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Heavenly Star

Chapter 12: Grandpa Long

Chapter 12: Grandpa Long

The old man walked back to them quickly then put down the basket on his back. First he tested Ye Wu Chen’s breath, then used his withered old hands to clench Ye Wu Chen’s wrist. After a long while, he revealed a surprise on his face then sighed and shook his head. Finally, he put his attention on the young girl who would be unforgettable to people at first sight. His fingers touched her small wrist then suddenly his face turned astonished. ”She has such strong stamina even though she is very young. She almost exhausts her vitality and potential...... If this happens, even god can’t think of a way to save her. But now, she has already used up most of her vitality, hence, it is unknown when she will completely recover, sigh!”

“I will make an exception this time, for you—a surprising young girl.”

The old man use one hand to grab Ye Wu Chen, and the other hand to grab Ye Ning Xue. His old shriveling body grabbed them easily then his body rose up from the floor and flew out of the forest.

Brother... Brother......

She constantly called his name in a coma, because it was a big fear for her if she lost him.

It was he who took her hands and became her brother when she was in the most helpless moment and didn’t know how to live. When she was rejected and hated by others, he touched her face and told her that he would protect her and wouldn’t make her starve nor be bullied. He even didn’t mind offending all people and taught those who bullied her a lesson......

From then on, her world was not grey darkness any more but a person came into her world. Because of his existence, she became loving to this world.

If she lost brother...

She slowly opened her eyes and whispered. ”Brother, brother......where is my brother?”

Feeling exhausted and weak, she even had difficulty In moving her eyes. A mild old voice came to her ears, ”You woke up, kid? Get more sleep, you are too tired.”

“Brother, I need my brother...”

“Your brother is right beside you, you can rest assure and sleep. If you don’t recover, who will take care of your brother for you?”

Ning Xue eventually closed her sleepy eyes tightly then fell asleep again. She was really too tired.

The old man looked at her for a while with tender affection then whispered. ”If I had a granddaughter like her, I would feel very happy. Even though she has a terrible scars on her face and weird white hair, she is so kind-hearted that I...... Sigh, forget it, now that I had made an exception, I won’t mind helping her one more time. It is useless for me, as I am old enough.”

He stretched out his two fingers, then touched the middle of Ye Ning Xue’s eyebrows, then a flow of warm air was constantly pouring into her body from the old man’s two fingers. When sleeping Ye Ning Xue’s pale face turned red bit by bit, the old man began to smile then took back his fingers and looked at his two hands with strange expressions. ”After all, she is just a young girl, and don’t consume much of my vitality...In this case, she will recover when she wakes up, sigh...... It is really a bother for her.”


His eyes fell on Ye Ning Xue’s face again with full confusion and whispered. ”It is so strange because this is my first time to see scars like this in my lifetime...... What can cause such scars?”

When dusk came, Ye Ning Xue opened her eyes once again. Although she still feel her body painful and limp, she almost recovered from exhaustion. She subconsciously called “Brother” then stood up in a hurry and finally saw Ye Wu Chen lying beside her. But his face was still pale like paper and only had a weak breath. She could not say even one word, but just star at him with all her eyes. Tears gathered quickly in her eyes, she slightly sniffed nose to prevent her tears, but eventually the tears fell down.

The old curtain was opened, the old man took a small bowl and came in then smiled. ”kid, you woke up. First drink the medicine in the bowl.” Ye Ning Xue seems to see hope, she hurriedly got down from the wooden bed then kneel to the old man. ”Grandpa, please save my brother’s life, please, I beg you... I will do anything you ask me to do.”

After saying this, she was going to kowtow when the old man instantly pulled her up. He slightly sighed and smiled to her with much pity. ”Kid, drink the medicine first, then we can discuss okay? By the way, you can call me grandpa Long.”

“Okay, thank you grandpa Long.” Ye Ning Xue nodded with huge gratitude and took the bowl of medicine porridge then drank it fast without using a spoon because she was too hungry. However, she then put down the bowl after drinking half of it. ”Grandpa Long, I want to leave the rest to my brother.”

The old man’s face twitched then he took a long breath and said. ” Kid, sit down first, sit beside your brother.”

Ye Ning Xue followed his words but felt anxiety in her heart.

Just then, a young man’s lively voice came. ”Grandpa, I am back!”

The curtain was opened and a handsome face came into sight. He was around 20 years old, with a heroic face but obvious arrogance and subtle melancholy. Even though it was just an isolated small town, either from imposing manner or temperament, ordinary people could never be compared with him. Seeing Ye Ning Xue, he was surprised at the beginning then asked with concern. ”You woke up, little sister. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Grandpa Long had told him everything about Ye Ning Xue, which not only touched the young man but also made him surprised. It was so rare to see such a girl who took feelings so important at such a young age.

Ye Ning Xue raised up her anxious small face and asked. ”Big brother, you are......?”

”He is my grandson, Long Zheng Yang. You can call him brother Long.” The old man said mildly.

Long Zheng Yang’s face flashed an obvious surprise, because his grandpa told his real name to a stranger easily.

“Long brother, glad to see you. I am Ning Xue, Ye Ning Xue. My brother gave me this name.” Her eyes stopped at Ye Wu Chen’s face because she expected he would wake up immediately.

“Your brother gave you this name... your blood brother or......?” Long Zheng Yang asked with confusion.

Ye Ning Xue shook her head, ”Only my brother is kind to me while others hated me. He plays with me, protect me and gave me a name.”

Long Zheng Yang smiled. ”Little sister, most men judge people by appearance, you can just ignore them. It appears that your brother is not an ordinary person. No wonder you don’t even cherish your life just to save him. By the way, how come you got that scars on your face?”

Ye Ning Xue hesitated for a moment, because she had never thought of this question, so she had to only shook her head.” I don’t know either. I can’t remember anything just like my brother...... Please save my brother...... please...”

Grandpa Long sighed in a low voice with a glittering eyes. ”Yang Er, go check his body.”

“Me? Long Zheng Yang was surprised. ”But grandpa, I just know some basic medical skills......”

“Just try and you will know.”

Long Zheng Yang seemed to understand something and became silent, he pressed his right palm on Ye Wu Chen’s chest after a short hesitation. But instantly he took back his palm as if he was burnt by fire, with full of fear on his face.

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