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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 7 - Frustrated

Chapter 7: Frustrated

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Looking down, Feng Wu saw Qiuling hopping around anxiously and calling her name loudly.

At this height, she was able to see much farther out.

On the state highway a short distance away, she could make out a team of riders galloping toward the city.

Her eyes widened when she saw the familiar figure on one of the horses!

The rider leading the team was Feng Yiran, the eldest son of the Feng family! Immediately behind him was Feng Liu, his younger sister who shared the same parents! The rest of the team consisted of the guards of the Feng family.

Feng Yiran and Feng Liu! Neither of them was the type one wanted to hang out with. The brother was a sinister hypocrite and the sister was obstinate and capricious.

At the thought of her beautiful mother, whose only forte was crying, and her naive younger brother, who was as innocent as a blank canvas... Feng Wu almost had a stroke!

What would happen to them now that the eagle had taken her away?!

With her gone, how were they supposed to deal with the cunning Feng Yiran and the unruly Feng Liu?!

Meanwhile, those on the ground were utterly baffled as they watched the eagle fly away with the ordinary-looking girl...

So was Feng Xun...

He said a silent prayer for that common girl...

What were the odds?

She was the first to warn everyone and the first to flee, but the eagle picked no one else but her. Talk about bad luck...

He would be crying blood by now if he were the girl.

Seeing that Qiuling was about to faint with anxiety, Feng Xun patted her slim shoulder and said, “Lassie, judging by the look of your mistress — her being a weakling and all — I think she’s doomed and chances of her returning are very slim. You have my condolences. By the way, if you really have nowhere to go, I could use an extra pair of hands at home, in return for sharing a table with me just then.”

“Go away!” Qiuling stomped her foot. “My mistress is awesome and she’s never been defeated by anything! She’ll come back safe and sound!”

The other girls were all scared out of their wits. Patting their chests, they were still in a state of shock as they rejoiced over the fact that they weren’t the ones taken.

Just then, Jun Linyuan turned around and went after Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle!

“Gosh! Look! His Royal Highness is going after the eagle!”

“How I envy that ordinary-looking girl! I wish the eagle took me! That way, I’d be able to see the crown prince up close!”

“It’s not just seeing His Royal Highness up close, but also being rescued by him! Talk about saving a damsel in distress! It would be a perfect opportunity to offer myself!”

“That’s so true. Why didn’t the eagle take me? What was up with that girl? Why did she have to run at the front?! I would so have been the one taken if she hadn’t!”

“I bet she did it on purpose! She doesn’t have the looks, so she made up for it with her scheme! She so planned it!”

Qiuling shook with fury!

These women... all these women... they would give up their lives just to see the crown prince? Seriously?!

Feng Xun rubbed his nose. After hanging out with Jun Linyuan all these years, he was already quite used to the rackless plans of all these women...

“Ignore them...” Feng Xun darted a sympathetic look at Qiuling. “Now, since your mistress was unbelievably unlucky, I’ll go into Frozen Forest myself and see if I can get her out.”

He disappeared into the distance immediately after those words.

Right now, Feng Wu was dangling in the wind from one of the eagle’s talons like a tiny piece of sun-dried meat.

She was so frustrated.

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