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God's Song

Chapter 25

Volume 1 / Chapter 25

TL: LightNovelCafe

“Shouldn’t we get the contract in advance?”

“We need to. I’m thinking of selling the song he played today, too.”

When the southern Kyeonggi Province preliminaries ended, the production crew had the intuition that Jun Hyuk’s music would make history. They first needed to make sure they were on contract if they wanted to get the money from the sales.

“More importantly, you know today’s judge Cho Eun Young, right?”


“She wanted to release a remake single.”

“Ha ha. Why suddenly a song?”

“It seemed she had tact and intuition. She just wants to get noticed along with Jun Hyuk.”

“Will Jung Tae Chun permit a remake of his song? It’s been a while since he’s lived in seclusion. He won’t be up for a former girl group member turned fashionista or whatever she is singing his song. Don’t you think so?”

“Cho Eun Young knows that too. She’s asking us to make it happen in exchange for all of the profits made from the song.”

“Keke. She’s thinking she can get a permanent spot on some variety show if she can just make this song popular. Demand at events will increase too.”

“That’s right. She’s really clever in that area.”

“Since it’s something we’ll have to do anyway, let’s rush it a bit. Let’s arrange a meeting with the legal team first... Tell them to make sure they get Jun Hyuk to sign the contract.”

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