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Heavenly Star

Chapter 18: Shui Meng Chan I

Chapter 18: Shui Meng Chan I

Chapter 18: Shui Meng Chan (I)

Ye Wu Chen put his hands on Ning Xue’s chest trying to untie her clothes. Against the girl’s instincts, Ning Xue’s eyes suddenly filled with panic, she subconsciously placed her hands to cover her chest. Ye Wu Chen gently peeled of her hand, smiled and said: “Xue’er makes big brother look bad.”

Ning Xue’s skin casted a layer of a soft pink color. This girl who only looked like 10 years old should not have reacted like this, but she still obeyed and removed her hands with her eyes tightly shut.

As he fully removed her dress, a snow white body carved like a piece of jade completely appeared in front of him. A young and immature body unexpectedly released an aura of astonishing charm, beautiful enough to suck men’s souls. Ye Wu Chen’s mind turned into a mess, he quickly looked away, breathing lightly, he calmed his mind until it was calm as water and only then did he look at her body again. He meticulously began to examine every part of Ning Xue’s body, and his face began to show a puzzled expression.

There were so many wounds on her face, hands and feet but why didn’t her body sustain any injuries?

And he suddenly remembered Ning Xue’s tiny feet was covered with abrasions but there were no signs of wear and tear on her socks and shoes.

Ye Wu Chen took Ning xue’s white dress, and found that it did not have any scratches, he rapidly stroked the dress using his fingers while using his power to try and slash it, and was surprised to see the dress undamaged.

What kind of material was used to make this dress?

Ning Xue picked up the dress and came to the brook, using the clear water, she started washing away the red marks on her feet. Every wound on her body, every ounce of pain she suffered, every bit of blood that she spilled, Ye Wu Chen knew it was all for him.

“Xue’er, you are my only flaw.” He softly whispered in her ear. After erasing the traces of water on her feet, Ning Xue started to gently put her clothes on one by one.

Ning Xue lightly blinked her eyes a few times, remembering the words whispered to her ear, although she did not fully understand the meaning behind this sentence, she could not help but involuntarily engrave these words into her heart, because this short sentence continuously let her feel happiness in her heart.

“Xue’er, Let’s go”

He did not pull Ning Xue’s hand. But instead carried her in his arms, moving slowly forward, like a father holding his daughter, she was still tired from the stress of these past few days, so how would he be willing to let her get tired.

His emaciated body, to Ning Xue, was undoubtedly where she could find the warmest embrace, as she fell on his shoulder, her eyes closed comfortably and soon she was sleepy.

“Brother, we should come back and visit often to see Grandpa and Brother Long, they are good because they saved brother and Xue’er.” Said Ning Xue with her eyes closed, whispering dreamily.

“En, we will often come to visit Grandpa Long, because he is our savior. But you will be seeing your brother long quite soon. And also, you can always think of Grandpa Long but, don’t think about your Brother Long”. Says Ye Wu Chen.

“Ah... but why?” Xue’er asked curiously.

Ye Wu Chen was silent for a while, and said: “The most ruthless emperor in his later years,Grandpa Long, found a place to live in that was perfectly suited to his age and position, but it is not suited to your brother long, 5 years of training can only achieve the opposite result. If one wants to become a true emperor, then he must not do it unscrupulously, his goal must be to remove evil and to help the weak, to be a hero filled with chivalry, unafraid of death, not restrained by the charm of material rewards nor to become famous, such things will only make him a pawn of an ambitious person, and will prevent him from becoming a true emperor. If he wants to become an emperor, he must first become a hero, fierce and ambitious, such a hero will ignore his real family, we should not care for such a false family, unless he really is willing to give up the world for one person.”

Ning xue has already fallen asleep in his arms, Ye Wu Chen was more like talking to himself.

At this time he heard the brisk sound of hooves behind him, then a hearty young man shouted “Brother!”.

“Brother Long, how are you?”

“hahaha, coincidentally im also on a trip back to Tian Long City, the city is still a long way ahead, why don’t you ride a horse?. Although Brother Ye is extraordinary, but you cannot let little sister suffer.” Long Zheng Yang was riding a yellow horse, and the side of the yellow horse was a white horse.he pulled the reins and patted the side of the horse, the horse neighed softly and went to Ye Wu Chen’s side.

Ye Wu Chen laughed and said: “many thanks for your kindness brother long” as he accepted brother long’s invitation.

Ye Wu Chen jumped on the horse , his feet was as light as a feather and looked elegant as if they were magically dancing, although he had never ridden a horse, he found it extremely simple to maintain his balance while riding on horseback. Long Zhang Yeng’s eyes flashed with admiration and wonder for an instant, then he laughed “Xue’er is my half-sister, you are her brother, then naturally you are my half -brother, there is no need for thanks between brothers.”

Ye Wu Chen deliberately closed his heart to those words, because he knew the meaning behind the few sentences that were said to him.

The white horse and the yellow horse started traveling side by side towards the south.

10 days later at Tian Long City.

Even after passing through numerous small towns during the past 10 days, not a single one of them can match the prosperity in Tian Long City. During this time Ye Wu Chen and Long Zheng Yang, became even more familiar with each other until they were just like real brothers. During these past 10 days Long Zheng Yang kept beating around the bush, he wanted to know Ye Wu Chen’s true origin and what his reason was for coming to Tian Long City. His mind could not help but wonder what kind of secret he was hiding under that calm appearance of his.

They were walking in the street and both of them were handsome, which caused girls to often look at them. And some self-conscious people changed color out of shock.Xue’er was curious and was looking around everywhere with her eyes filled with splendor. But the surrounding people ignored her strange looks.

After entering Tian Long City, Long Zheng Yang looked powerful and free, but underneath looked a bit preoccupied. Ye Wu Chen pretended he didn’t notice that and instead was looking everywhere, noting every building he could see.Up ahead, they were getting closer to the city palace. The streets were getting crowded with pedestrians and peddlers.

Although Long Zheng Yang was distracted, his feet seemed to move subconsciously, turning right and left. Going to a place as if it were his heart’s desire. Finally, He stopped, he lifted his head and looked forward.

House of Dreams and Smoke. Ye Wu Chen glanced at the piece of red plaque to remember the name. Then half-jokingly said: “Is Brother Long really the type of person to spend his time in a brothel?”

Long Zheng Yang seemed as if he did not hear him and stared at brothel for long while, suddenly his faced flashed with sadness then finally filled with ridicule, and said “Brother Ye wait here for a moment, this brother will be right back.” He did not wait for Ye Wu Chen to respond.

He hurried his footsteps and went inside.

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