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Heavenly Star

Chapter 10: Full Moon Nigh

Chapter 10: Full Moon Night

“Brother...... left...” All of a sudden Ye Ning Xue’s face turned stiff, nagging absent-mindedly. Her wandering eyes instantly turned grey as if the world in front of her eyes suddenly collapsed.

Chu Jing Tian subconsciously stepped back and immediately said. ”Little... little girl, your brother is worried that you will be in danger if he takes you with him. But he said that he will be back to pick you up soon.”

“No...” Ye Ning Xue whispered, then suddenly she ran to Chu Jing Tian like a madman, which was different from the weak and tame Ye Ning Xue, bursting into tears, she constantly hit Chu Jing Tian with her fist. ”You lied to me! lied to me! Brother won’t leave me, you lie... I don’t want to separate from brother, No!”

Her fierce reaction was far more than they expected. Chu Jing Tian instantly lift up his hands. ”Calm down little girl, your brother will really be back soon.”

“You lied to me... you all lied to me! I don’t want to leave my brother......” She loudly cried. She was left alone in the world if her brother left her, she couldn’t imagine a world without her brother. All at once, she wiped her tears when she thought of something, then held Chu Jing Tian’s clothes and shouted. ”Tell me, where did bro go? I have to go find him!”

Chu Jing Tian hurriedly shook his head and almost burst into tears. ”My little ancestor, spare me. Your brother will really pick you up. You can’t catch up to him since he has left for a while.”

“Tell me... Please tell me which direction my brother walked into... please......” She looked up with tearful eyes and a tear-stained cheeks, then stared at Chu Jing Tian stubbornly, which made Chu Jing Tian afraid of looking at her eyes.

“Brother Da Niu... Please tell me, I don’t want to leave my brother....”

“Tell me... I don’t want to leave my brother, I can’t leave my brother...”

The old man silently watched them at the beginning, his face turned from emotionless to emotional, then horrified.

Chu Jing Tian suddenly felt as if he is losing his breath so finally surrendered, then points to the south. ”He is on the way to Tian Long country in south, but...”

Ye Ning Xue took her hands back and recklessly ran to the direction he pointed. Chu Jing Tian was surprised, he was about to catch her when he found his body stuck there as if it was fixed. He gritted his teeth to struggle a bit then shouted. ”Little girl, come back! Come back now!”

That small white shadow was getting farther and farther then soon, under the cover of the trees,disappeared from his sight.

Chu Jing Tian turned his back, struggling and shouting. ”She will be in danger if I don’t chase her. Why did you stop me from chasing her back?”

The old man sighed and said. ”If you could read her eyes, you wouldn’t chase her back. It’s a desperate obsession which can’t be stopped by anything. If you forcibly stop her, she won’t stop struggling even with her last breath.”

“Then let me go with her or you take her. After all, she is just a 10 year old little girl, she can’t catch up with him because Ye Wu Chen brother has left for a while. What’s more, she may encounter all sort of danger. A random beast that is over Rank 2 can...... Grandpa!”


Unexpectedly, the old man still refused with cold expression.

“Grandpa, you have the heart to watch a little girl get in danger? Morever, she is Ye Wu Chen’s sister!! Chu Jing Tian shouted to the old man anxiously. This was the first time that he shouted to his grandpa, because this time he was really harsh.

“I told you no!” The old man shouted in a more loudly voice and overpowered Chu Jing Tian. Chu Jing Tian clenched his fists, violently stamped his feet, then finally kept quiet.

“Don’t worry, she will be fine.” After a while, the old man said this slowly and meanwhile was beset with doubt in his heart.

At that moment, her unintentionally released momentum chilled him...... Is this really just an ordinary girl?

Passing over the forest, there was a wild grass, then another forest beyond the grass. Ye Wu Chen was walking to the south from early morning to evening and silently calculating the distance, then he talked with Nan Er at times.

“What is your name, master?”

“Ye Wu Chen.”

“Wow, nice name.”


“Where is your hometown, master?”

“......Hua Xia.”

“Wow, even your hometown has a nice name.”


Ye Wu Chen was using mind, then the golden sword was already in his hands. He waved his arms gently to form a golden arc. He could feel unbelievable power contain in the sword, just relatively speaking, his own power was so weak that he couldn’t unleash the swords real power.

What on earth kind of sword this is...

“Nan Er, do you remember the name of the sword?’ Ye Wu Chen asked.

“Let me think... uh, it’s Nan Huang sword, and it’s called...... Zhan Xing.” Nan Er said in a halting way as if with efforts recalled it from her blurry memories bit by bit.

“Nan Huang—-Zhan Xing?!” Ye Wu Chen lift the sword, then stared at the word “南” sculpted on the sharp Nan Huang sword?

At the beginning of the world... Nan Huang and Bei Di......

Suddenly those fragments of ancient memories resurfaced in Ye Wu Chen’s mind once again. He can’t help but think: this is Nan Huang sword, so is there a Bei Di sword as well? Nan Huang and Bei Di, were the first two people that existed in the world, and can even be said as the creator of the world.

“......They had been fighting with each other for many years with no results, but broke the chaotic world and then formed the Heaven, Earth, Humans, Gods and Devils...”

If it is real, then the world of Gods and Devils do really exist. The fairy tale Grandpa Chu told that day will also be real.

All was blank to Ye Wu Chen since he just came to Tian Chen Continent. Now that he had to start a new life, then he had to speed up his own pace. He somehow came to the continent and lost his past memories then obtain the mysterious Nan Huang sword...... What was waiting for him?

Another forest came into sight.

The sky became darker and darker as sunset came, and dark clouds all over the sky came early. Several hours later, when the curtain of the night fell, the dense forest looked terribly dark while Ye Wu Chen’s heart cast a shadow.

What is this feeling of oppression? He touch his heart which was fiercely beating, fast and slow.

He couldn’t help sped up because he didn’t want to live in such a dense forest which had too many unknown dangers. According to the old man, walking through this small forest. there should a small town. But he doesn’t know how far he still needed to go until he finally reach the capital city of Tian Long country.

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