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God's Song

Chapter 10

Volume 1 / Chapter 10

TL: LightNovelCafe

Jun Hyuk wandered cautiously around the middle school. There were kids who roamed into the back streets after school to smoke.

Jun Hyuk’s radar caught 4 schoolgirls. Two were smoking cigarettes and two were distracted by their smart phones.

“Where do you girls think you’re smoking?”

Jun Hyuk turned around after he had pretended to be passing by and punched the two girls who were smoking. He then smacked the two girls who had been looking at their phones and took their phones.

He knew that he had succeeded when he saw the girls were recoiling in fear. Even without using force, Jun Hyuk’s long hair, dirty and worn clothing, and odor were enough to scare the young schoolgirls.

“Hurry up and take the money out of your wallets or I’ll break these phones.”

As he raised the phone to smash it to the floor, the owner clumsily took her wallet out and handed it to him. The two girls who had been smoking before Jun Hyuk punched them were standing with their hands to their cheeks, unable to lift their heads.

“Damn. What are you guys doing? Hurry up and take out your money.”

He kicked the two girls slumped on the floor a few times and they took out their wallets. He shoved the money from the four girls’ wallets into his pocket and quickly fled out of the alley, towards the main street.

All he had in his pocket were a few dollar bills and one 5 dollar bill. Maybe it was because they were middle schoolers, but there wasn’t one 10 dollar bill.

When he came out onto the main street and some boys who weren’t in uniforms walking with some in uniforms looked at Jun Hyuk in surprise.

“That... that bastard... isn’t he that bastard?”

Jun Hyuk recognized them as the guys who had been going around looking for him right away and ran back into the alley.

“Hey! Catch that kid!”

Jun Hyuk’s heart started beating as wildly as the countless footsteps that were chasing him.

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