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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 6 - Taken By the Eagle

Chapter 6: Taken By the Eagle

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle exploded with a roar, shaking heaven and earth!

It went berserk!

Just when all eyes were on that bold, passionate girl, who pounced on Jun Linyuan —

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle flapped its wings and picked Feng Wu out of the crowd!

Feng Wu was dumbfounded!

“Holy crap!” She swore she was going to have a heart attack!

She had been taken by Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle!

Feng Wu was dazed for a moment. She began to pound on the eagle’s chest when she came back to herself. “Put me down! Now! Why are you doing this to me?!”

The eagle sneered. “He stepped on my head and I’m taking his woman!”

Feng Wu knew perfectly well who the bird meant by “he,” which was what frustrated her the most!

“I’m not!”

“You all are!!!” the eagle said stubbornly as it remained unmoved, its eyes flickering fiercely.

Feng Wu said in resignation, “... Fine, let’s say I am. In that sea of women down there, why did you have to grab me?!” Why on earth should she be the most unlucky one?

The eagle smirked. “Those women are all nuts. They terrify me. You look like a lamb!”

Feng Wu almost choked. Screw you!

So, she seemed vulnerable because she wasn’t pulling her hair out and throwing herself at Jun Linyuan like the others? What kind of reasoning was that?!

Jun Linyuan had been genuinely astonished by the fanatical girl, but he was only dazed for a brief moment.

The next second, he raised Sky Destroyer — his sword — and charged at the eagle like a cannonball!

Holding Feng Wu up by her throat and using her as a shield, Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle threatened Jun Linyuan. “You! Stop right there! Come any closer and she’s dead!”

Feng Wu really wanted to die at that moment!

Are you kidding me? Jun Linyuan was callous and heartless, and couldn’t care less whether other people lived or died. Why on earth did the bird think he would be intimidated?

“Hey! Did you hear me? I told you not to come any closer!” The eagle kept falling back.

Jun Linyuan smirked. From the start, he hadn’t even darted a glance in Feng Wu’s direction, as if she was just one of the eagle’s feathers!

Seeing that things were turning south for itself, the eagle panicked!

The next second, it flapped its wings that covered half the sky and bolted!

“No!” Feng Wu cried out in despair!

With her between its beak, Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle fled!

It flew away!

Feng Wu’s vision blurred, her stomach churned, and she could feel the biting cold wind scrape over her cheeks!

Looking down, she realized that she was rising higher and higher...

Everyone on the ground looked as tiny as ants.

It finally occurred to her that she was hanging in the fangs of Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle and dangling in the wind!

“You —” Feng Wu wanted to slap the bird!

How dare it kidnap her!

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle lowered its gaze and realized that the girl was still around, which pissed it off right away.

What was this burden here for? It took Feng Wu in its claws and was going to throw her down!

Feng Wu held onto its talon. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Falling from this height would kill her!

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle glared at Feng Wu impatiently. “You’re useless and a terrible hostage! Are you good at anything at all?”

Feng Wu drew in her breath and fought back her anger!

“So, are you saying it’s my fault?”

The eagle snorted. “I’ve never met a hostage as hopeless as you. What good are you?”

Feng Wu listened in silence.

I. Am. Not. Talking. To. You!

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