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God's Song

Chapter 29

Volume 1 / Chapter 29

TL: LightNovelCafe

MV channel’s legal team had been tuning the terms with Yoon Kwang Hun and appeared with the final contract.

“Thank you for agreeing to a lot of concessions.”

“No need. I’m thankful as I wonder if I was being too picky.”

They exchanged courtesies with meaningless words.

“Then we’ll go over the highlighted details one more time.”

The legal team pointed out a few articles.

“First off, the domestic distribution rights to Jun Hyuk’s songs over the next three years will be reserved for MV channel, right?


“But did you specifically articulate domestic distribution rights because you plan for international activity as well?”

“You never know what will happen.”

Yoon Kwang Hun planned to send Jun Hyuk to a foreign country during the second half of next year at the latest. Jun Hyuk’s piano teacher Go Sae Won was looking into a school in Spain and Yoon Kwang Hun was comparing schools in America with the help of acquaintances he had from his study abroad days.

Jun Hyuk would not stop creating music even if he were abroad and a masterpiece could emerge. It was to prevent MV channel from controlling the distribution over that aspect as well.

MV channel sacrificed most of the other items.

They had come to the conclusion that among the digital sales revenues, Jun Hyuk’s shares would solely be his. This unconventional contract was possible because of Producer Kim Ki Sik’s demand.

He had insisted that in the five years since he had been in charge of the program, it was hard to find another person like Jun Hyuk. And it was true. So very true.

“This is a new item that we added in and we would like for you to be understanding.”

“What is it?”

“It’s nothing really, it concerns sponsorship.”


“Yes. While we’re filming the show, Jun Hyuk is to only wear clothing provided by sponsors. Of course this item is automatically invalid if he signs on somewhere as a formal advertising model.”

“I’m guessing there’s a company willing to provide sponsorship?”

“Yes, it’s called XOR. It’s a casual brand.”

The legal team scoped Yoon Kwang Hun out. They had to get this item at the least to save face.

“That’s fine. It’s not anything difficult.”

“Thank you.”

“Do they take the clothes back?”

“Excuse me? Oh, ha ha. No, they will be giving everything to Jun Hyuk.”

The legal team laughed, thinking it a relief that the contract was signed.

It was very rare for them to be so accommodating. But they knew they had to have him. And that was that.

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