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God's Song

Chapter 21

Volume 1 / Chapter 21

TL: LightNovelCafe

When the writers left, Jun Hyuk slowly approached Yoon Kwang Hun.


“Yea. What?”

“Should... should I go out on that show?”

“What? What show?”

“The audition program. ‘Tomorrow’s Star’.”

“Why? Why would you go on that?”

“From what I heard, the prize money is $500,000?”

Did he want the $500,000 prize money? Jun Hyuk had not revealed any concerns regarding money so far. It seemed like he had only been thinking of music, but had he been hiding it all this time?

Yoon Kwang Hun was slightly taken aback by this unfamiliar aspect of Jun Hyuk.

“But that show picks singers. You need to sing... Do you sing well? To think about it, I’ve never heard you sing.”

“I don’t need to sing. The piano or guitar is enough, don’t you think?”

“Without singing? I’m pretty sure that won’t do. Ha ha.”

“Geez. You still don’t know me? You know how these ladies wet themselves over my piano performances.”

“This kid. Talking like that again... Didn’t I tell you to watch the way you speak? People care a lot about manners in the classical world. You can’t reach the top anyway. Didn’t you hear those women earlier? They’re only putting you on the air until they reach the top 10. The prize money goes to the person in 1st place.”

At the words that only the 1st place winner receives prize money, Jun Hyuk stopped talking. Yoon Kwang Hun started to wonder about Jun Hyuk’s intentions. It seemed that to this day, he had only looked at Jun Hyuk through his musical talent. Only now 17 years old, it was an age to have a lot of interest in stars and celebrities, but he had forgotten because of the music.

“Jun Hyuk. What do you think? Do you want to become an idol singer?”

“I don’t care. I’m okay with anything as long as I can make music.”

“Okay. I’ll make it so that you can dedicate yourself to music in the best environment. Just wait a little.”

“Excuse me? No, it’s okay. I think that this right now is the best environment.”

Jun Hyuk wavered for a moment and started to say what had been on his heart.

“You changed the piano, drum set, electric guitar, everything to the best for me. Haven’t you spent more than $100,000?

“What are you talking about? No, that’s not it. What money do I have?”

“I know hangul and english now. I looked it all up. Everything. It was all really expensive.”

“So? Are you trying to go on the audition show to make back the money for the instruments?”

“There’s that and.....”

From the way his words trailed off, it was evident that he wanted to give the audition a try. He must have wanted to see how he was compared to other people’s music and talent. Yoon Kwang Hun also thought that it would not be a bad idea for Jun Hyuk to meet children with musical talents that differed from his own.

“Then watch the last season. If you still want to go on it after you watch it, go. I’m sure it’ll be fine. It’s an experience.”

There was something that Jun Hyuk did not know. An orphan abandoned by his parents as soon as he was born. A pitiful child who had lived on the streets since the age of 5 and who had suffered all types of jarring experiences. Also as attractive as an actor and possessing innate musicality.

The broadcasting station and public would not pay attention to Jun Hyuk’s music, but concentrate more on his intriguing story.

It was worrisome that this might hurt him.

What will happen to Jun Hyuk now?

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