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Heavenly Castle

Chapter 8 - What happens when she wakes up. Uh oh.

Chapter 8 – What happens when she wakes up. Uh oh.

Translator: “Drey”

【Awakened girl POV】 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om


Noticing the feeling of warmth and tender bed as if wrapping my body, I opened my eyes weakly.

I only see vaguely, but I can see a white light.

I wonder what happened? My head which was drowsy has not yet settled well.

As I am starting to be able to see gradually, I found something similar to a white board in front of my eyes.

「what, is this……?」

Barely supporting my body with my both hands which lacking in strength, I raise up my body.

I can see a pure white wall and floor. I think it isn’t a plaster, but it’s a wall and floor I have never seen before.

Looking down, I found out that I was lying down on a considerably small bed. This one is also made with strange things. It is neither stone, wood nor iron.

I wonder if the surface is close to the feeling of a smooth shell or something similar?

Everywhere I look is nothing but strange things.

Then, I groaned and put my hand on my slightly painful head.

That’s right. I’m, being cornered by them and when I decided to die on the edge of the cliff……?

…… No, I am still alive. Being shaken to the words of that knight, my very small courage which seems like nothing has broken down.

I was scared, very scared, I don’t want to die.

And, something happened then and I’m……?

「That, that’s right…… that golem……!?」

The moment when I blurted that, with ‘nuuh’, that golem showed its appearance.


I try to hide below the bed, but I can’t go down because I’m being stuck on something.

「Don’t, don’t kill me ……」

Even if it’s pathetic, such words came out in a trembling voice from my mouth.

I hate myself for being such a weak person, so I showed my stubbornness at the end trying to act tough.

While being amazed at my own weakness, the golem kept watching me without moving a finger.

「………… are, are you gonna do, nothing?」

I spoke to the golem for some reason. Even though there’s no way that it will reply.

However, the golem, who was bending forward, raises its body and began to walk with its back facing my direction.

It’s as if, It can understand my words.

It’s a white room and there’s only one spot that seems to be a door within this room. The golem just keep standing at the side of that door.

「…… Do you want me come?」

I asked, but the golem answered nothing. It’s a golem that don’t talk so it’s only natural. But, even so that golem is strange.

A magical doll or magical weapon. Golem is the general term referred to them. You need a vast magical power to operate a golem and in general it can only listen to simple orders.

However, the golem which made in stone or iron is strong. A golem that is ordered to strike anything moving in the battlefield is a considerable threat.

However, for ordinary magicians, they need two magicians to manipulate a single golem. Because of that, it can intimidate the opponents if two magicians were to appear in any battle.

In other words, it is known that any magician who is able to manipulate a golem possesses a formidable power to that extent. Because it means that they possess magical powers of no less than three ordinary magician’s worth if they are bringing a single golem.

As far as I can observe this golem, it looks pretty advanced. To make a golem perform a complex orders…… there’s no doubt that one should be an existence referred as a Matchless Great Magician or a Great Mage.

While I’m nervous looking at the golem who keeps standing and didn’t even make a twitch, I start to walk towards the door.

There’s also no point in staying here as it is. First, I have to find out what this place is.

I thought that and opened the door.


What burst into my sight the moment I opened the door is a large army of golem that I can’t even begin to fathom.

Everything is identical with this strangely advanced golem.

「Wha, wha, what is this……!? Such, such thing is…….」

I sunk down to the floor and became unable to stand up on the spot.

I don’t know how long it will take in order to make this single golem. However, there’s no doubt that there is some sort of high beings who can make this unusual high number of golems.

「Even making ten golems together with all the royal court magician of the kingdom…… no, it may not be possible to make so much even in the Blau Empire……」

Just who exactly are the magicians living here? Seeing these many golems, I will not be surprised even if someone say that there are thousands talented people of Imperial Court Magicians reside in this place.

I pressed my hands against my knees that seemed to have lost their strength and stood up.

Let’s meet the owners of this place.

I look up at the golem standing next to me, even though I’m already scared enough as it is.

【Kitchen: MC POV】

As I thought, is it safe to say that everyone likes Italian cuisine? Because there are foreigners saying that the smell of miso and soy sauce can be too overpowering.

Based on such thinking, I boiled some pasta in the kitchen.

I already fried the garlic and chili pepper in olive oil, so the rest is only to wait for the pasta noodles to be completely boiled.

By the way, there’s a futuristic noodle making machine with different types of noodles, it’s an excellent invention that will produce noodles automatically by only putting all required ingredients in the box.

Unfortunately, I have to provide the ingredients myself, though I was saved because it was fully described in the book called “The Whole Power Of Plantation” that I found in the medical room.

Eventually, the dish is complete when I sprinkled the coarsely ground black pepper and salt.

At that moment, a high-pitched electronic sound rung.

I didn’t know what kind of sound it was for a moment, but the sound is different from the alarm during the dragon raid, so I guess it seems to be about that girl.

「I wonder if she has waken up. For now, let’s dry the noodles quickly…..」

Quickly taking the noodles from the pot full of olive oil, I sprinkled the salt and black pepper and mixed them together.

This, it’s a renowned dude food.

「Yosh! Let’s meet her now!」

While feeling nervous is unbecoming for my age, I walk towards the elevator in a quick pace.

「That girl, she is 16 years old, right? I shouldn’t get some strange ideas. I’m already in my thirties afterall.」

I have to act like a gentleman because I already reached the milestone of 30 years old. Aim, gentleman. Aim, A1.

While suppressing my enthusiasm, I come out to the corridor which leads straight to the elevator.

While I’m walking with *thud thud thud*, the elevator door opened just before I reached it.

Who was on board was A1 and that girl.

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