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God's Song

Chapter 6

Volume 1 / Chapter 6

TL: LightNovelCafe

Yoon Kwang Hun graduated from a prestigious Korean university and got his MBA at the reputable Stanley University in California. After, he became a successful fund manager on Manhattan’s Wall Street.

At this time, a financial institution in Korea called Future Asset offered him a hefty salary, a sizable signing bonus, in addition to some generous incentives to scout him – and he accepted it without a second thought.

No matter how successful he was, it was difficult to compete with the white man as a person of color. What was it called again? The white male privilege? Another reason he took the offer was that his level of skill was slightly short to play in the major leagues like Wall Street.

After that, Yoon Kwang Hun’s life was that of every man’s fantasy. He drove a luxury foreign car, lived in a deluxe apartment in Gangnam, and went to the Gangnam room salons every night. The name-brand clothing he wore from head to toe cost almost as much as his car did.

He was the perfect man for gold diggers because he was young and professional, made a fortune, and was single. He had over 100 women’s numbers saved on his phone. From an internet shopping mall fitting model to a TV announcer, an unemployed woman, and a young married woman were also among his to play with. Occasionally, he would have a celebrity’s phone number that he would later delete.

No matter how beautiful a flower is, it cannot live past the summer. No matter how mighty an authority may be, it cannot live past 10 years. As such, since power isn’t held by withstanding it, do not try to use power at your whim and do not fret to obtain it. This proverb can be applied to men in stock exchange. The extravagant days that he thought would be endless disappeared with the subprime mortgage financial crisis in the United States.

While planning a comeback after experiencing a huge loss, Yoon Kwang Hun was diagnosed with depression at a hospital where the Director happened to be his boss’ best friend.

This news was delivered immediately to his workplace, Future Asset, and he received his dismissal papers the same day.

“You **holes. How can you fire me after all of the money that I’ve made for you?”

He made a scene and slammed the company door on his way out. I still have enough. There’s still enough money that I’ve saved and my skills haven’t rusted over yet. I can make an office by myself... No I can jump into the gamble that is the financial market from home. Isn’t it a gamble that not many people in Korea recognize?

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