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Heavenly Star

Chapter 19: Shui Meng Chan II

Chapter 19: Shui Meng Chan II

Chapter 19 Shui Meng Chan (II)

Ning Xue curiously asked: “Brother, What is Brother Long going to do?”

“He went to find a seductress.” Ye Wu Chen smiled and said.

“Seductress... what’s that?” Ning Xue turned her face upwards and asked.

“A smile from a seductress can start a deadly war, a gesture from her can melt a steel like man into mud, a seductress is a truly terrible person. If a man is not strong enough, she will lead him into all kinds of catastrophe, but if a man is strong enough, then a seductress will let him enjoy her collection.” A light smile appeared on the corner of Ye Wu Chen’s lips, she did not know what he was thinking.

Crowds of people passed by continuously and Ning Xue’s white hair attracted most people’s eyes, but after seeing the young girl’s face, they quickly looked away as if they were scared of catching a plague, and their faces showed obvious expressions of disgust.

Ye Wu Chen coldly glanced around, and gently picked her, leaning her on his arms, he asked: “Xue’er, most of ordinary people judge others by their appearances, because of that many people will hate you because of your face, are you scared?”

Ning Xue shook her head, put her arms around his neck and sweetly said: “As long as my brother doesn’t hate me or leave me, I don’t care if others hate me.”

A light smile appeared on Ye Wu Chen’s lips: “Never in my life, nor in Xue’er’s life, will I hate Xue’er, just like Xue’er will never hate brother right?”

Ning Xue nodded, her eyebrows bent, and very seriously she said: “Xue’er will never hate her brother.”

Ye Wu Chen smiled and nodded, his eyes inadvertently glanced past the crowd, suddenly his gaze collided with a very sharp gaze.

It was a boy around 16 or 17 years old, plainly dressed, he had a handsome figure, his hair was a little messy but his face was very cold and stiff, and his gaze felt as sharp as a blade edge. His eyes concealed hatred, indifference, and vigilance as if there was no one he could trust.

At this time, a middle aged woman he was supporting staggered forward slowly. She was only 40 years old but most of her hair was turning grey which made her look 10 years older than her actual age. The young man carefully held her. Ye Wu Chen faintly heard the middle woman’s constant nagging: “... .... Tian Long City...... I have finally returned to Tian Long City ....”

The young man’s eyes swept across Ye Wu Chen and Ye Ning Xue’s face for half a moment, it looks as though as long they were in his gaze, no people could escape from his eyes. It seems this young man was constantly on high alert.

Watching him go back, Ye Wu Chen whispered thoughtfully “is this a lone wolf or an eagle?”


On the top floor in the house of smoke and dreams, Long Zheng Yang was in a room filled with hazy aroma, on top of a circular table was several cups of steaming fragrant tea, in front him was a transluscent pink veil, the soundproofing here was exceptional, no street noise from the outside could be heard. In the silence, Long Zheng Yang looked slightly uneasy, making no sound lest should he alert someone.

Finally, light appeared from the pink veil and he heard the soothing sounds of footsteps, a shadow of a woman appeared behind the veil. gracefully walking between the wind and the willow, and although you cannot see her face, her figure alone is enough to enchant normal men.

Long Zhen Yang’s breathing cramped up, although it has been a year, this figure appeared in his dreams in almost every night, how could he forget it?

He took a small sip from the cup of tea to ease his emotions, then he stood up and calmly said: “Meng Chan... we have not seen each other for a year, you... ... are you well?”

The graceful figure behind the veil sat down, the wind carried a soft voice: “Meng Chan is all right, thank you for your concern your highness. I see that after 5 years of refining his mind, your royal highness Prince Edward has returned to Tian Long City.”

Long Zheng Yang bitterly laughed: “Meng Chan, you can call me Yang’er like always, we’ve already known each other for so long, the title of prince is too ... distant....”

“Meng Chan is just an ordinary woman, how can I disrespect his royal highness the prince.” Said Shui Meng Chan her voice was like a curling breeze that could swing people’s hearts.

“Ordinary... ... If you are ordinary, all the other women in the world are sticks and dry leaves.

Long Zheng Yang thought silently, he looked senselessly at the fairy’s shadow on the other side of the veil: “Meng Chan knows I did not conceal anything to return, It must have been when I stepped into Tian Long City that she found me, Shui Meng Chan must have the same worries as me.”

After a brief silence, Shui Meng Chan sounded helpless and sighed with melancholy: “ Your Royal Highness Prince Edward is honored as the crown prince, you are supposed to bring peace and prosperity to the nation, and not to deal with worldly affairs, Meng Chan did not dare to dream to harm the crown prince. And so this love affair should stop. His Royal Highness Prince Edward can only visit Meng Chan every full moon, and Meng Chan would be thankful, Your Majesty can also return my gratitude.”

This is the first time Shui Meng Chan straightforwardly denied Long Zheng Yang and also the first time she asked him to leave. Even after 5 years of refining his mind, today, she would not even give him a glimmer of hope.Long Zheng Yang was struck a blow, he was slightly pale as he slowly stood up and said in a lonely voice: “In that case, Zheng Yang will leave.... Meng Chan its been more than five years since I saw you, will you let me see you again as I saw you that day?”

“Meng Chan is without freedom to act independently, your highness Prince Edward please return, do not make your friends wait too long.” Meng Chan’s faint voice said. She was referring to Ye Wu Chen and Ye Ning Xue.

Long Zheng Yang stayed for a long time, after a while he finally turned away and left.

Outside of the room, he leaned on the door and laughed loudly: “Prince.... What kind of prince am i? what can I do with wealth? How can I be all powerful, when I cannot even see my own woman’s face... ... why her alone, why her alone AH!” Long Zheng Yang walked out of the house of smoke and dreams looking like a different person.

Ye Wu Chen patted him on the shoulder and quietly said: “want to drink?”

“Drink alcohol?” Long Zheng Yang nodded, his lips pulling upward for a moment, then he asked what are you laughing at? As he took Ye Wu Chen to the opposite restaurant.

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