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God's Song

Chapter 28

Volume 1 / Chapter 28

TL: LightNovelCafe

“Jun Hyuk.”

“Yes, sir.”

“MV channel’s legal team just came and they left the contract.”

“The contract?”

“Yeah. The music rights or advertisements that will arise... Anyway, you have to sign a contract like this to be able to continue going out on the program.”

“Okay. You know those types of things well. You always brag that you were good in school... Didn’t you say that you graduated from the best university in Korea and went to a really famous college in America too?

Jun Hyuk gave him a look full of suspicion.

“I knew it.....”

“What do you mean you knew it?”

“I’m just saying I knew it. He he. Does it make sense that someone who was doing so well is now selling coffee in a cafe?”

“Hey! This kid. You want to see my diploma? There were a lot of waves in my life.”

“Oh sure. Then you can handle the contract or whatever it is.”

“But that’s a separate problem. It’s a legal issue.”


“Yeah. You and I are technically strangers. You need a guardian since you’re still a minor.....”

“Oh. Weren’t you my guardian?”

“We need to have that recognized by the country. That would be a legal guardian.”

“Then we can just do that.”

Jun Hyuk carefully looked at Yoon Kwang Hun.

“Jun Hyuk, there are two ways for me to become your legal guardian. One is to adopt you and become your father and the other is to just be your legal representative and custodian.”

“But sir...”

“Listen to everything I have to say.”

Yoon Kwang Hun stopped Jun Hyuk with his hand as if he knew what he was going to say.


“A legal custodian’s rights as a guardian disappear automatically once you become an adult. After that, you would decide everything on your own. I am satisfied with being your legal custodian.”


He had thought for sure that Yoon Kwang Hun had thought of him as someone like his child, but now he was saying legal custodian. Jun Hyuk’s face was full of disappointment.

“Truthfully, I think of you as my son but a father... it’s a parent’s duty to provide care from birth until adulthood. I didn’t do this. If I were to act selfish, I would adopt you as my son, but I don’t qualify.”

“Sir. You’re the one adult adult who gave me a meal without expecting something in return.”

Jun Hyuk’s eyes flushed with tears as he felt Yoon Kwang Hun’s sincerity.

“Hey, this is getting depressing. Let’s stop talking about it. Just know that I’ll become your legal custodian. I was going to do that this year anyway. You need to make an ID card since you’re 17 years old.”

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