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Heavenly Star

Chapter 20: Southern Emperor Sec

Chapter 20: Southern Emperor Sect

In a closed room, a table was filled with the color of savory fragrance from a variety of dishes. Long Zheng Yang and Ye Wu Chen were seated opposite of each other, and Ningxue was sitting beside Wu Chen, her mouth was almost overflowing with saliva while she looked at the delicacies on the table, and sometimes she was secretly looking at her brother. In the sealed area she only ate fruits and barbecue, and on the way to Tian Long City they mostly ate rations, when she saw all of these dishes that she had not seen before, she wanted to reach for the dishes and greedily eat all of them.

Long Zheng Yang was holding a wine cup in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, drinking and skillfully pouring for himself every time the cup was empty, he didn’t force Ye Wu Chen to accompany him in drinking and only poured for himself, he seemed like he was truly miserable and wanted to vent off his feelings using wine. Ye Wu Chen did not speak, he picked up Ningxue’s bowl, giving her each of every dish, until the bowl was slowly filled, and then put the bowl in front of the small Ningxue: “Xue’er, eat fast.”

“En... Im really hungry” Ningxue has endured for a long time and finally her saliva fell out, she quickly picked up her chopsticks and ate eagerly.

After drinking another cup of wine, Long Zheng Yang’s eyes became even more blurred, he put his glass down heavily and absent-mindedly said: Brother Ye, I love her, am I right or wrong?

“Liking a person is neither right nor wrong.” Ye Wu Chen replied.

“neither right nor wrong.... But why does the emperor like her AH!” the suffering Long Zheng Yang said, he could not help clenching his hands which almost broke the glass he was holding.

Ye Wu Chen filled Ningxue’s bowl again and quietly said: “Brother Long, you’re drunk”

“Drunk.... I really want to be drunk, I want to always be drunk, being drunk will remove all of my worries. Every time I faced her I thought I was ready, but every time I see her I will realize that I have failed once again. Even after 5 years of refining my heart and exercising my mind, I can’t forget her. “Brother Yu, you are not an ordinary person, with your talent, don’t tell me that you really can’t guess my identity?”

Ye Wu Chen laughed. “I know your identity, after all I am not a man of this world, your identity is not important to me, even if you’re a crown prince or an ordinary civilian, I just need to know that you saved my and ningxue’s lives, and besides saying “your royal highness prince Edward” is longer and more distant than saying “Brother Long” which is more familiar.

Long Zheng Yang laughed. “if you were an ordinary person, saying such a thing can really be regarded as an offense. But you are entitled to say these things.... Some years ago, An old sword deity used his ability to save the entire city of Long Cheng, then disappeared afterwards, his ability was so great that he didn’t even put the world in his eyes, even my father needed to show courtesy seven times to meet with him. You are a descendant of that old sword deity, in the future, you will also obtain the qualifications to rule the world and look down upon our royal family.”

Ye Wu Chen smiled and didn’t comment. He naturally knew Long Zheng Yang’s status and reasons. Because of the black ring of the old deity was on his finger. Grandpa Long and Long Zheng Yang considered him to be a true descendant of the old deity. The sword deity’s name was known by everyone in the entire tian chen continent, his existence was like he came from the legends told across the Tian Chen continent. Even the royal family had to curry favor with him, rather than provoke.

“It seems the old man silently sent me a gift.” Ye Wu Chen quietly thought.

However, The crown prince secretly fell in love with the emperor’s wife. Long Zheng Yang told this kind of imperial scandal to the one sitting in front of him. Even if Ye Wu Chen himself wanted to stay uninvolved it was now impossible to do so completely.

Long Zheng Yang filled the glass in front of him and leisurely said: “Brother Ye, if you were me, what would you do?”

This kind of question, if one was an intelligent man he would not respond immediately. Because of the consequences of getting involved with the internal scandal of the emperor and the crown prince, is bad beyond redemption. Ye Wu Chen watched him as he slowly said “ Is it possible for you to give up now and never see her again?”

“I’ve spent 5 years training and didn’t even slightly forget her, so i know that in my lifetime it is impossible for me to forget her, if I give her up, I will suffer for my whole life.” Long Zheng Yang shook his head.

“If you’re determined then you can compete with your father and fight for her.”

Long Zheng Yang’s body became stiff, his lips pulled downwards a few times, and softly sighed. “ She is originally my father’s wife, even if I love her she should not love someone else, if I compete with father for her... .... That would be really disgraceful, furthermore how would I compete with father anyway?”

“Is suffering for your whole life better than being disgraceful and recklessly fighting for your woman? Brother Long pick your choice, I’m merely a stranger.”

Ye Wu Chen made a small circle with his hands, but didn’t say anything. Ye Wu Chen picked up a glass and lightly took a sip, and afterwards he frowned lightly. Long Zheng Yang called the wine in this restaurant one of the best, but this wine truly could not compete with the wine in Wu Chen’s memory. Wu Chen set the glass down and silently thought: “The Tian Long City here is from thousands of years ago in china, without any of the Chinese modern technology, even the wine making techniques are a rotten mess.”

Long Zheng Yang was silent for a long time. Ye Wu Chen filled the glass in front of him and casually asked: “What kind of fairy-like woman can make Brother Long this infatuated with her? I don’t know which girl is so lucky.”

Long Zheng Yang was really worried as he started to raise his wine cup, but he didn’t drink but rather he smiled and his eyes brightened, afterwards he put down his cup and his face became disappointed and frustrated as he thought: “ how many years have I never had a truly calm and honest person. They either flatter or say yes, or even afraid to say anything else, I’ve always wanted a brother to talk with me like a friend.” He soon smiled and said: “This is truly helpless under the righteous external appearance of the emperor’s family.”

Ye Wu Chen’s mouth was slightly pulling. “Because you were born in the emperor’s family you can say such a thing but what if one day you can become an ordinary person, would you really choose it?

“that person.... She really is like a fairy. Born in the imperial family, I’ve seen countless of beautiful women, but after I saw her, I knew that all the other women cannot compare to her. 5 years ago, the first time I saw her I became scared of her dazzling beauty. That was the day she first came to Tian Long City.That year she was 17 years old, she was originally travelling with the clan head of the Southern Emperor Sect to visit father, the emperor.... ... Then father reacted just like me, he almost didn’t hesitate to request for the Southern Emperor Sect’s Clan head to give her to him as his concubine, the Clan head agreed on the spot, but he gave him a deadline – she must be 25 years old before she can enter the palace, and during this period, she will live in Tian Long City, and no one will be allowed to interfere with her actions.

“Southern Emperor Sect?” Ye Wu Chen’s heart began to beat frantically as he heard the word “Southern Emperor Sect” again and again.

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