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God's Song

Chapter 281

Volume 8 / Chapter 281

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Isleidir

“Jun. We’ll be broadcasting live through ABC, NBC, and CBS. And they’ll be streaming it on the 120 broadcasting stations that they’re contracted with.”

“Tara, tell the people in charge of producers responsible for broadcasting not to bring multiple cameras to edit the film from different views. Tell them to just bring one camera and get a full shot of the stage.”

“What? What is it? Ah!”

Tara quickly nodded. She realized what state the cameramen and producers would be in once the performance began.

The broadcasting stations will not be able to think of delivering different angles, and will need to settle for filming just the music.

“And about the VIP.....”


“I sent invitations to a little over 100 orchestra conductors and a little over 100 famous performers. The problem is.....”

Tara look uncomfortable.

“We’re okay up to a few heads of state like the President and Queen Mathilda, but the Queen of England sent an official letter that she has to attend.”

“What? The Queen of England?”

“Yeah. But her age.....”

“Oh, right. Well... this is a problem.”

“Yeah. She could listen to the Song of God and really meet God.”

“What? Meet God? Ha.”

Tara looked at Jun Hyuk as he laughed.

“I’m not joking. It’s a big deal if something happens to her.”

“I know that too. Just make something up. Yeah! Tell her the song is similar to Inferno. That it’s hard to listen to.”

“That’s the best way, right?”

It is music where even a young man cannot snap out of a confused state for several hours. But an old woman over 90?

They need to avoid the dangerous. This is for the relationship between America and England.

With the performance a few days ahead of them, Isaac Stern Center was surrounded by a boundary of police. All of the facilities inside the center had to go through thorough inspection and investigation, and everyone entering needed to pass a search.

Finally on the day of the performance, reporters and broadcast cameras had taken position outside Isaac Stern Center from early in the morning. It is just a performance that was open to the public as well, but a photozone and red carpet had been prepared as if it were a premiere for a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

Fans standing near the red carpet began to take pictures of anyone who walked the carpet, whether they knew the subject or not.

The lucky people with tickets enjoyed the feeling of having become stars as they entered the theater.

After the public entered, maestros, top performers, singers, and stars began to enter with their invitations in hand. They entered the center after making comments about their anticipation for the concert in front of reporters’ microphones.

After, the police and bodyguards appeared to the sound of loud sirens.

The true VIPs including the President of the United States appeared.


Jun Hyuk in a black tuxedo and Jina in a blue dress and sunglasses with a light color, walked onto stage holding hands.

Everyone in the audience stood and clapped. The applause was a tribute to Jun Hyuk’s return and their respect for him.

And it also contained their anticipation for today’s performance.

Jun Hyuk and Jina bowed toward the audience. Jun Hyuk stood Jina in front of the microphone, squeezed her hand, and sat in front of the piano.

The audience became so silent that they could hear the sound of a pin drop, and a tension reaching explosion enwrapped the theater.

For a very short moment, Jina turned and smiled at Jun Hyuk. Jun Hyuk smiled back and Jina – though she cannot see – must have felt his warm smile.

Jun Hyuk took a deep breath and lifted his hands. At that moment, the audience members held tightly to their arm rests subconsciously. What kind of music will come out the moment those fingers touch the piano? Will they really be able to hear God’s melody? It felt as though anticipation, excitement, and tension would explode in the theater.

At that moment, Jun Hyuk brought his fingers down.


When the 3 hour song ended, it felt like time had stopped in the theater. The audience could not move and the cameramen looking at the stage were frozen, unable to turn their cameras off.

This was the same for Commander Akhtar, sitting in the front row.

Jun Hyuk stood from the piano and took Jina’s hand.

“Jina. No one realizes that your song is over, but the camera is going. Let’s greet the viewers watching TV.”

Jina smiled widely and bowed toward the audience. The audience was still frozen in time.

Jina thought of her family sitting in the front row and waved her hand. Since she cannot see, she has no fear of the people looking at her from the audience.

None of her family members were able to react however. Even they who had already heard this song multiple times, were frozen in time.

Jun Hyuk took Jina’s hand and left the stage. Backstage, the staff members who had heard the music were frozen and did not even realize that Jun Hyuk and Jina had passed them. The staff members who had not been able to listen to the music could not understand the situation, and were just utterly confused.

“Just leave it. Don’t touch the lights and don’t open the theater doors. You can just maintain this state so the audience can enjoy the aftertaste fully.”

“Yes, Maestro.”

The staff members needed to guard the theater according to Jun Hyuk’s orders without knowing why.

“But Maestro, are you leaving? What about the curtain call?”

“We can’t wait over 5 hours. Just tell them that we waited for a while and left.”

The staff needed a lot of time before they could understand what Jun Hyuk had said.

After 5 hours passed, the audience members began to come to their senses one by one and then fell into chaos. Screaming, sighing, and crying filled the theater, and some of them even got down on their needs to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

They started shouting for Jun Hyuk and Jina, and then broke out in thunderous applause.

It was already past midnight, but no one left the theater. They kept cheering as though they would spend the night there if they did not get to see Jun Hyuk and Jina.

However, all of the applause went toward an empty stage.

This was the same for viewers who had watched the concert on TV. They were not able to hear the music as vividly as the people who were there had, but that was only a small difference.

That day, the countless people who had watched the performance experienced the magic of disappearing for several hours.

It was a day in which Jun Hyuk and Jina created a miracle.

The next day, people who watched the performance and those who didn’t looked up articles first. However, there was no writing on the concert in the morning newspapers or online.

None of the music critics and reporters could remember and no one had the ability to express miracles and magic.

Everyone just shook their heads and kept asking ‘how could they dare?’

The only comment could be found in The New York Post, the most innovative and bold press outlet.

They placed the title in large font in the middle of one page, and only left a short note under it in small print.

This short sentence was the only record of the day.

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