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Heavenly Castle

Chapter 20 - Cat beastmen into the castle

Chapter 20 – Cat beastmen into the castle

Translator: Drey Editor: Sherminator

「Wa, wait, she’s too young for that. She’s not even 15 years old, right?」

When I said that while smiling wryly, Ayla followed up a bit harshly with 「Th, that’s right. She’s still a kid」

Although I didn’t mean it in that sense, I heard that adolescent girls are difficult to deal with. As a matter of course, Mae, who was treated like a child, puffed out her cheeks.

Torraine laughed as if it was hopeless and nodded.

「She may look like that, but she’s fifteen years old, you know. She’s at the age where she can get married. Of course, I would like you to look carefully at Mea first. Please think about it carefully. She may be a little tomboyish and mischievous, but the truth is she’s a very good girl. Everyone tends to be misunderstood in the first meeting, but that’s natural, isn’t it?」

Mea turned her face away and pouted after hearing the words of Torraine. But I think it’s strange that she’s feeling shy while pouting.

「I got it, what a good girl she is. Well, for now …」

I was about to invite them for a meal when I remembered what happened to Mea.

「Ah, just in case, let’s take a closer look at Mea-chan’s wounds.」


A question mark rose from everyone’s head and Torraine spoke on their behalf.

「Are you also a doctor?」

「Taiki-sama. Will you cure it by Healing magic?」

Ayla has also added a question to the question of Torraine. Ah, that’s right, I’m supposed to be a magician.

「Even if the injury was healed, it will be serious if bacteria enters the wound, you know. So, it’s better to make a detailed examination.」

Looking at everyone who tilted their head, I turned around to the main gate of the castle.

「Wha, what a……」

「Wow, did it open on its own!?”

「The floor is, mo, moving …」

We moved inside the castle and entered in the elevator, but everyone dropped their cat ears and tail, and their face turned pale. It seems like, it will be harsh for these people to live inside the castle.

While smiling wryly, we arrived at the third floor, I took Ayla and A1 and we got off from elevator a step ahead.

Then, a shout similar to a shriek rises from behind.

「Th, this is……」

「Golems, and so many of them!?」

It’s the voice of Schnee and Rant. When I look behind me, Mea’s hair bristled up and froze up, and Torraines eyes were round like saucers.

「It’s this way」

When I said that and move ahead, Torraine and the others followed behind with a slight delay.

We entered in the medical room and I looked at the machine similar to a tanning machine and I suddenly remember.

That’s right. Isn’t that machine the sexual harassment machine where various personal information is displayed?

What should I do. How will I start-up that kind of machine in front of everyone…… No, this is a medical activity. Even a real doctor will conduct a medical examination, but they should not hold even a fragment of ecchi thought.

「Well then, can you lie down here?」

When I said that, Mea looked back at Torraine several times, but her back was pushed and she came forward.

She lied down on the bed timidly and, I gently touched the screen panel. The screen panel turned black and the lid closed automatically.

When I look inside from the transparent window, Mea who was being lighted up had a stiff expression that gave one the feeling of not knowing what was going to happen next.

「Yosh. Well then, I’m going to conduct a medical examination from this point on, so please stay away from here.」

When I said that, everyone stood up near the wall. After checking them, I touched the screen panel and started the medical examination.

After a while, information about Mea started to appear, so I averted my line of sight.

However, I felt that there was a 14 years old in the information that caught my eyes for a moment, but I guess it’s just my imagination.

While I’m waiting for a while, Schnee, who looked restless with her brows in the character of ハ, looked this way.

「U, um, how is she now……?」

Even though she had a strong-willed atmosphere, Schnee said that as her voice was getting smaller and smaller. When I was about to answer, we heard a sound from the sexual harassment machine just in time.

It’s not just Schnee and the others who were surprised due to the ‘pipipipi’ electronic sound, but also Ayla.

「Oh, it looks like the results have came out, you can come here now.」

When I said that, everyone lined up in front of the screen panel, they look at Mae who was being lighted up and the numbers that were displayed.

「This is……?」

「It’s showing the health condition of Mea.」

Explaining it simply, she has two bruises, five scratches, and lack of nutrition such as vitamins.Then, it says the bruises and scratches have been treated. Such information was being displayed.

And, the lid opened automatically. Maybe she was scared, Mea ran to Torraine as if jumping out and hugged her mom. While smiling wryly at that situation, I shift my eyes to the screen panel.

「It looks like she got a little injury. I think it was already cured, but she has a vitamin deficiency. Does she eat a lot of vegetables or fruits?」

When I asked her, Torraine smiled bitterly and nodded.

「That’s true, we don’t eat a lot of vegetables. We can eat fruits if we can harvest, but recently we only harvestested a little……」

「Is this the case for everyone?」

「We’re ashamed」

While I and Torraine are having that conversation, Mea touched her own body as if to confirm something.

「Well, do you want to have a meal? Ayla, can you lend me a hand?」

「Ye, yes! I will do my best!」

When I thought that this was the right time for teaching her, Ayla made a very upbeat reply.

We went down to the second floor and we all moved to the dining room.

「Let us also help you. Rant can’t cook, so may I ask him to clean.」

「That would be a big help」

I’m honestly glad to hear the words of Torainee, but Ayla seems to be tense on the contrary. She started the preparation of the ingredients with a stiff expression.

「It will be easy to eat if you cut it this way」

「Ye, yes!」

I also start cooking while smiling wryly to the serious Ayla.

The food preparation has progressed even though they were surprised by the cookwares and the kitchen equipment, and Mea was backing-up the awkward Ayla for some reason.

Unexpectedly, cooking together may be a good communication tool.

While I’m thinking such things, stir-fried vegetables, german potatoes with bacon, and mayonnaise pasta salad are served on the large plates. I prepared rice and toast for a staple food. I wonder if they eat rice?

When all of us returned to the cafeteria while carrying large plates, Rant stood up and waited.

「Go on, everyone should eat vegetables」

When I said that and arranged the dishes, the Cat beastmen performed a strange prayer. The four people placed one hand in front of their chest and stared at the food.



I and Ayla put our both hands together and simply said that, and I turned to the foods.

The stir-fried vegetables were cooked with a little soy sauce so I’m not satisfied with it personally, but the german potato and the pasta salad tasted good.

Everyone also eat with their eyes lit up.

「…… it was a really delicious meal. We are just ashamed to show you our unsightly appearance eating like hungry children.」

When we finished eating, Torraine said that while blushing. By the way, everyone reached out their hands to the rice, but they ate bread in the end. How sad.

We finished our meal and headed outside again. Somehow, Torraine and the others, no, I feel like Mea was walking closer than before.

She’s like a pet who was given food for the first time, so it’s a bit amusing.

We arrived outside of the castle and I turned around to Torraine and the others.

「There are many houses at the east side and west side, but where do you want to live? You seems to be scared of the elevator inside the castle.」

When I said that and laughed, Torraine and the others had talked and decided to live in the west.

They’re delighted to see the white houses lined up and became delighted again when they looked inside the house. Actually, there’s tap water, hot bath, a western-style flush toilet and a shower in the white houses. It couldn’t be better.

Even so, there is no electricity. The light comes from an oil lamp. There’s no problem because there’s a lot of olive oil, but it’s a little troublesome in my own opinion.

However, for Torraine and the others, it seems that the condition has improved much more than their previous home.

They seriously thanked me to a surprising degree.

Afterwards, I pointed out the location of the field and the heated swimming pool, and we were dismissed.

When I lead Ayla and A1 and returned to the castle, Ayla let out a giggle inside the elevator.

「What’s wrong?」

「Ah, no, it’s nothing.」


When I look at her face, Ayla was looking up at me happily for some reason.

Oh, I wonder if she’s happy because we were able to save Baltic and the others. What a kind girl.

Somehow, I feel warm while thinking that kind that thought.



「What did you think when they talked about the marriage between you and Mea-chan?」

「No no, she’s too young」

「Then, what if she, Mea-chan, was sixteen years old or something like that?」

Sixteen-year-old. It’s similar to a high school girl.

「No, she’s still young. Anyway, maybe I will think about it when she became 19 or 20?」

When I said that arbitrarily, Ayla nods several times with a complicated expression.

「We should be almost the same age, right?」

She said that while frowning and I tilted my head. Same age?

「Oh, I’m thirty, though」

When I said that, she stopped moving as if her time had froze.


The four people who cleaned the white house were sitting while looking at each other inside a room.

「However, I didn’t expect that we will be rescued by a Legendary Great Magician-sama…」

Rant muttered that somewhat absent-mindedly.

「If they have that many golems, there would be no country who can be their opponent」

When Schnee said that while nodding, Mea looked at the three people with shining eyes.

「I want to explore various places tomorrow. There’s nothing but amazing things here so it will be fun!」

Seeing Mea who can’t hold back her overflowing curiosity, Torraine shakes her head from side to side while smiling wryly.

「Let’s go first to the field. It’s very wide so we should see if there is something that we can harvest while splitting into groups」


「It’s because we are in a position of receiving shelter and if we don’t work hard…… though it’s not like we will be thrown away even if we don’t do anything, right?」

When Schnee laughs as if it was hopeless, Rant nodded deeply.

「That’s true. He seems to be very generous. We have to keep an eye out so that Taiki-sama won’t be deceived by someone.」

Rant said that and shift his eyes at Torraine who was thinking about something quietly.

「…… Is there something wrong?」

When she was called out by Rant, Torraine put her hand on her cheek and exhaled.

「The girl Ayla-chan who was together with Taiki-sama, I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere. I wonder if it’s just my imagination.」

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