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Heavenly Star

Chapter 16: Recovery

Chapter 16: Recovery

Ye Wu Chen was lying together with Ye Ning Xue on the same bed, his face remained serene. Grandpa Long said in a low voice. ”Heavenly Beast’s Egg has a real innate vital essence, which largely increases the common people’s development and extends dying people’s life to dozens of days. Young man, Ye Ning Xue got it from the Heavenly Beast the Tian Lie bird, for you, she even throws her life. For your last 10 days of life, you can’t disappoint her.”

Even though Grandpa Long spoke in a very low voice, he still woke up the nervous Ye Ning Xue. She opened her eyes then slowly sat up and stared at Ye Wu Chen with all her eyes. Grandpa Long suddenly rush, and he hurriedly put down the bowl then said with care. ”My good girl, grandpa begs you to have more rest just for your weak body.”

Ye Ning Xue slightly shook her head and gave a smile on her pale face. ”I will be fine, I dare not sleep...... I am worried that I won’t see my brother if I sleep too much.”


“Grandpa, I have heard everything you said just now. That egg can really save my brother’s life?” Ye Ning Xue pointed to the bowl.

“yeah, he should... he must recover after drinking this.”

“Then...... Can I feed him?”

Grandpa Long was a bit surprised then passed the bowl and spoon to Ye Ning Xue with a smile.

The liquid in the bowl was odorless and colorless just like water. Ye Ning Xue put a small spoon of medicine in front of Ye Wu Chen and slowly lean the spoon. But the unconscious Ye Wu Chen wasn’t able to drink and swallow, so the medicine falls one drop at a time then gathered a flow of water and fell down from his mouth. Even she had tried twice, but not too much flew into his mouth.

Ye Ning Xue was so anxious that she almost cried out, because every drop of medicine was to save her brother’s life.

She put down the spoon, picked up the small bowl then took a sip and lean down to make his mouth open with her hands. And then she fed him mouth to mouth, the medicine flows into Ye Wu Chen’s mouth bit by bit, she gently blows to let the medicine slowly flow into Ye Wu Chen’s body.

Raising her head up, she looked at him with a silly smile. ”Brother, you said you will protect me forever... When you aren’t able to protect me, let me protect you then.”

Long Zheng Yang turned his back and left quietly. Grandpa Long quietly stood up and walked out of the house as well.

Standing in the courtyard, Long Zheng Yang was looking up into sky, not knowing what he was looking at. Grandpa Long walked beside him and asked. ”What are you thinking?”

“I guess... Compared with killing and lighting fire, betraying such a girl will be the greatest sin, even if she is only 10 years old.”

Long Zheng Yang sighed with emotion.

“Hehe, don’t worry about it. Everything happens because of a reason. If that young man isn’t nice to Ye Ning Xue, Ye Ning Xue won’t do that for him either. Yang Er, keep in mind that if you want someone to treat you with all her sincere heart, first of all, you should treat her that way.”

Long Zheng Yang nodded his head.

“But, grandpa, is she really 10 years old?”

“......You asked a good question. Is she really 10?” Grandpa Long shook his head, he himself even didn’t know what he was confused at.

In the dark world, he was listening to everything outside quietly. At the same time, a familiar distant voice seemed to occur in his deep consciousness......

“......If we want to develop our power, we must have not only enough spirit but also enough heart. Spirit, means the Spirit of Heaven and Earth which our body can spontaneously absorb from the Heaven and Earth and increases every minute and every second, it can even be poured into immediately. While Heart means the Mind, you have to experience Life, Death, Hope and Faith. When you get enough spirit and heart, your power will definitely develops.”

Life, death, hope and faith......

Wasn’t this exactly what he was experiencing during the past one day and two nights? He had been lingering at the edge of death, one hope after another, obsession of keeping his last breath for Ye Ning Xue...... Did this mean that he had enough experience of mind, now what was lack of...... was just so-called spirit?

A kind of soft warmth with coolness flowed from his mouth into his body. With new breath flowing in, those breath that was protecting his inner organs became stronger, while those dozens of crashing breath weakened.

With the cool breath flowing bit by bit into his body, the protecting breath became thicker while the chaotic breath became mild, till it hid silently somewhere in his body. Just then, he felt a string was broken in his heart. Around him, countless heaven and earth essence was surging into his body and fixing every abnormality in his body.

Was this—-spirit?

Spirit given by Ye Ning Xue?

Now, his ability reached the second level of [Wu Chen Spell]? If he wanted to reach third level, it meant more essence from heaven and earth should be absorbed?

Tears had been blurring Ye Ning Xue’s eyes, due to this, she didn’t even notice that Ye Wu Chen’s face began to recover the glow of health, even his breath recovered to normal and became more smooth.

The disordered inner organs which were crashed by the chaotic breath recovered immediately, which made him get rid of the pain. What was more, those mysterious breath had increased many times. When he opened his eyes, he stretched his arms then tightly hugged Ye Ning Xue while they were still doing mouth to mouth.

Ye Ning Xue’s eyes widened then she threw herself in Ye Wu Chen’s arms heavily and burst into tears as if she was going to release all fright, grievance, pain and despair she had experienced.

Her crying made Grandpa Long and Long Zheng Yang face change color suddenly, since they thought Ye Wu Chen lost his last breath. When they walked into room in a hurry and pulled open curtain, only to find a smiling young man who was lying in the bed now stand in front of them. There wasn’t any sign of weakness on his face or body after a heavy disease. He was holding Ye Ning Xue who was crying on his shoulders.

Ye Wu Chen smiled to them. ”Grandpa Long, Brother Long. I won’t speak more appreciative words for your great kindness, but I— Ye Wu Chen must return a favor to you someday.”

Right now, they wouldn’t really take Ye Wu Chen’s promise seriously. But several years later, they would know that it was great wealth even glory to get a promise from Ye Wu Chen.

“Young man, you...?” Grandpa Long asked with a bit of surprise.

“I have recovered completely, thank you for saving my life.” Ye Wu Chen answered smilingly.

“Completely...... recovered?” Grandpa Long almost couldn’t believe his ears, but when he realized that Ye Wu Chen was not an ordinary person after all, he soon continued with smiles. ”You don’t need to thank us. If you have to thank someone, then it should be your sister. She neglects everything in order to save your life.”

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