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Hakai Me no Yuuri

Chapter 24: Let’s Form a Brigade

Chapter 24: Let’s Form a Brigade

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Dawn, the next morning.

In front of the already open gate, the merchant and company are forming up, arranging themselves into a column.

Alec guided us to the group that are waiting outside the column.

“Good morning. Ah, was everyone waiting for us? My deepest apologies for being late.”

“G’morning, Mr. Alec. Nah, it’s not the time we agreed on yet, so don’t worry about it.”

“Good morning, Mr. Elric. You have my gratitude for indulging me on my request for this trip.”

My Master and Alec exchange pleasantries.

I also stick my head out from behind my Master and give a nod. Marle gives a quick bow.

“This girl is Yuuri. The girl over here is Marle. They’re not very strong, so could you let them ride in the carriage?”

“I see, they would certainly have a tough time with a a long journey at their age. Very well, they’ll have to ride along with the luggage, but will that be alright?”

“That’s perfectly fine, and we appreciate it.”

“Hey hey, an old geezer, a one-armed guy and two brats? Can they even manage as our porters?”

— Haaah?

The one who interrupted my Master and Mr. Elric’s conversation was an armed man who I don’t think is even 20 years old and his group. 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

By their looks, they seem more or less experienced, but only to the degree that Alec, without his large sword, could handle them.

And a group like that calling my Master an old geezer…

“No problem, I’m confident in my strength. And even if I only have one arm, it’ll be just fine if I carry the luggage on my back.”

“I also may be getting old, but I still have confidence in my strength. With only this much luggage I’ve determined that there won’t be a problem. It’s not like we’re gonna fight, right?”

“… Tsk, just don’t get in our way.”

“… Yuuri, put that away.”

I was secretly preparing a [wind blade] inside my mantle behind my Master, but I’ve been found out. I reluctantly release the spell.

Then a well-built man around 30 with his group come this way. They’ve got a kind of pleasant atmosphere?

“Don’t worry over it so much. It’ll be fine as long as they take good care of our luggage.”

“It’s because you indiscriminately snap at everything around you that they say you guys are still young.”


I see, the ones who came by first to give us trouble are “Forest Bear”, and the guys who came after that are “Vulture’s Nest” then.

The Bear company will have to stay in line, those greenhorns!

“Suddenly getting a [wind blade] ready, you’ll have to stay in line just as much as them, you know, Yuuri?”

“Wh-what might you be talking about—?”

Even Alec had me figured out?

“But you know, Alec, it doesn’t look like he cared about you at all… could it be that you aren’t as well known as they say?”

“That’s cause I only became a knight just a while ago… and also, the spectacle of having one arm is the only topic they ever bring up, so my face isn’t as well known as the rumors of me are.”

“I’m surprised you managed to get us hired by Mr. Elric.”

“That is because he just happened to know about me apparently. He said he came to see me at a competition.”

By competition, he must mean the knight school’s fighting tournament to decide their ranking order.

Did the gift holding Alec steamroll the competition to victory in spite of having only one arm or something?

“You, the hell are you whispering about?! If you’re ready, then let’s get a move on already!”

“Haaa, he’s really such a… sorry, that’s our luggage over there. You’re our lifelines, so we’re really counting on you.”

The man from the Vultures was pointing to a bulging bag filled to the brim, which was placed on the ground.

Preserved foods and water are probably the only things stuffed in there.

“Are you alright holding that sword? If it’s too heavy, I could take care of it.”

“Nah, this is just one for self defense, so it’s not gonna add much weight. I’m just fine.”

“I see, you look like you train quite a bit. To the point where having you hold our luggage is a waste.”

“We have no intention of becoming adventurers. I’m Ha… aah, err… Albine, is my name. A pleasure to work with you.”

“I’m Arim. I’m the acting leader of team “Vulture’s Nest”. Over there is the head of “Forest Bear,” Jack.”

With a big smile, he sticks his right hand out. How very sociable.

And maybe my Master was trying to avoid causing any more trouble? Instead of giving the name Haster, he called himself by his surname of Albine.

It’s not an unusual name, so it doesn’t look like anyone found out.

“I’m Alec. A pleasure!”

Since Alec is an absolute idiot, he gave his real name out.

“I-I’m Marle. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“… Yuuri.”

Marle gave her name timidly, and I gave mine in an unfriendly manner.

My introduction was immature? I’m really shy, so I would prefer that you cut me some slack!

Translated by Soyokaze Translations


Moving along with the flow of people through the open gate, we left the city.

We’re a total of 17 travelers.

The merchant, Mr. Elric.

His wife, Mrs. Leche.

The servant, Pele.

From Forest Bear:

The leader and great sword user, Mr. Jack.

The shield holder supporting Mr. Jack, Mr. Kale.

The scout, Mr. Bhav.

The healer, Miss Bella.

The magician, Mr. Oreas.

From Vulture’s Nest:

The leader and ax user, Mr. Arim.

The full-body-armored war hammer user, Mr. Ivan.

The dual sword wielding scout, Mr. Prokel.

The healer, Mr. Mac.

The magician, Mr. Baram.

These 13, along with us 4; my Master, Alec, me, and Marle, all together the 17 of us started our journey.

There are two carriages, so with the vanguard carriage are the heavily experienced people of Vulture’s Nest, and the quick-witted Alec. The carriage’s driver is Mr. Elric.

And also, since Mr. Elric being by himself would probably be lonely, he has Marle riding along as a talking partner.

With the back carriage is the less experienced Forest Bear, and my Master. The drivers are the servant, Mr. Pele, and the wife, Mrs. Leche. And I’m also riding along.

I couldn’t be much of a talking partner though…

Outside the city, a wide country scene was spread out, and being my first time seeing such a majestic view, I raised my voice in wonder.

I can’t see wheat fields continuing all the way to the horizon in Japan, after all.

I got out of the carriage way too many times and fell down, but each time my Master supported me, and I avoided any difficulties.

Seeing me as a bare-faced country bumpkin, Mrs. Leche watched me with a warm smile, and Mr. Jack clicked his tongue in annoyance.

The highway is paved, so the carriages could fly along smoothly, but with the escorts being on foot, they wouldn’t be able to keep up.

As such, the carriages are moving forward slowly to match the pace of the escorts.

I guess the distance we travel in a day will be roughly 40 kilometers at best?

“Sorry about my little one who can’t calm down.”

“No no, it’s fun watching her, don’t worry about it.”

Next to the carriage, my Master is gossiping with Mrs. Leche.

“Hmph, well excuse me for not calming down. This is patrol duty, I’m on patrol!”

“Oh, so you’re saying that’s patrol duty, even though you’ve already fallen down three times?”

“Th-that’s because I didn’t have enough momentum! I won’t make the same mistake again, so there won’t be a problem.”

“Could you guys just shut up and walk?”

“Hmhmm, Mast… Albine’s job is carrying luggage, and he’s doing his job perfectly fine.”

“You little—”

“Stop picking fights with a child, Jack.”

A certain boorish man throws cold water on the fun conversation we’re having.

Guys like this talk clumsily normally, and only speak smoothly when they’re being messed with.

Miss Bella mediated for us, but I don’t think I can come to like this man.

Come to think of it, wasn’t Miss Bella a healer…?

—Healing magic.

If I had that, then I probably could have healed Alec’s arm.

Neither my Master nor I had knowledge of it, so we couldn’t do anything about it back then.

“… Umm, Miss Bella, you can use healing magic, right?”

“Yeah, I can only use a bit of it though.”

“If it’s alright with you, could you… teach me about it?”

“Sure, but… can you use magic?”

I peeked in my Master’s direction, but he just replied with a gentle shrug.

I’m sure knows that I wanted to learn healing magic.

“Yes, just a little bit though.”

“Why all of a sudden?”

“That’s, well…”

I glance towards the group with the front carriage.

Miss Bella probably guessed from where I was looking. That it had to do with Alec not having a left arm.

“I see, it’s about him. Is he your big brother?”

“Not really. But it ended up being something like that.”

“… It’s an art that relies on your disposition, so you may not be able to use it you know?”

“I don’t care, please teach me.”

“Then I’ll take some time out for you after dinner.”

I stumbled through that awkward topic, but I think my sincere feelings were conveyed? I felt satisfied with it.

“Then could you perhaps teach me as well?”

“Oh my, can you use magic too?”

“Somewhat. However, I haven’t quite been able to find a good teacher. I haven’t had a chance to learn healing magic.”

“So you could use magic… is it possible that you’ve actually been in this business longer than me?”

“I have no experience as an adventurer, but I’ve been a mercenary many times.”

“Then could I hear stories of when you were active? As payment.”

“If you’re fine with that, then gladly.”

My Master and Miss Bella walk side by side. Irk, why does this feel like a bad sign?

I stretch out my hand and pull my Master by his ear, bringing his face next to mine.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch?!”

“Master, that’s no good. If you start bragging about your past, then there won’t be any point to the assumed name you’re using, right?”

“I-I get it, I get it already, so let go of my ear!”

“My oh my, jealous, are we?”

Miss Bella giggles with a smile. Surprisingly, this is someone I have to watch out for!

For the sake of raising my skills I’ll lower my head, but I feel like it’ll be dangerous to let this woman near my Master.

Is this what they call a woman’s intuition? Though inside I’m still supposed to be a man.

That day we had just left the city by the highway, there was a lot of foot traffic, and we went even farther than expected without any trouble.

When the sun was setting, we began setting up camp immediately.

Pitching tents, gathering firewood, checking water supplies, make a campfire, there are plenty of things that need to be done.

Though he has plenty of strength, the one-handed Alec helps set up tents, my Master checks the area and confirms our water supplies.

Marle and I are helping Mr. Arim gather firewood.

“Marle, how was it over there?”

“Really fun! It was my first time seeing such vast fields of wheat!”

It looks like Marle is also feeling just as excited as me.

Mr. Arim, with a big ax hanging from his waist, is also smiling along with us. If anything, this guy seems more like a “Forest Bear”.

“I’m glad you had fun over there. Mr. Arim, how was Alec doing?”

“He’s really good. His body is strong, and he’s skilled enough that you wouldn’t think he only has a right arm. He’s to the point where I’d like him to join us right now.”

“A very high evaluation. Well, he’s taken already, so let him off the hook on being an adventurer please.”

“Huh? Aah, you’re talking about this young lady?”

It seems Marle’s feelings have somehow slipped out in half a day.

I deftly gathered firewood, collected it all in my robe… and then because I couldn’t pack it tightly enough I spilled it everywhere, but since Marle had my back, we finished our job.

And like this it became dusk on the first day of our journey.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations

“Miss Yuuri, you should… exercise?”

“… Yeah.”

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