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God's Song

Chapter 2

Volume 1 / Chapter 2

TL: LightNovelCafe

One day one of the nuns approached the head sister of the orphanage with a concerned expression.

“Head sister. You know Jun Hyuk.”

“Yes. What about Jun Hyuk?”

“Father said that... he behaved strangely during service.”

“Strange behavior? Jun Hyuk? What kind of strange behavior?”

“Well, apparently he kept changing the hymn as he sang it. At first, he thought Jun Hyuk was imitating the choir... but it was as if he was inserting chords....”

“Chords? Well, that’s not so strange. That just means Jun Hyuk is a good singer.”

The young sister was surprised by the smile that started creeping on the head sister’s face.

“No... no. That’s not it. I’m saying he changed the hymn completely. The words were the same and the rest was different.”

“Whew. You almost scared me for a moment. Don’t be so silly. That’s how kids are. They have a great imagination. There are a lot of kids who change the lyrics when they sing. How is that any different from changing the tune?”

The young sister could not say more because the head sister spoke so nonchalantly while waving her hand. The father had clearly spoken about it as it if were very important and something to be addressed immediately.

The young sister left the office thinking that if it were really a critical issue, the father would speak to the head sister himself. She wouldn’t bother with it anymore.

The head sister already knew that Jun Hyuk was very different from the other children. An unusual child cannot help but live an unusual life. It was difficult for Jun Hyuk’s environment to be one that would guide his extraordinary talent in a good direction.

Regardless, it was impossible to give Jun Hyuk special treatment. The head sister’s work ethic was that all children needed to be treated equally and she followed this firmly.

For Jun, for all of the children, the best solution was for them to be adopted into good families.

Fortunately, there was a middle-aged couple who visited occasionally and they cared very much for Jun Hyuk. It was also said that this middle-aged couple didn’t have any children and were planning for an adoption. Although they weren’t rich, they were an ordinary couple financially stable enough to raise a child.

The head sister made up her mind to make the best choice for Jun Hyuk. That was to personally meet the middle-aged couple, ask what their intentions were, and show them what a good choice Jun Hyuk would be as their adoptive son.

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