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God's Song

Chapter 27

Volume 1 / Chapter 27

TL: LightNovelCafe

“Producer Kim, the legal team called and Jun Hyuk has refused to sign the contract.”


“The cafe owner looked at the contract and said that it was unfair to them... They completely took it apart and sent it back but.....”

“But what?”

“It says that they’ll share the profits of only the music that goes out on our program and nothing else.”

“Geez. They’re saying they have the upper hand, are they? He’s trying to make as much off of the kid as he can. Shit.”

Producer Kim Ki Sik did not want to lose Jun Hyuk. He knew that it was hard to find a musician of this level, not a singer.

He wanted to examine his intuition again.

“Producer Kim, today’s not the day. It feels like we’re holding auditions for the national talent show. How come there’s no one useful?”

The program’s main music producer was grumbling about the contestants’ low potential as if it were the producer’s fault.

“Brother, there’s not one good person?”

“Why are you asking when you know? That handsome kid. The guitar performance.”

“You’re talking about Jun Hyuk?”

“Shit, I cried. How could that kind of emotion come out of a guitar?”

“Then you know those rappers from yesterday? The duet group from Pyeongtaek. What do you think of them?”

“Oh yeah, those kids were good. The guitar and those two stood out the most.”

“Jun Hyuk heard that rap once and arranged the music for them. He changed the chorus a little bit too.”

“Really? After hearing it once?”

“I’m telling you that’s what happened. And that’s after he just happened to hear them practicing next to him in the waiting room. Can you do that too?”

“After hearing it once and on the spot? And hearing it for the first time on top of that? That kid really is a genius.”

Producer Kim Ki Sik made up his mind to sign Jun Hyuk even if he had to modify the contract. If a music producer with 30 years of experience in the industry said that he was a genius, there was no doubt that he was a genius.

Even if they adjusted the profit share so that they were only receiving a small amount, geniuses always made up for it. It was possible that Jun Hyuk alone could bring in more money than all of the other contestants would combined.

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