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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 9 - The Clash

Chapter 9: The Clash

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle’s furious, bloody red eyes were now fixed on the human teenager in front of it.

Thanks to the eagle, Feng Wu met Jun Linyuan again.

He had the most impeccably handsome face!

His brooding black eyes, straight nose, thin lips, and debonair pose were the most stunning, making any natural wonder seem dull in comparison.

However, the first thing anyone ever noticed about him were those brooding eyes!

They were sharp as an eagle’s, and the look in them was merciless, intimidating, overbearing, and majestic. Anyone bold enough to look into his eyes would be shaken and would turn their gaze away.

Right now, the handsome face had a stern, forbidding look on it and his gown flapped in the wind.

He stood there in mid-air, pointing his sword up at the sky.

Energy surged out, stirring up the clouds. A shock wave then blasted out at Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle!

Feng Wu’s heart sank when she saw what was happening!

With her spiritual energy gone, she would die if she was hit by that shock wave!

A living person was hanging from one of the eagle’s talons and dangling in the wind. Jun Linyuan, how can Your Royal Highness miss that?!

However, when Jun Linyuan’s Freezing Needles pierced the eagle’s acupuncture points all over its body, Feng Wu realized in frustration that he could see perfectly; it was just that he was simply ignoring her, that was all.

To him, she was probably less than a stranger.

He was so heartless and almost inhuman!


Jun Linyuan raised his hand and the most formidable spiritual energy poured out of it to run through Sky Destroyer like a storm!

He then swung down!

Feng Wu craned her neck, only to see that the lower half of the eagle’s giant body was gone. Jun Linyuan had hacked it all off!

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle roared in agony, which kicked up a massive sound wave!

Hanging on its talon, Feng Wu was almost swept away by the blast!

Her eardrums were nearly destroyed!

All her internal organs felt out of place!

Blood oozed out of her nostrils, ears, and mouth, and splattered all over her clothes. For a moment there, Feng Wu really thought she was going to die.

Before she had a chance to recover her breath, the infuriated eagle clashed with Jun Linyuan again!

The battle was so fierce that the sky seemed to be shattered by the force!

Feng Wu felt as if she was on the bumpiest plane ride as she was tossed around like a sack of sand!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

That wasn’t from the collision between Jun Linyuan and the eagle, but was made by Feng Wu’s dangling body knocking into the eagle’s face...

She was sure that all her bones were breaking... However tough and determined she usually was, Feng Wu really felt like crying at that moment.

Not from pain, but because of her bad luck.

And it actually got worse —

Putting the sword back in its sheath, Jun Linyuan now looked as cold as he did murderous!

Boom —

He struck out with a fist, which contained the most formidable spiritual energy!

It made a great indent in Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle’s mountainous wings!

The impact took a heavy toll on Feng Wu!

Her hands were long bruised from holding onto the eagle, and were raw and bloody!

She could no longer hold on and plummeted!


Feng Wu cried out in her head.

Beneath her was a misty, bottomless chasm, and she would shatter into a thousand pieces from the fall!

But she didn’t want to die!

Feng Wu’s head remained clear as ever thanks to her secret agent instinct!


The moment she began to fall, Feng Wu reached out and grabbed the eagle’s feathers!

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