu Chen’s instance of abnormality, with his eyes still as blurred as before he said: “the southern emperor sect and northern emperor sect’s teachings that were inherited from their ancestors are almost exactly the same. The only difference is that the Northern Emperor Sect is searching for one of the 3 forbidden weapons inscribed in the tablet, the Bei Di bow.

(TL Note: Nan Huang Sword is literally translated as the Southern Emperor’s sword and the Bei Di bow is the Northern Emperor’s Bow)

“Three forbidden weapons?” Wu Chen had a look of surprise.

Long Zheng Yang had gradually gotten accustomed to Ye Wu Chen’s “ignorance” and explained: “weapons’ ranks are divided the same way a person’s strength is divided. Tian Chen Continent possesses a few Heavenly weapons and a few deity level weapons,but legend says that there exists an incredibly powerful weapon exceeding the power of a deity level weapon. On top of them, are the 3 forbidden weapons that were formed in ancient times, a rumor says that if you get a pair of them you will have the power to destroy the heavens, to crush the earth, and to shatter stars. One is the Nan Huang sword, also known as the star cutting sword. The second one is the Bei Di bow, also known as the calamity of suffering, and one other weapon that has existed since ancient times, but it has never been seen before, and even its name is forbidden. Of course these are only legends, but the southern emperor sect and the northern emperor sect said that these are not just simple legends, and they completely believe in them.”

Seeing that Ye Wu Chen was silent and his face was saying that he clearly does not care about these imaginary things. Long Zheng Yang smiled self-deprecatingly, and his eyes narrowed again: “after 3 years, she will enter the palace, and at that time, my last hope will be extinguished. During her 5 years in Tian Long City, she is almost daily at the house of smoke and dreams. During these 5 years, I’ve only heard her voice, I have never seen her face again. When I returned last year, I heard that she appeared in the west Xi Zizhu Park, All the people present at that time thought she was a fairy. While some artist tried to paint her face, no one tried to describe her in words, because they found that even highly skilled painting techniques couldn’t portray her beautiful charm. Then the next day, everyone knew that that she was the future wife of the emperor. And she was considered the first of the 3 most beautiful woman in the city.

Long Zheng Yang paused, he looked at Ye Wu Chen and asked: “Brother Ye, want to hear about the 3 most charming women?

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes brightened, and his face showed obvious interest.

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