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Heavenly Star

Chapter 11

Chapter 11:

As time went by in terrible silence, the shadow in Wu Chen’s heart grew larger and larger. When a cold wind blows, it slowly blows away the black clouds in the sky. Little by little, the stars begun to appear in the sky, faint starlight drive away some darkness. After a while, the moonlight shone from the sky brighten the silent forest.

Ye Wu Chen look up into the sky. The full moon in the sky shines a dazzling light. He silently thought: It turned out that there is a moon in this world which was even bigger and brighter than that world...... Was it full moon? In his previous world, full moon represented family reunion, was it the same meaning here? Who were my family members, where were they?

He stopped his steps, and stared at the full moon as if his eyes were attracted. His heart started beating faster and faster...

Finally, he touched the place where his heart is, kneeling on the ground, then his whole body started to severely tremble. On his forehead, a thin but dense cold sweat quickly integrated together then those beads of sweat quickly dropped down from his forehead.

“Uh... ah...” Even thought he gritted his teeth with great efforts, painful groans still came out from his mouth.

“Master! What is wrong with you master? What happened?” Nan Er who was stuck in the Nan Huang sword was anxiously calling him but didn’t get any reply. Great pain had completely deprived his consciousness, vision, hearing, spirit were all messed up.

At the moment that he was looking at the full moon, a dozen of air in his body started to disorderly flow, then started to strike fiercely as if those air was smashing his internal organs. There was some much weaker air trying to stop this but was easily scattered. He felt himself devastated just like a dozen of knives were cutting his inner organs.

Why.... Why even such a killing pain was so familiar...... He used to... often endured such torture?

In unbearable killing pain, his consciousness eventually wanders and gradually runs away from him. He heavily fell down onto the ground while touching the position of his heart.

It ended already...... even if it didn’t even start?

He whispered, then his world finally turned all grey, not a light at all.

“Master! What’s wrong with you master... sob... master please wake up, please don’t scare Nan Er.”

“Sob... Master, please wake up now, please don’t make such a joke with Nan Er.”

“Poor Nan Er... I just found my master but he died now...... someone help Nan Er?”

No one could hear her calling in the quiet forest. Moonlight freely brightly shone on Wu Chen’s body that couldn’t see any signs of life. As time passed, the full moon begun to move to the west.

Eventually, the curtain of the night disappeared while the first sight of dawn appeared in the early morning. All living things became lively again—except Ye Wu Chen who had been resting the whole night as if he really died.

Ye Ning Xue was running all the way, she dared not rest or even stop. She was afraid that she couldn’t catch up with her brother if she stopped. On her way, she didn’t know how many times she tumbled, how many cuts she got on her hands, feet and face because of the sharp branch. But each time, she tried to stood up quickly and refrained from the pain and tears. She was wiping her tears while calling her brother’s name then kept running along her brother’s breath.

After running whole day and night, she had been scratched on her feet again and again, and felt so painful that at last she couldn’t feel any pain. She didn’t eat anything or even drink a drop of water during the day and night. Eventually, the world in her eyes began to blur, grey, she couldn’t see clearly. Her biggest hope right now was her brother’s shadow coming into her sight.

At last, her consciousness turned blur, only her feet were still moving forward like a machine. She had no idea how long and how far she had been running, but the only thing which supported her was the obsession of catching up with her brother and not leaving him forever.


She was tripped over by something and fell down on the ground once again, but the pain made her blurry conscious a bit cleared. She tried to use her small hands to forcibly hold up her body but instantly fell down again. With falling down, she saw what tripped her then her mind instantly turned blank

Because that was her brother who she had been catching, even though he lied on the ground and his face couldn’t be seen, how could it be possible that she wasn’t familiar with his clothes and hair?

She forgot the pain and exhaustion on her body due to the fear and she grit her teeth to stand up then threw herself onto him, shaking his body and calling with crying voice. ”Brother, what happened to you, brother? Wake up please, this is Ning Xue!”

“Brother, please don’t make me worry... brother, wake up please!””


She finally could no longer suppress and made a helplessly and heartbrokenly cry.

Tian Lie town.

It was a remote and sparsely-populated region but a good place to live in seclusion or take refuge since wars wouldn’t spread here, but it still unavoidably suffered from a shortage of goods. The native-born people were seldom willing to get out of here, because there was a powerful sky beast— Tian Lie bird living less than 10 miles away from the town. Because of the Tian Lie bird, the not too high mountain was called Tian Lie mountain, and the town was called Tian Lie town.

Heaven Rank demonic beast, who could compete with it? except a few geniuses who reached Heaven Realm and God Realm. For ordinary human, the sky beast is like a guardian angel, they settled here confidently because they considered that the sky beast Tian Lie bird would guard them. Gradually, more and more people were in the town including all kinds of people.

In the morning, an old man in his 60s took a basket on his back and came to the forest located in the north of the town. He had a kind face and looked a bit like a sage but judging from his eyebrows seemed to be worrying about something.

“It has been 20 years, is Tian Long city still the same as it was?” He talked to himself and constantly swept bushes, searching for medicinal materials he needed.

At this moment, some sounds of bushes came from the distance, the old man frowned his eyebrows and was about to put his hand into the basket but instantly froze there.

A girl who had cuts on all her face and hands and even had contaminated half of her snow-white shoes with blood, was dragging an unconscious man and moving hard bit by bit.

She didn’t know how long she had been dragging but with great efforts she just gathered her strength from her weak body, because she couldn’t let him die and she had to save his life.

Seeing the old man, Ye Ye Ning Xue’s glassy eyes finally flashed, and she knelt on the ground with her last bit of strength then said in a husky voice. ”Grandpa... grandpa... please... save...... him...”

Taking a look at her brother’s pale face, she finally collapsed on the floor.

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